A Wild Turkey Conservation Success Story w/ Taylor Finger

Show Notes

While turkey hunters in many states ring their hands about the future of the wild turkey in their states, Wisconsin turkey hunters have a lot to be thankful for. Once extirpated from Wisconsin, the wild turkey is an incredible testament to the impact sound conservation practices and volunteer organizations like the National Wild Turkey Federation can have for the game animals we love. As a turkey hunter, it's important to understand where we are, where we cam from, and where we're going in the future if we want to pass down the pursuits we love so much to the next generation. 

In this episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast, Josh talks with Taylor Finger, Wisconsin's Game Bird Ecologist, about wild turkey conservation in Wisconsin. The guys discuss the history of the wild turkey in Wisconsin, conservation efforts that have led to the restoration of the wild turkey in Wisconsin, and why Wisconsin is a premier turkey state. Enjoy!

Show Transcript