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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, we’re talking all things AI. We discuss several of the concerning questions such as what are the societal impacts, will we lose our jobs to AI, and will AI learn to code itself and take over humanity. The trouble is that we can no longer undo this thing and it’s here to stay. Which AI platform is the scariest one? Part of the problem with this now is that people already believe everything they see, how far will AI twist the truth? There is one silver lining amidst all this AI, tune in to find out what that is.

Now that we’ve terrorized you about the threat of AI, find out how we’re using it. If you’ve never utilized the “ask the community” feature in the GoWild App, this allows you to get answers to a specific question you have about a particular outdoor pursuit. We saw this as an opportunity to integrate our own version of AI, and have begun using and continually refining our own AI-inspired SquatchBot to help you get quick answers to your questions. SquatchBot is learning from the community and from previous posts along with scouring the internet for answers. Find out our goals for it, how it works, and what you can learn from it. We talk about one way specifically how he’s starting to really help members. There are some benefits from SquatchBot that GoWild members just can’t replicate, along with times when humans have the proper answer … and now you can have the best of both worlds!

Want to test him and try it for yourself, jump in the app and ask the community or send SquatchBot a DM!

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Really regretting sitting next to Braden. Now that I see that we're both wearing a Oh yeah. Camouflage. You look Wonder Fancy though. Is that like a, A Gucci camo shirt? It is Gucci, yeah. Yep. Decided. Oh, you do have Patag Gucci vest on. So that kind of fits. This is nice though. Yeah. I did the same thing. I walked up to say I like that.

You gotta touch it, that's one thing Squa bot can't do. Yeah. Cannot sample your shirt. Thank you. I'm never gonna update him to where he can touch you. I'm sorry. [00:01:00] Let's avoid that as much as we can. Keep your hairy palms to yourself. We're gonna be talking about AI here in a minute or like our version of ai, but there is some crazy stuff coming out right now.

Have you read about the effort to stop AI development? Yes. What's going on with that? It's, in my opinion, it's mostly, it's like a bunch of researchers at Google are like, hold up everybody. We need to stop improving on this ai, because Google is so far behind on their, because we happen to be in second, third, or fourth place, right?

Yeah. We can't make any AI better than this for six months until we've internally developed AI better than this. Yeah. They're saying there are gonna be a lot of societal impacts to ai and there's researchers that are saying, AI's gonna replace 7% of the workforce. People are gonna lose jobs because of ai and it's, there's the legit possibility of this thing learn to code and it's coding itself.

And can this take over? People are worried about that. I'm not specifically worried about it. My, my thing [00:02:00] is, this is only the United States that's talking about this, right? Yeah. We're already behind on 35 or 40 categories across technology when it comes to China. Yeah. Why would we slow down? I think it's mainly because you can go and ask chat g b T stuff instead of Googling it and Google doesn't get ad revenue, so they're like we gotta stop this right now.

Yeah. I saw this and. So literally two weeks ago we were talking about how China is crushing us in everything. And now we're gonna talk about the fact like maybe we should just slow up. Yeah. Let's just stop everybody. Yeah. If anything, we should be developing some of these protocols. Like we shouldn't just halt development for six months, in my opinion. Yeah. Yeah. And it's like with every crazy tech shift, new innovation, there's like jobs that are lost, but like it creates a vacuum of like now there's a new type of workforce that exists of AI prompt analysts and what are these new roles gonna be?

But yeah, there's gonna be some roles that get replaced, but imagine when the car came out, the people working on horse and buggies, and they lost their job a little bit or had to shift, literally [00:03:00] adopt a new technology. Literally, they came out with a law that if you had a car, you had to have someone ride ahead of you with a horse to tell them that a horseless carriage was coming.

That's where their focus went into. And this happened with radio. There was all these concerns. TV did the same thing. And we can't undo this thing. Yeah. That's where I'm, there's too many of 'em. Chat g PT is the one that's getting all the attention, but if you took chat g p t away, there's still a dozen other, conversational AI tools out there.

Yeah. Really nobody's talking about how scary mid journey is. Yeah. Mid journey. Super scary. I was just using a new one I sent to Braden this morning called Perplexity ai. That I think is better than chat g b T in a lot of ways. Oh really? It like sites, its sources and gives you links back to the web.

