Good Times at GAOS, Cell Cam Chatter, and a Wienermobile Thief

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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, the gang is back together once again and things are getting back to normal after a busy trade show season. How did our second weekend at GAOS go? We had a great time visiting with customers and partners like Beau Martonik, the boys at O2 Podcast, and the Houndsmen XP crew. Did Arica visit with Shim or not? She did meet Wayne LaPierre, CEO and Executive VP of the NRA. Dan geeks out on his new AR build after going around the show.

The team is busy cleaning up the shop and shifting gears into spring activities. Did someone steal the catalytic converter off of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile?? Arica steals the show to dispel a major myth about the use of cellular trail cameras. We talk a little more about many of the misconceptions about cellular data and cell cams and share some insights on how trappers are using trail cams.

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[00:00:00] All right. The gang is back together again. We've all been separated with Great American Outdoor show. We had different, we've been calling it platooning, sending up different groups and everything, but we're all back in the office. Normal operations. Brad's busy this morning, you got my dumb butt MCing, but yeah.

Yeah. Let me butt in with saying the whole company's vibe is everything's back to normal. Let's back to normal business and this is what happened last year. And then this is like halfway through. Cuz now we have to unload the trailer. Oh yeah. Yeah. We have to re inventory everything. We have to do the reports on sales and all that.

Yeah. Post. If we sold through, we probably, I'm guessing we sold through ta cams. We have guests. This not a year problem. I know. And that's just what I'm saying. It's it's over for most people. . But I'm like halfway through, let's coral old and let's expose the hardest thing that we have to do, which is clean up the office because we have guests coming in and we have stuff.

Wood tools, [00:01:00] boxes, garbage. Yeah. Yeah. There's like shards of. Wedding around saw us, somebody's gonna have the vacuum. Do any of us know how to do that? Where's the vacuum? . I didn't know we had a vacuum. . You go out to pick up each little particle. Yeah, just get a break. That vacuum, it uses a HEPA filter.

Like one of those bags. And I don't think anyone's changed the bag. And the year and a half I've been here. I mean that it's totally full, but we still use it. I legit didn't know we had a vacuum. I just take a lint roller to my carpet. Oh gosh. A lint roller. . Yeah. What are we gonna do with those fence stakes?

I guess we gotta put those in the trailer. Yep. Goodness. And we've gotta have the mentality now of, if it's something that can be carried off by one person, no matter how cheap or busted or broken it is, it will be carried off by one person. Yep. Cause we're in a business park and there are heroin addicts that will, if you leave something outside, we've.

Metal brackets. Stolen pallets. Pallets. Yeah. Moving blankets. Moving blankets. We're like, no one's gonna steal this. Yep. And we have security cameras and we'll just see [00:02:00] them. Walking off with our extension cord. Oh look, a $10 bill. . . Nice. We were painting this really great picture of the Gow Wild headquarters.

Like it's, yeah, it's not like sketchy. It's true. I did just see an article over the weekend that the o Oscar Merino Mobile was in Las Vegas and it called Cadillac Converter Stolen Uhuh. The article said it's nothing sacred anymore. The Oscar Wiener Cata part. I wanted to be there. Then when they start that thing up and it's probably got like a three cylinder, 90 horsepower engine or something.

Sounds like a weed weapon. Can you imagine taking that to like the, I don't know, getting it record off and then it's in a mechanic shop and it's the wiener mobile that you're working on. That'd be awesome. That would have to be a heck of a shop, cuz that thing's huge. . So she said, but yeah. So gays,

What did you just do? That's what she said. . Yeah. Cause we were talking about the wiener. The wiener Elevate. [00:03:00] Somebody had to do it. Thank you Erica. You're welcome. A new podcast network and trying to be all professional and it's not gonna happen. Keeping it real. So Eric and I went up first set up and started selling, which is generally, I think the.

Part of it. Building the set is somewhat tedious. , but for the most part, we've got tons of inventory. The people that show up at the chauffeur are there, they're usually, in my opinion, more excited to be there. People had lists of, this is all the stuff I'm looking for. , they've done their research on pricing.

They know we've got good deals. They've done their research on the gear and all the garment stuff. So I feel like our section's easier. I want to hear about your section, which is the second half, which is we're running out of inventory. You've got more of the deal makers coming in, more of the looky-loos that aren't really sure what they want, and you're trying to sell them on stuff, and then.

at the very end when you're most exhausted, you gotta break down that set. Load up the trail. And we know last year that's when you [00:04:00] all got sick and had quite an adventure coming home. So how'd it go? You can hear my voice that I had something like the. The whole time we were there.

