A Neighboring Bear Hunting Opportunity

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman we are discussing current events happening in our neighboring state; New Jersey.  On November 15th, the state voted unanimously to reinstate a bear season from December 5-10th.  There has not been a bear hunt since 2020.  During that time frame, there has been an explosion in the bear population and a substantial increase in bear-human conflicts.  Joining us on the show this week is diehard bear hunter, Jay Lyon.

Jay grew up hunting in his home state of New Jersey and has found his greatest passion in black bears.  He is no stranger to hunting bears in the northeast as he has taken numerous bears in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and surrounding states.  After our introduction we dive right into the exciting opportunity unfolding in less than two weeks.  In addition, we address the concern of the anti-hunting agenda in the state of New Jersey and how that continues to spread.  Even if you do not plan to participate in this hunt, be a supporter of this conservation effort and a voice against the anti hunting community.  Don't assume this can't happen in your neighborhood!

Show Transcript