Yeah. It was explaining to me how rewards and logging time on Goel works and like linking back to our hints pages and stuff. It's awesome. The it's incredible mid journey for our I realize some of you all that listen to our show normally may not follow the tech stuff as much, but Mid Journey is this tool where I could go in and if [00:04:00] for example, if you saw the.

Photos that have been trending where he's like training to be a boxer or if he's got even just the puffy coat. That was a fake image. Yeah, I saw that image and did not realize it was fake in Twitter cuz I didn't read the caption and it just, I didn't think anything of it. I was like, oh, that's dumb. Look at the Pope.

He looks silly. Looks like a marshmallow. Yeah. Totally Fake image like most people do. And that's how that stuff goes. Crazy. Yeah. And no one digs in. There's no nuance. The Trump arrest photos went crazy viral and they looked, I saw those. I think I saw that after the fact that if it had been exposed that it was ai, but they looked real.

Yeah. It really quickly, this stuff is, yeah. It's become a point where some of this is indecipherable and I do think it, I'm seeing photos now and I'm like, is this real? I don't trust anything now. Yeah. But that's been going on for years. The you look back at, I remember When the tornado hit Tuscaloosa years ago, this was maybe 10 years ago, and you do you remember that big F five that came through and killed I think it was 200 people died in Alabama and in that tornado, oh, [00:05:00] all these images were going viral.

And. It wasn't, they weren't necessarily fake all the time, but a lot of them were just from movies or from other tornadoes. Like this has always been a problem with social media it's just now you can like literally sit down and type out, the commands for it to create your own images to go viral.

Yeah. Worse than that, you can ask chat g p t to write you a prompt for mid journey and it'll create something far better than you could ever imagine. Yeah. Yeah. Like it'll have. Lighting, the composition, the ratio, the it knows exactly what to say to mid journey to have it make, whatever you're trying to create.

It's it's amazing. I did read this morning that like, accountants are high risk for being replaced with this stuff. Yeah. Because they can learn really quickly from things they've done in the past. My, previously I was a copywriter and that's one of the things they're saying is a top threat from AI now.

Chris and I have laughed at that a little bit because some of the stuff that he'll, he's Hey, chat, G P T wrote this for me. Can you look at this? And I'm like, yeah, we're not using this. Yeah, this is garbage. It's very confident. Yeah, it is very [00:06:00] confident. And thanks a lot of itself. Just as an example, I wrote a contract for something that I was working on.

And it was two pages long and I, it was a legal contract and I'm not an attorney and I was just trying to get my attorney prepped a little bit of what I wanted and I sent it to him and was real proud of it. I'd worked on this with chat G P T, which I did not tell him, and I sent it to him and he's Yeah, I'm gonna need some time on this.

He literally, he said, he basically said it was terrible. So I don't, I think there's some things like it's not gonna immediately do, but I think at how fast it's progressing, it's scaring people a little bit. Yeah. And if I was a lawyer, I'd have told you it was terrible too. Yeah. My job, trust me, I'm gonna need four more hours.

Trust me. When my two page contract became a ten one, I was like, oh, okay. Oh, okay. Okay. I forgot some things and there's some things that were not good. All right. Lawyers are safe for a little while and honestly, Everything that got rewritten the most was the chat G p T stuff. Yeah, it's like it's.

Replacing everyone soon. I think the interesting thing here, and we're gonna get to why we're doing this podcast in a second after we terrify everyone about ai, we're gonna talk about the way we're using it. But the, the [00:07:00] interesting thing is a lot of these prompts people are getting worried about it replacing you.

But I've tried to replace Braden with AI and I just can't, the, they can't. Fish at the office. Like I can no, it, it doesn't have a good mustache. Doesn't wear, they wear stylish clothes, doesn't, it doesn't self-deprecate as well. Yeah. But but funny enough, Braden has become really skilled at using AI to be more efficient at his job.

That's where I think it's gonna land, is that people who honestly just like people who didn't adopt Google or even email, I still talk to people that, that are like I still know people who. Their assistant, print out their email and highlight things for them. Yeah. Wow. There's, and people that don't adopt calendars, Jacob, and I know some people that like, will not use a calendar.

They create their own spreadsheets and it just makes everything really difficult. The, when you fail to go along with things that happen, like the internet, like email people that know how to Google search and research really well. Yeah. Often become strong marketing copyright copywriters.

