What We Like & Dislike From Alabama's New Turkey Regs

Show Notes

On this week's episode of Southern Ground Hunting, a few of us had a chat about turkey season being just around the corner. As the season approaches, we've been brushing up on our understanding of the new regulations that will be in affect this season in Alabama. We're joined by our friend Devin Duncan of Virginia for this episode. While Devin isn't an Alabama resident, he has spent some time turkey hunting here. In fact, in the 2020 season he was able to kill 4 public land gobblers in 5 1/2 days of hunting. Even in his success, he had some self reflection to do as he says "I just felt kind of guilty for killing that many turkeys". We thought he would be a great voice on the topic as a non-resident, and we even squeeze a few tactics out of him. Parker gets to chime in on the public land resident perspective, while Luke carries the private land resident side of the conversation.

Show Transcript