A New Season

Show Notes

Welcome to Nate's 50th episode as the host of Michigan Wild!

Kicking off the 50th episode is a mini series with Robert McIntyre called A New Season. This is episode 1 of the series and is full of awesome information. The goal of A New Season is to follow along with Nate and Robert as they prepare and strategize for the upcoming whitetail season. Right now fawns are dropping, bucks are growing velvet racks, and preparation for this fall is gaining traction. 

Nate and Robert both are serious about chasing whitetails, but they each have their own way or approach to tackling each season. With this mini series it will give everyone an opportunity to see the differences and similarities between each hunter. 

Episode 1 is just the beginning and some key talking points were...

-Preparing to deploy trail cams

-Scouting vs shed hunting

-Whitetail hunting never stops

-Finding new spots

-Knocking for permission 

-Mock Scrapes

-Using weather to dictate policy

-Flexibility with solo trips

-Setting goals for the fall

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