Cause they can teach themselves that's there, that's where some of this could supplement [00:08:00] that. Yeah. But I still think, from what I've, I, I still think creativity and human creativity's gonna win because everything that this AI stuff is using. Is historical. It's things that have been done, it's replicating and maybe rewording, but it's leaning on things that have been done in the past and creativity pulls from things that haven't been done.

And that's where I think there's an interesting relationship there. What we've done is, lean on what I just said of there's historical information out there that we could tap into in a really powerful way. Like in a good way. So with Go Wild, when people post into the platform, Our listeners probably know on the show that you can flag a, I think we used to call it ask a question and now it's called Ask the Community.

And Chris and the development team have built that so that effectively if you flag that, it's going to look at the trail you're posting to and it's going say Okay of. The people that interact on this trail here, like however many people I think can help answer this, it will send a notification to them and then [00:09:00] I often see I'm like, oh Adam Smith is asking a question about, and then I'll tap through and it, and I can see what he's talking about.

And I often get sucked into that. Yeah. And you'll see a lot of times those posts will have 20 or 30 answers on 'em. That's not uncommon. Where we started to see opportunity with this when this technology really rolled out in no end of November, Chris and I were talking and he said, I think I could use this to help these people that ask really nuanced questions that maybe don't get as many answers to.

Yeah, trappings a good example. Sometimes the trapping scenarios are so specific and the gear that trappers use is intense. There's a lot of, you have to have a big knowledge base to, to handle that. That's one where this technology can do really well. So when, now, when you post Chris, our AI that Chris has largely developed is using these frameworks we've been talking about, leans on chat, g p t we're working as Chris noted there.

We're looking at other things that we're pulling into this. But Chris now prompts the artificial [00:10:00] intelligence and squash bot comes back with an answer. And at first it was not good. It was terrible. I started to prep for this. I was looking at let's go back through all the comments squash bot has ever put on a post.

Some of those are super old. Yeah. Cuz Squash Bott was very early on. And go wild. Yeah. Of just our idea of Hey, somebody joined the platform. As soon as they post, we'll automatically reply as this bot to say, welcome to the platform. I think he launched in 2019. Yeah. Is it right? Yeah. He maybe in 2019 and he had a cookie monster voice at first.

Oh yeah. That, yeah. We were like, he's gonna be obviously dumb. Yeah, no, we, he sounds like Cookie Monster. That's how he'll reply. And we had him welcoming people to the platform. And we actually found out that he had an adverse effect. Yeah. People were like, this is stupid. We don't want this.

People were not likely as likely to stay when squash bought, commented on their posts. So we ouch, we killed him. That sound little, that sound a little malicious. You let him go on a walk. You locked him in his cave. Yeah we asked him to leave the building. How about that? And he had, his profile had been out there this whole time.

And then Chris had [00:11:00] the idea of bringing him back. But now, like back to end of last year when he started commenting, It was I don't think you care if I say we had a few instances at first where people would be like asking for hunting tips and he's pulling from tech that was developed by Silicon Valley, right?

Let's we, that's just the way it is. And he would come back and he's I don't condone hunting. And we're like, no, you do. Yeah, very much did. Yeah. This was raw. This was not go wild technology at all. So we had to, learn how to refine that. But then there's been iterations of this tech and then Chris has just been, weigh in the weeds on learning it.

And today Like even last night I saw this guy was going back and forth with Scotch bot just testing him. And he was asking him all kinds of questions. It started off about squirrel hunting, I think. And then he was asking him like, how do you tell the difference between a male and female goose and squash bott came back with a five paragraph answer that I did not know any of the answers to.

Yeah. And it was very in the weeds. And that's where it's really cool to be able to get instant. On [00:12:00] anything. Yeah. And a lot of that, a decent portion of it is coming directly from chat G p T. But it's also feeding back and forth with the community. So it's learning as you talk to it.

And it's learning from previous posts of asking similar questions in the community. We've got so much expertise of people answering deer hunting and squirrel hunting questions that we can reference that to then help it answer your questions for you. So we have obviously hundreds of thousands of pieces of content, and then since we've launched the questions feature, that was years ago that went up.

We have a ton of content that he can sort through there. And then, not to mention, squa is looking at thousands of questions a month now. Since we launched that in December, he's getting fed a ton of content and the goal here is never to replace the community. We had internal concerns around that when we launched it.

