A Little Bit of Everything

Show Notes

The holiday season is upon us and like everyone this time of year, Pierce & Josh are a little scatter brained... not quite like, "How will it be possible to make it to the in-laws on the same night as a work party?", but more along the lines of should cell cameras actually be legal? What's that one piece of gear the guys couldn't live without this season? Is Josh a hypocrite for telling folks to hunt public land but not telling them where he hunts? (Spoiler Alert: No!) Are we making hunting too easy for kids? How do we walk the line of introducing people to the sport of deer hunting and making them work, while also not sentencing them to a two year suck-fest of cold feet and blown opportunities? Should hunters have to figure it out for themselves or should we be helping one another along? If you like rabbit holes, this episode is for you! 

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Show Transcript