Wisconsin Sportsman - Fly Fishing the Wisconsin Driftless with Good Chance Fly Fishing

Show Notes

It’s April, and that means fly fishing in the Wisconsin Driftless is in full swing! One would be hard pressed to find a better way to spend a beautiful spring day. If you don’t fly fish already, it can be an intimidating world to wade into (no pun intended). On this week’s episode, Josh talks with Pierce Nelles, head guide at Good Chance Fly Fishing, about targeting Driftless trout on the fly. Pierce has been chasing trout in the Driftless for nearly a decade and has the experience and knowledge of the local water to put you on the fish!

In this episode, the guys discuss many of the things that make the Driftless region so special, challenges and opportunities unique to the area, tactics for fishing the Driftless, and some go-to flies to help you catch more fish. If you’ve never fly fished before and want to give it a shot in a world-class fishery, reach out to Pierce! You can get a hold of him on his website, www.goodchanceflyfishing.com or on Instagram, @goodchanceflyfishing.

Show Transcript