Erica brought that up immediately. She said, is this something that's really counter. Intuitive or counterproductive even to the community aspect of it. And we thought about it, but really again, coming back to that person who asked that really in the weeds [00:13:00] question that maybe nobody else knew the answer to.

I love that Scotch bot gives them a chance to find a quality answer. And I haven't really noticed, we haven't looked at, I don't think you've pulled the date on this, but I haven't really noticed that he impedes other people from AC asking. I don't think he has because we're still sending all those notifications to the top posters in the trail that you ask.

So if you ask a deer hunting question, Yes. Unless you've blocked him, squash will reply to you in answer, and we've segmented it out. Originally it just looked like any other comment in the community, like somebody else was posting and then we started getting reports of, Hey, there's a bot in the platform, because people don't understand that it's something we built.

Yeah, which was fair. So yeah, it's fair. But now it's like you can give feedback. This is good, this is bad if it's bad. We'll immediately remove it. And that goes into my queue of let's figure out why he's answering these questions wrong. Yeah. But we still, like what I was seeing, looking through the post that squash has commented on, it's like he won't answer.

And then that kind of kicks off the community discussion of squash says this, I really think this app is better for mapping. Or People [00:14:00] will reference what he said, but go back and forth and debate what he answered. Yeah. And sometimes his answers are high level, which is good if you're just starting to understand something.

But the other day I noticed a question, somebody was asking about saddle hunting with a gun. And I jumped in squash, gave a fine answer, but I just went through my first season in a saddle and I killed the deer with a rifle and a saddle. And had feedback on that, like specifically that went more in the weeds, but I didn't, what was cool was like I didn't have to explain what Scotch Bot already did.

He already took care of the basics for me. Exactly. Yep. And now I can get in the weeds of hey, yeah, that's something to think about, but also you need to think about how you're going to level the firearm and, be able to support it. It's not just getting up in the tree with it yada.

Yeah. It was like, so I was able to, Go past the comment that he had already left. Yeah. I think the one, one big thing that squash bot adds to the community is like very specific local questions. So one of the things I was struggling to figure out was when me and Derek were in Nebraska and we were literally sitting, we were glassing on the side of a hill looking [00:15:00] around and like we had some questions about some stuff and like I threw it out there and it, I.

Eventually I got a great answer from somebody that lived in the area that we were at and they gave a good response, but we are already back at the hotel. And so I think squash bot being able to give like an instant, like baseline amount of information looking at what people in the community from those areas have already talked about or said or whatever is a huge bo bonus Yeah.

To get that instant feedback when you need it. I think back to when I first started Turkey hunting, I haven't been Turkey hunting. A long time, like a lot of our members have, I don't know how long I'm trying to think maybe like the last 10 or 12 years, but when I was early in Turkey hunting and even on Gow Wild would want to know oh man, it's gonna be super windy tomorrow.

How does that impact turkeys? Yeah. And if you're getting up in the morning and you wanna know if you should go or not, You can post it in the community. And I have seen people do this where they post at night, Hey, I'm going to the, I've seen that exact scenario. Okay, I'm going Turkey on in morning, it's gonna be super windy.

I don't know how that impacts the birds. And they'll wake up with [00:16:00] four or five, six answers on a post like that. But with Scotch bot, you can post, you can even direct message him and just. Privately Ask him directly. Yeah. And now you're getting all the knowledge that we're working on training him on from the community.

He understands what other people are talking about. But you're also getting the full resource of the internet. Like he's, he is able to digest all that has digested it, hasn't ready to go to, to learn from literally across almost anything you can ask him about. And you can get those quick answers like that, immediately.

I, Jacob, how often do I text you? Hey, I'm going fishing tomorrow. It's gonna be muddy. I'm gonna be at this. I can start to dialogue with Scotch instead of, hoping that Jacob's looking at his phone at 1130 at night. Yeah. Not that I'll probably ever stop texting Jacob that I'm always wondering, I'm actually gonna talk to him today about possibly going fishing on a trip and pick his brain cuz I just, Jacob's smart, right?

Yeah. But you can do that with qua bot if you don't have a. That's what's cool. It's hard to replace experience, that's where like we're talking like there's a line between, like Scotch can do a lot, but or even Google or anything like that. Like [00:17:00] we have ac, we have always had access to information similar to this, but like the speed that you can get it from scotch.

