How to Buy Land with Arrowhead Land Company

Show Notes

We have another exciting announcement this week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast! Will Bellis and Andrew Shults have years of real estate experience between them and are excited to share their new venture with all of us, Arrowhead Land Company. John and the guys talk about all your land buying questions including how to find land in this crazy market, the steps you need to take when purchasing, and what kind of finances you need to have ready going into it. They also talk about some of the differences between buying land and buying a home. 

The guys also answer some general hunting land questions. What kind of features should people look for when buying land? Do you look for different types of features in different parts of the state? And so many more. John also asks them a popular question that he gets through social media on a regular basis, what part of the state is best for hunting?

Show Transcript