Walther Firearms History

Show Notes

On today’s show with GunBroker.com, we’re exploring the history of Walther Firearms. We start all the way back at the beginning with a nice history lesson on how Walther came to be. We discuss Walther’s history in Germany, the firearms that Walther started with, and the opening of the United States location. We discuss the WA 2000, which is a super cool gun that Walther still gets questioned about today and why they still don't make it. It was a crazy-hard gun to make, but due to popularity in video games it has a pretty big cult following. We also talk about the Walther P38 and what it means for the history of Walther. Designed during WWII to replace the Luger P08 that was expensive to produce, the P38 skyrocketed into popularity. Arguably the most iconic gun Walther made besides the PPK, the P38 is easily recognizable in firearms history.

Closing out we talk about ergonomics and how Walther really kick started the importance of it when they launched the P99. Cody tells us about an amazing example of a P99, the Walther P99 La Chase Deluxe Special Edition. An absolute beautiful example of a P99, it was an awesome example of taking a polymer framed gun and upping the quality to the next level. The P99 is in the “Final Edition” phase now, this year will be the last year for the P99 so make sure to head over to GunBroker.com to pick one up today!

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