A Historical Look at Wild Turkeys and the NWTF

Show Notes

This week Fred Bird joins the guys for an indepth talk about turkeys in the US as well as the National Wild Turkey Federation. Fred has been working with the NWTF full time and runs their podcast among many other titles. The conservation success story of the turkey is one that many hunters and outdoorsmen are proud to be apart of and Fred fills in some of the details.

The guys have been doing their best to dodge mother nature’s bullets and get some quality time outdoors. Andrew took the kids to the woods for some more shed hunting, no success, while Paul is fixing his cabinets. BROWNIE POINTS FOR PAUL!!! The state lotteries are due 3/31/22, Walleye fishing looks to be on point for another good year in Lake Erie, Perch to be good in the west, lower on the east and Central, and Paul shares a story of a massive turkey poaching situation from down south. Enjoy!!

This week’s show thanks to our partners at GoWild and Tethrd!


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