Wasn't bad though. Nothing like I felt they experienced with the flu last year trying to tear that stuff down in some kind of fever dream. And I'm like making two trips to Brady's. One where he is dragging his knuckles out to the trailer. You're just kicking over jewelry cases. . Yeah. I thought about this last night.

I don't know why I blame in bed. And the one thing that pops into my head is, you know what? I don't remember the jewelry case getting. It's because they took it out without me. You go box some stuff over there, take some deep breaths, bud . Yeah. They maybe push the jewelry case out. When we were like creating the booth, we kept saying, oh, Braden's gonna break this.

Oh, don't I hope Jacob doesn't touch this. Ugh. Yeah. And who was the first person to break a cup holder? Me. And who was the last person to bring a cup holder? You, us? The fact that the cup holders were broken means that the person that bought. didn't do a very good job. Oh, snap. [00:05:00] Me and Jacob were literally standing at that thing like, all right, cup holders on here, shoot.

Better take these off. And we're like, ah, it'll be all right. First thing, as soon as we get it in the trailer, we hear a, and we're like, eh, everyone a cup. Dan's gonna be pissed. . Yeah. I'm not pissed. I will say, if I had a budget of say, I don't know, $20,000, that would be the most banging booth ever, but my.

Yeah, because I built that whole thing by hand. For people that aren't aware, we do not have a, the budget to outsource the professional booth builders. So my budget's literally here's a hundred bucks. Look, and I don't give you a lot of props for stuff, but the booth looks good. Oh, it looks good. It functions well while we're there.

Yeah. . It does it, man. Yeah, it's great overall. Yeah. You did well. Yeah. I, for reference, last year we did not have cup holders. Did not have a door. Put my coffee down on a little bench. , and I don't know what happened, but Brad just sat down without even looking and he sat on my entire cup of coffee, [00:06:00] which then made it look like he peed all over himself, diarrhea all over himself.

He peed out of his butt and it spilled the coffee onto all these optics that thankfully were plastic and wrapped up. Yeah. So then this year Dan was like, we must invest in Cupholders, which was a great idea. I was just like, Sh I couldn't figure out how to open it and I was just forcefully shoving the cup down. Yeah. And it broke. Yeah. But other than that, you were there for Tuesday which was our worst day. It was just something about that middle of the week, I don't know what the deal was, but it just, we didn't necessarily do anything different that I noticed, but it was just a lot of selling hard, and then folks would.

Okay, thanks. And then they leave. You're like, man, like nobody's really buying any, we were selling stuff, but it wasn't like we, we have our good. When we're moving some high end optic optics, Garmins, trail, a lot of trail cameras, stuff like that. Like we sell tons of bags the whole time.

But even if we did that the whole time, we wouldn't put up these big numbers that we end up putting up. I feel like unnoticed that Tuesday, [00:07:00] Wednesday, Thursday timeframe. You get a lot of people that. Come back that weekend. Yeah. So they come around and scope things out and then they come in the last weekend and try to get their deals and haggle cuz we're trying to get rid of stuff at that point.

Yeah. And I feel I noticed a lot of people came back, recognized faces, did a lot of writing our booth down on a card, giving it to 'em like, Hey, make sure this is us Booth four 12, come back and we did a lot. Relatively a lot of online sales, a lot of people. Yeah. Shopping through our site, using, we had a promo code just for Yeah.

The show. Yeah. So that was good too. That was a whole nother stream of Yeah. Income. I could see next year at the rate we're going here. Just taking up like customer returns and just having it's like liquidating stuff and just having if you want any of this stuff new, if maybe doing, like we were talking about bringing up saddle stuff and letting people try it on.

Yeah. And then saying, we don't have inventory here. Order it online and we'll ship it to you. And speaking of that, I didn't think about this at the show, but I sold a guy, we had a dog collar that he wanted [00:08:00] on hand, but he wanted an Alpha 10 unit that we did not, so I ordered it for him right there at the booth.

I got a shipping notification. It was delivered yesterday, and he got it. Two days later. After, yeah, after he ordered. You know what? I didn't, I'm just now realizing I didn't walk through the archery section. Trophy line was there, right? , they had a, did they have a booth or were They were in with Lancaster, but they, it looked standalone.

Yeah. And then Tethered was there. Yeah. Yeah. They had their own deal. Yeah. What's latitudes there? No. No. Yeah. No, but it was, Tuesday was basically our only like super slow day. Wednesday picked up, we had a pretty good day and it it got better until Sunday and really Sunday we were basically out of, All of our high ticket stuff.

