Why the Southern Rut is SO WEIRD!!! w Lindsay Thomas Jr.

Show Notes

Across most of the whitetail's range, a November rut is the norm. This is because historical climate conditions dictate that fawns must be born during a specific window in order to survive. But across much of the south, this isn't so. In fact, depending on where you are, you might see whitetails breeding during any month of the year! What has created such strange rut timing in the southern US?

In this episode of the Southern Way Hunting Podcast, host Josh Raley talks with Lindsay Thomas Jr. of the National Deer Association about why the rut time is so varied in the Deep South. The guys cover it all, from photoperiod, to stocking deer, to buck/doe ratios. They even get into a conversation about CWD and what hunters in the south should learn from states like Wisconsin that are on the brink of a major deer herd disaster. 


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