Different Paths to the Same Place

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To kick off 2022 Marcus sits down with Ryan Bromberger and Andy Cocos, the co-founders of 2% Certified Access The Wild. Access The Wild is a free mapping system that is designed to help people get outdoors and explore areas either locally or when they are out of town. The guys kick things off giving a detailed breakdown about the mapping system and how it can best be utilized for anyone looking to get outdoors, regardless of the activity. Ryan and Andy talk about their introduction to the outdoors as well as how they were first introduced and how that has led to a lifelong friendship. Sprinkle in some stories about camping in subzero temps in February and why conservation is at the heart of everything they are trying to build. If you're looking to get into any type of outdoor activity and are not sure where to go, be sure and check out Access The Wild. Average Conservationist is Powered by Simplecast

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