We had a couple things, but I mean we sold like almost all of our optics. We brought like a ton of rangefinders and stuff. So I built, you weren't there last year either, but like I built this giant red dot pyramid so that I could move some red dots. This year I did it with Rangefinders and Jake's like Braden's working on his pyramid again cuz it just like pyramid for some reason.

You build those little pyramids and [00:09:00] product and people are like, what do we have here? And you start slinging them . So yeah, We had a really good day. Saturday, our best day ever, like as a company. So if you combine the sales of the show with our online sales, we had the best day we've ever had. I think it was really good for us.

Definitely. . It was weird like talking to y'all. I was telling you like the amount of people that I'd be talking to for a long time, that would be like, oh yeah. Cause I'll be like, Hey, you know about Go Wild. And they'd be like, oh yeah, I've got an account. I'm just like that's still a big deal to us.

Yeah. Like we're not, I think people think we're bigger than we are cause we were there last year and whatever we've certainly grown and we're getting to, pretty good size. It's still cool to hear Hey, like I'm a go Wild member, and people are excited to, they're wearing a shirt or a hat or whatever under a hoodie.

Like I'd be talking to him for 20 minutes and some guy like, slide his shirt up and he's got a go wild shirt on. You're like, oh, okay. Cool. Thanks, man. Yeah, I think they're all like us where they have. Rack, they've got 50 ball caps with all sorts of outdoor brands, all and stuff.

Yeah. And there is you can tell the people that are peacocking a little bit at the show. Oh yeah. And they're like, oh, I'm gonna [00:10:00] wear my nicest , F Joe Biden shirt and then that's Acar hat and whatever. Yeah. The people reaching. But there's also people that are, full decked out in their high end, first slide or badly.

Yeah. Sick or less. Any of that. We call it the flex. Yeah. Somebody's walking around with a $340 external frame pack. You're like, you need that for the show, bud. Yeah so these people have options on what to wear and the fact that they're saying, oh, I could wear my sig hat or my Vortex hat, or my first light hat, or my Gow wild hat.

The fact that they're choosing a go wild hat to go out and represent is it's huge for us. And just spreading the word I'd say, we were selling people on the app as much as we were selling the products. Yeah. And the podcasters we had in the booth too, like the amount of people that came by to see the oh two, to see Bo, to see the Hounds Man XP guys like, we got it the entire time we were there. People coming by and being like, oh, I wanted to see, Heath, or I wanted to see Paul, or I wanted to see Bo. We were like, ah, shoot. You missed him. Yeah, the Hounds man. It sounded like on their podcast they said they were gonna be there like Saturday, Sunday, and we had a bunch of people coming by and they're gonna look with the announcement [00:11:00] here and we're like, I don't think they're coming till later in the week.

. Yeah, there was definitely a lot of A lot of interest in that and they, man, Bo and the hound men, they'd be talking to people for an hour. Yeah. They were going into some really Deep conversations with members. So yeah, that was good to see. Yeah. I got really weird with a mem actually.

It was a non-member that I thought was a member and I got, it was weird. It was awkward. I don't think you saw it, but the weird part, like I loved seeing all the members and talking to them and it blows my mind that we built a thing and have this community Senate slam was awesome for that too, but sometimes at gao, This is what I've noticed with members when you see them like in the wild for real, like in real life, that because they have a profile and all I interact with people all the time on Go Wild.

But a lot of people, and this is the great part about Go Wild, is that they're not taking selfies and they're posting them, right? Like they're taking pictures of their outdoor adventures I don't typically look at their face. , [00:12:00] right? . So I don't know what they look like, but I talk to them all the time.

. So sometimes people would come up to the booth and they would talk to you for a while and like we'd talk, be talking about product or hunting or whatever, and they don't mention that they're a member and I don't know if it's, they think that I should recognize. Like I should recognize them or that Brad should recognize them cuz they're in the app and like maybe we've had like conversations on post or whatnot, but they don't say it.

And then you don't realize that until 20 minutes in, they're a go wild member. . And you're like, oh my god. And then they say their name and you're like, oh, I totally like, yeah. Now I know like their first name and last name. Like I can see your post and whatnot. So I had a fear of that ongoing.

Is this something or not? I don't know. So guy comes up and he starts talking, but he's giving me this look and I don't really think it's a look, but like he's looking at me like, I know something you don't know or like who, I don't know. It was just like, I don't know. And I thought it was sh.[00:13:00]

Oh man, shim from that. Okay. Great Morning. Shim Miller, right? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I thought it was she Shim Miller, emoji man. But like his beard shaved. . Okay. And I go, wait, do I know you? And they go, I was like, and I was like, wait. I don't . I, he was like, who do you think I am? And I was like, is this shimmers?

