When Things Get Western w/ Wade Childs

Show Notes

Hey everyone, welcome to episode 207 of the Antler Up Podcast!

On this week's episode I was joined by Michigan native Wade Childs! Wade was on the podcast about a year ago and shared some fun hunting stories as well as his method to in season scouting.  For this episode we catch up on some current happenings for Wade in the whitetail woods.  Wade shares a unique success story as well as some extremely close encounters that where I know someone listening has experienced a time or two. Hear how Wade traveled to multiple states to have some crazy encounters and stories to go along with them.  Tune in and enjoy this episode with Wade Childs.  

We led things off by talking about some sports and how Wade is excited for one specific favorite team of his.  Following this quick round up about sports, we get into the good stuff.  Wade shares some crazy hunting stories that he had experienced this season. To kick off his season he had an encounter with a target buck and the bad luck seemed to follow him following this until one unique hunt later in the year with a friend.  From all the frustration and traveling to multiple states, hear how Wade did not give up this past hunting season and the takeaways from it.  Stay safe in the woods and enjoy this fun episode and see you next week!

Thanks again for all the support and best of luck out there and Antler Up!

Show Transcript