Wild Turkey Management with Dr. Grant Woods

Show Notes

Declining turkey populations across much of the U.S. have caused many to sound the alarm. Thankfully, turkey populations in the state of Wisconsin are still very strong. But how can we keep them that way? Is there anything we can do now to avoid seeing the decline other states have experienced?

In this episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman podcast, Josh talks with Dr. Grant Woods of Growing Deer about the causes of turkey population decline and how land managers can help right the ship. Grant is a biologist with decades of experience managing land to create healthy habitat for deer, turkeys, and other critters. Grant’s southern Missouri property, dubbed the Proving Grounds, had very few turkeys on it when he purchased it. Today, the place is an absolute turkey Mecca. Intensive habitat management and predator population control have played a huge role in Grant’s success.

During the conversation, Josh and Grant discuss predator population control, forestry practices, modern farming practices, and all sorts of other things that impact turkey populations and specifically poult survival. If you’re passionate about wild turkeys and want to see them thrive, then tune into this episode for a little Turkey Management 101 with Dr. Grant Woods.

Show Transcript