Wild Turkey Conservation with Dave Owens

Show Notes

In this week’s episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast, Josh talks with Dave Owens of the Pinhoti Project about wild turkey conservation. Dave Owens is an avid turkey hunter known for his YouTube channel The Pinhoti Project, which documents his turkey hunts from Maine to Hawaii. While known for targeting longboards, often on public land, Dave has become a leading voice for wild turkey conservation.

For a time, wild turkey populations across the country were a massive success story of modern conservation practices. Unfortunately, many states have seen a decline in wild turkey populations over the last two decades. Before state agencies and hunters can begin to address declining populations, there are many questions that must be answered with sound research. Dave has used his platform to raise both awareness and funds for vital wild turkey research projects.

While many wild turkey research projects are currently in progress and many more are just getting off the ground, there are many things that the average Joe or Jane can do to help wild turkey populations in the short term. In this episode, Josh and Dave discuss the importance of holding ourselves and state agencies accountable, the responsibility turkey hunters have to advocate for wild turkeys and the places they all home, and how a mindset shift is necessary if the next generation is to enjoy the same opportunities to chase wild turkeys that we have today.

Find more from Dave at pinhotiproject.com, on his YouTube channel Dave Owens: the Pinhoti Project, and on Instagram @pinhotiproject.

Show Transcript