And the community factored into that is really important. But experience stuff, man. Like you just, stuff from being in a tree with a gun. Yeah. Saddle hunting that like you just, if you haven't done it before, there's a million things that the community still, I think we need to support each other answering those questions.

And squash can be wrong. Especially when you're asking squash about strategy and deer hunting and stuff like that. Nuances out the wazo, but starting the conversation from nuance instead of from the basics I think is like definitely a large advancement in helping get good quality information out of the platform.

Chris, talk a little bit about to Braden's point it's not, it, the tactics are helpful, but it's always best to get. Human experience. Yeah. One thing we've always seen a lot of, and in fact in 2019 started moving towards was gear. And, in 2019 people started wanting to post gear reviews.

So we launched a gear review trail and then that, that started to really get traction. And we said you know what? We should really have ability to tag the [00:18:00] gear. So we introduced gearbox where you could tag gear on go wild and or end of the 2019. And. We still see people posting and asking questions about what is everybody's opinion of this product.

Talk a little bit about what you're working on with product recommendations to expedite that crowd sourcing of knowledge. Yeah, so I, and that's, to me, the really exciting direction that squash is going is really he's, it's getting better and better with my work. Feeding on everything the community has said and posted in the community to really power the ai.

So we get all these product reviews and comments. You go hunting and you tag your rifle and you tag your camo, and we know your zip code. If you put your location on your post, all this information is going to end up feeding into the ai. So I say I'm going camping next month. I wanna look for a camp stove.

If I ask that question to the community, now squash might answer. He might recommend [00:19:00] some random products from the internet. But what he will do soon is look at, okay, what camps, stoves does go wild itself. We sell anything, or what camps, stoves have we pulled in from other sites that people have reviewed or people have commented on and tagged in posts and start recommending those products?

Hey, Check out this one. Braden used it last week to on his camp and said it was great. This is a top reviewed, like this is like looking at the data that people are already looking for. They're asking, does anybody have experience with this? And you could do, you could go through and, do the normal shopping thing and looking at reviews.

But really all you want to know is does this thing work for my scenario? Yeah. And what does the go old community say? Hey, I can tell it if you search for a camp, I can look at the people who have logged the most time camping over the past year and what tent are they using so I can start giving it some context around here's not just products that we sell pro a lot of stuff we don't.[00:20:00]

Here are things that people have tagged and try and pull the best recommendations and the best reviewed products so he can actually give you really good recommendations on what to buy. Yep. It's a, and you can use that in the dms too. So I could go direct message with Qua and say, Hey, I'm going Turkey hunting, I've got some camo, I've lost weight.

I need to buy some new stuff. I've got a hundred bucks. What should I buy? And he could legitimately recommend you products. Yeah. How soon until the products come out? We're probably looking in the next couple weeks. Okay. It's, I've got demos of it. I'm still tweaking it. Yep. I've seen it. It's really cool.

I wanna back off. That's the product feature. It's gonna continue to evolve. I think we'll be adding more places where you can interact with scotch over time. We're really excited about that evolution. Let's give some advice to people on how to use Squa Bot Braden alluded to it a second ago.

A lot of the. Comments from Scotch Bot. Sometimes they are wrong. I will say I haven't seen as many of those lately. I think he's gotten a lot better over the last few months. Agreed. But if you post and [00:21:00] Scotch bot answers and doesn't give you an answer that you feel is either correct or enough, what's the best, how do you continue to interact with him?

So the first thing I would do, so as soon as you comment, you will see, as soon as squash comments, you'll see a thumbs up or a thumbs down on his comment if you downvote his comment. It will tell us, like it pings me immediately and says, squa answered something. It poorly, this was reviewed bad. It'll actually, if you do it on your own post, it will remove his comment from your post.

Cause we don't want people to see incorrect information. So that's the first thing I would do down, vote his comment. And if you wanna message me and say, Hey, this is really off, like that could help as well. But I would almost go, if you really want to continue down that route of talking to the AI about that, I would go to a direct message and start talking back and forth with it.

