Who let the Dogs out? Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris!

Show Notes

This week Paul and Andrew sit down with Chris Powell of the Houndsman XP podcast. Chris is
an avid outdoorsman who’s spent many years working with hounds in the pursuit of game.
Chris has spent time chasing bears, racoons, cougars and more all while working closely with his
four legged hunting partners. Chris breaks down the ideology of hunting with hounds, the
politics involved, and the overall hunting comradery behind the sport of hunting with hounds.
Paul and Andrew haven’t been up to much besides holiday festivities with the families. The
Buckeye game was a real shot to the you know what, so we won’t talk about that. Spent some
time with the families and our buddy Jacob from GoWild down at the Great wolf lodge. Fun
times had by all. Paul is gearing up for the last push of the season on a lottery property he has
access too.
The boys are headed to ATA soon and will hopefully bring back lots of new and fun things to
discuss. Enjoy the show and have a great week!

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