Affordable Once In A Lifetime Hunts

Show Notes

Eric Bonicelli had never done any western big game hunting before he moved to New Mexico. Once he got settled in, he realized he had landed in a sportsman's paradise and immediately began taking advantage of it. He drew a once in a lifetime oryx tag, a barbary sheep tag, an elk tag in one of the state's most coveted units, and several deer tags. New Mexico is one of the few states that does not have a preference point system, and Eric says that is exactly why hunters should be looking into hunting in New Mexico. Sure you may go your entire life without drawing an elk tag in the famous Gila Mountains, but you might also draw it the very first time you try!

If you think this episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast is only about a single state though, you are greatly mistaken. Eric has also found some amazing international hunts that are much more affordable than most people think. And he throws in some tips and things to watch out for that can raise the price if you aren't careful. He has hunted rivers flowing with ducks in Nicaragua, and bruised his shoulder shooting doves in Argentina, both of which cost him less than a guided midwestern whitetail hunt! If you have a once and a lifetime type hunt on your bucket list, this episode might just help you make that hunt become a reality. 

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