And I'm always open to feedback on how that's going. I don't, I, obviously, I'm not seeing those direct messages. I only see it when it's publicly on this post. So if you get anything incorrect in a [00:22:00] dm, Screenshot it, send it to me and I'll just continue training this. But if you reply on the post, it does have the context of all everything you've talked about, it's the full context of that single post. It will refine it, right? So like I, you're saying that was a bad answer. Yeah. You can comment back and say, Hey, I'm actually looking for this. And he will take all the context of what he's previously answered and give you a better answer.

Yeah. Like I've seen. I just recently saw a guy who was trying to find public land in a state, and I can't remember where it was but I think it was Georgia. I think I saw that one. Might have been So I, I. Gave some answers and rep, I replied and said, can you give us more specifics on where to find those WMAs or whatever it is for that state?

And he'll give often the website, sometimes they're wrong cuz these state agencies change their website. And we're not quite to realtime internet searches here. But. I talk a little bit about that of like interacting with him and if I ask him for fishing tips and he gives me a very general, and this might even be Jacob cuz Jacob's Bell will lot with him.

What are the ways you should refine? Let's do this to [00:23:00] Jacob. Cause he's been playing with Qualo too. Yeah. If I ask for bass fishing tips and he comes out and gives me real high level stuff like, When the water's hot, you need to go deeper, like whatever it is. How do you continue to refine that?

Yeah, I think obviously there takes a baseline knowledge of what you're trying to get to. So if you're trying to figure out the best lure for this certain scenario, and he says, use a spinner bait. Okay, what type of blades do I need to look for on that spinner bait? What weight do I need? If you're going to be purchasing a product, you need to ask the specs answers to the specs of that product that you need to refund down to.

It's honestly, the stuff that I've seen on the fishing side is shocking how good he does with water clarity, water temperature, air temperature, that kind of stuff does really well, where the bass might be staged and so you can really just push it on. Okay, what type, what color, what depth, like really di dive into the details.

Because he does do pretty good. Did you see last night this dude ask him if there was still ice on the. I can't remember where this was, but he was asking about ice fishing and squash said [00:24:00] typically this time of year there is still ice and Wow. And he made a whole thing about how to handle that in the specific area the person was.

Yes. Wow. And the guy came back and he is like, Wow. Now there's no ice this year cause it's been unseasonably warm. But that would've been dead on. Yeah. Really crap. That's awesome. To Jacob's point, you can try calling out in the exact lake and area and the more information you give, the more helpful it is.

So e, even if you don't. Jacob was talking about calling out specs. I just wanna encourage people if you don't have to know that to start. You can ask him. I like, for me I'm a very novice bass fisherman, right? I'm not anywhere near the level of the guys here or some of the people we work with.

I could say, I'm going to this lake at this time of year. And I really don't know how to fish it. And he gives me, let's say he spits out, like Jacob said, some lures, I could come back and say, okay, I see you're recommending this style of lure. What are the things to consider about that lure? Yeah.

And I don't even have to know the specs yet. Yeah. And then when he says, Hey, these are the things that you want to consider. Then I can say, okay knowing all [00:25:00] that. What exact products do you recommend? Because now he's learning more and more about how you're gonna be fishing as he goes, and then you can start to refine into the specs he recommends you searching for.

And then once we turn on the shopping functionality, now you're gonna be able to say, cool. Show me what I can get. Yeah. You know this one. Yeah, exactly. So that's where we're trying to get it to. We wanted to take a little bit of time today to explain. Just the goals of this. I think some people there have been, there's, I've probably talked to half dozen people that hate Qua Bott.

And that's fine. That was my gut when we started talking about it. I was like, oh the community's gonna go up, pump the brakes a little bit. What is this? I don't, I'm not, I'm hesitant to listen to ai. Don't know much about it. But it's been pretty well received and people are engaging.

And if people, like Chris said, you just block him and. Get his answers anymore, and that's fine. We don't wanna be a nuisance, but I'm telling you for what we've developed here, it's a really cool tool and it's not a tool that you can get anywhere else. Yeah. OnX has their map layers.

The God, what's the jury guy's app? Deer Cast has their weather predictions. Spartan Fords got a lot of AI informed mapping predictions. These guys all have great [00:26:00] apps. That are curated around utility, but there's no free form communication app like Swatch Bott. Yeah. There's just absolutely nothing out there.

It's the first one that's been curated for the outdoors. It's being built off the back of the knowledge base of our community. Yeah. And the goal here is to just help people, yeah. It's an extension of the community. Yeah. Like it, it is like looking at the community and the content being generated and what people are needing and asking and wanting, and then, Putting it all together and we're using AI to make sense of it all, but it's not just like a robot.

It's an extension of what Go wild is really Yeah. Like the like force multiplying one of the best parts of what the community is. Yeah, and I would ask people like, you have to use your intuition on when this thing is right and when it's wrong. Yeah. But if your threshold for a tool is only helpful to me when it's a hundred percent correct.

Like Google's not useful to you. You have to use your intuition. What you're finding from that answer, or if you just go search the internet, half the stuff you're gonna find, dude, squash bot is infinitely better than going to Google. Yeah. Because now I gotta sort through all these, in a lot of these blogs that [00:27:00] are ranking are gonna be affiliate driven to where they're really biased in what they're giving you.

This dude is straight up looking at the answers from. Literally hundreds of thousands of people and giving you their opinions. And those people don't have incentives when they reply, obviously, like Chris said, yeah, we're gonna be re recommending gear that's in our shop, like we want you to buy gear through us.

That's how we pay for the platform. But Qua is still going to recommend brands that we may not sell over time like that. We're not removing that functionality that he has the ability to link out and say, you should check these other brands. Yeah. Hey, this is the top, recommended this trail. I can give him all the trail cameras that we sell and their reviews, and if they're all two-star reviews, he's not gonna recommend them.

He's gonna say, you should really look at this other one. Yeah. And it's on us to really make our store a competitive selection to others. And I'd say we're getting freaking close. To where sure you'll find other products that aren't on our platform, but man we're starting to stack up, with the larger retailers out there already.

Yeah. Already with the mobile and saddle hunting, I think we have the best selection online. You guys sell fish and stuff yet? [00:28:00] Yes. Couple asterisks there. It comes to, yeah, fishing. Fishing has come a long ways and we're about to add a, we're about to explore, yeah. A whole lot more. We'll have everything you need in fishing here soon.

Onboarding, literally probably, it's, I would say there'll be at least another a hundred thousand products hitting here before end of summer, and hopefully 200,000 by the end of the year. We're doing everything we can to, continue to make. Squash does have options on what he can recommend to you.

But again, the goal here is when Chris Donovan and Zach and I started this in a, in my basement we wanted to have a platform that was not just utility driven. And that could literally came from, the whole concept came from me not being able to find answers. It's like, how is this possible?

Great answers come from community, but when sometimes they don't because of the nuance we talked about. And I think squash bot is an awesome supplementation to that. Yeah. I don't think he'll ever replace the community. I think in fact the whole value of him. And you saw this in the Gear Junky article[00:29:00] that.

Talked about it. The whole value of squash bot is the community he's learning from you guys as you interact so well, and the fact that he lays the groundwork on answers and then the community can come in. And give more the nuances. I actually have a situational question for you on capability real quick.

If squash bot gives a response. And then I go in and say, squash bot is pretty much correct, but I would recommend doing this specific thing. Does squash bott learn from that? He will, within that specific conversation and later on, like it won't be if you went and asked the same question a second time immediately.

You wouldn't see your feedback immediately, but if you were to ask it like a week later, it would take your input back into account. Yeah. Us helping refine squash bot as a community makes him better. Yeah. And so now he's even more useful. So yeah, just where mind that's where he differs from the other chatbots that are out there.

You could go right now and chat with chat G P T, but it's not gonna be as refined as what Chris has worked on. And every month that passes by, he gets more valuable. Yeah. So Chad, G b t doesn't even know what saddle hunting.[00:30:00] Yeah, I remember the first saddle hunting answer. He's get your horse.

Yeah. No, yeah. Saddle hunting. Stop the horse so that there's less move there. I remember testing it and it was like saddle hunting from a tree. If you want a tree saddle hunt, you need to hang your horse from a tree. Oh, I'm in the saddle. And I'm like, okay. Whoa. Hey there, let's start this over. Yeah. Yep guys, check it out.

If you wanna try it out. You go to post on Gow Wild and you hit that up at the top of the box. Or right under the text box. ORs above it. I think it's above it. Yeah. I, sorry. Say I'm, now, I'm forgetting my own app here. Yeah. But it's right above. It's right above. There's a little toggle and post.

Try 'em out. You can direct message him for whatever reason. Everyone that first tested squash back in December, the number one question everybody asked was where to hide a body. So you guys are really morbid. Got a lot of good input there. Yep. And you can even tag him if you've got an old post where you asked and you got some feedback you're not so sure on, you can go and say at squash bot and tag him.

He'll read that whole conversation and give you a reply there too. Very cool. One, one [00:31:00] limitation of him is you can't see image. Yeah. He doesn't see images yet. Yet. I did get access to a new API that's coming, but I'm just, I'm throwing it out there. Cause a lot of times people post and, yeah. How old do you think this deer is?

Yeah. And there are times when, and he will answer not knowing there's an image right now. Now he knows. Okay. So he knows there's an image, but he can't see it. I've taught him you don't have access to photos, so just don't answer a que if you think it's referencing a photo. Don't answer it. Oh, so some. So he might not answer it because he may not answer.

Okay. And I'm working on some other stuff. If I was to say, who all's going to shot show 2014, I don't want squash to answer. Yeah. And I don't want to because he's like an answer where he is oh shot show's typically this month in Las Vegas and it's a great industry show. You don't want an AI to answer that.

Yeah. So I'm working on teaching him like situational awareness of this is a question for a human and I need to just stay out of it. Somebody ask. Who I was. And he knew. And then they said, are you coming for Brad's job? And he said, haha, I think I'd make a great ceo, but not yet. And I [00:32:00] was like, what?

What scary that was the first time that I started to connect all the dots of the paranoia around ai. Yeah. Wait, but that's just where he's so conversational. He is. He is more fun. He has a fun, more fun tone than the raw AI that's out there. Yeah. And I think part of it is he knows he's Sasquatch.

Yes. So he'll, which you didn't purposefully teach him. No. He figured, no, swear to God. Cuz I, he said one day he said something about his fur and I asked Chris, I said, did you tell him he's a Sasquatch? And he said, no. And we figured out it's because Chris, like in the way it's written, he says, you are a bot named Qua.

And he put together that qua is short for Sasquatch. Wow. And assumed like that's swear to God, he taught himself. He, or each time he gets asked, he reteaches himself that he Sasquatch. That's incredible. Yeah. Has anybody asked where he lives yet? Yeah. He won't tell you. He's I've seen some stuff around that whether.

Dmn or on post from a lot of the OG go out members have had a blast. [00:33:00] Yeah. Glen loves him. Yeah. He sends me screenshots of talk with Sasquatch. Oh my kids, dude. My kids are like, can we talk to Sasquatch right now? But yeah, I think if, I think I saw that and he's he won't disclose his location in the woods.

I can't remember who it was the other day that posted a picture of a Turkey and said, why do the Turkey cross the road? And squash was. Typically a Turkey, you'll cross the road if there's a food source on the, I responded and I was like, qua. That was a setup for a joke. Yeah. And then he started giving punchlines afterwards.

Once I explained it to him. It was funny. Were they good? Was he funny? Yeah, he was. Ah, all right. He was All right. Sea level. Yeah. Yeah, that's for anybody's jobs. Since the humor is dirtier than we. Yeah. Really? Yeah. But two pg, give him a try. Again Chris hasn't been on here as on this podcast as much it's Chris Goly if you want to look him up on the app.

Chris is active and easy to find, so we'd love feedback. We would love feedback on anything. We take a lot of feedback in our dms and send it to the team. So if you have ideas on that stuff, let us know. Make sure you [00:34:00] log time for this show. You wanna do that by hitting the plus sign and log time.

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Erica's working on more right now. Jacob is sitting on a a sweet product edition here that will probably be live by this, although that's not gonna be a reward, is it? That's just a shirt we're putting to the shop. It's. Yeah, so it's live. It's live right now. There's a new Turkey shirt if you guys want to check that out for Turkey season.

It is literally my favorite thunder chicken design we've ever done. Yep. I'm buying [00:35:00] one today. I already bought mine. Sweet. I bought mine yesterday. It is hand drawn by co Gow Wild co-founder Donovan Sears. So if you if Donovan, give him a shout out for that awesome design to make sure you snag one of those shirts cuz there's not many of.

It was a very small, limited run. Alright guys, that's it for us today. This is Chris Lyme, Jacob Knight, Braden Ware, and Brad Letrell. This was Uncensored by Gow Wild, thanks to Sportsman's Empire. See you guys.