Is it not shim? I don't know if it's shimmer or not. Now he's being weird. And I was like, I and he was like, I don't how No, I don't know you. And I was like, oh, okay. Bye. Awkward . And later on Brad saw the whole thing and I was like, I thought that was shim. And he was like, oh, I thought you were just trying to like flirt with a guy to get a sale or something,

And I was like, no, I, Hey, more power to you. Do what you gotta do. No, not at all. I thought it was shim and I, he just got really awkward with it. That's funny. I think Shim is still off grid. I thought he No, he came back posted. Yeah, he just posted. I know, but I still think he's oh, he show. Yeah, he a show like that.

I don't. Yeah, the amount, but this is before he posted, sending these back, like the very next day he posted and go Wild. Oh. I was like, oh, that's funny. [00:14:00] I manifested it. Yeah. The amount of the amount of people that come by that wear a go wild shirt and would be like, Hey, I'm. so and and I'd be like, oh, cool.

Yeah, I'm Braden, what's your last name? Yeah. Like that usually would help me. If I could get the first name, last name, I'm like, I know who you are. , that doesn't help me at all. I could literally be, had messaged the person a week earlier. Yeah. And I'm like, it's definitely happened. Yeah. Like I talked to one guy and he was like, yeah, like you've commented on my stuff before.

And I was like, okay, cool. I do that a lot. That doesn't help but. The first guy I saw when I got to the booth was David Snyder. So I talked to him for, probably an hour. That was my like, welcome to Gao, was like, Hey, I get to hang out with David. So that was a super awesome, and then like throughout the show, it didn't get to talk to everybody for an hour, we're slinging gear, especially during like high time, but it was slower when I first got there.

So me and him just. Totally catch up, talk forever and talk about life and everything. It was that stuff is awesome. That's what I love about the show. What I don't love about the show is how long it [00:15:00] is and , how much I miss my wife and dog and all that stuff. But yeah, it was long, it was cool. You know who else I met?

Help me state. Wayne La LaPierre. Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the nra. I guess he was the President. President, see? Yeah. He's somewhere very high up at the nra. You got friends in hot places, is what you're trying to say? Basically, yeah. No, he was walking around the show on Saturday. The first, I think.

The first day maybe? Yeah. And he came up with our booth and he shook Brandon's hands. I didn't, I honestly did not know who. He talked to Brad for a couple minutes. Yeah. And he was like, is there anything I can do for y'all? How's the show going? And we talked about different things and he ended up leaving and Brad was like, you have no idea who you just talked to, do you?

And I was like I was in the booth and I looked at that guy and I'm like, that guy's trying to look like Wayne LaPierre because he's got a very Oh, really? He's got he's one of those guys that like always wears the same outfit, . So I'm like, that guy looks like Wayne LaPierre. But I didn't think it was actually him wrestling.

That was, I got his business card, Wayne [00:16:00] LaPierre. I'm like, wow, that's pretty, pretty cool Jokes on you. It was just some dude pretending to be laer with business cards. . Elaborate. Elaborate. I met talk to Ross last show. So did you do the The wall of guns this year. I looked at it I thought that I was gonna buy a gun there a upper an AR upper. And I had already pre-approved it with the Bank of Amanda. Of Amanda. So I wanted to, I say the budget committee. The budget committee. Yeah. So I so I was trying to be good and not Be spending more than I had to. . But I ended up not finding you. The cool thing about Gaos is you can find really cheap stuff, especially in like the fishing hole, and you can find really expensive, unique, high quality items in the same area.

Yeah. It's hard just to find like your middle of the road running the mill thing. You've got like Shaw barrels over here and then you have $15 tactical or something. Yeah. Which not knocking Durk and tactical and I got some magazines from them. Yeah. [00:17:00] But I was looking for a 300 blackout upper or maybe like an AK 47 caliber.

Upper for an ar cause I'm doing a new build and it was, everything was like $300 or $3,000 and I'm like, I'm more like that. The middle thousand dollars range. Yeah. Wait, did you get something set up with Samurai across the aisle? No, but I I did look at precision firearms. I did look at their website.

, they didn't ha, it looked like everything that they were doing in 300 blackout was like short barreled. Oh yeah. And I'm about to do, I've got a short barreled, nine millimeter Yeah. Pistol that now the ATF is calling rifle. So I'm gonna go through the tax stamp process with that. Yeah. And I don't really need another short barrel.

And then I was, looking up the ballistics of, the thing with 300 blackout is it does, its full powder burn in eight inches. So you only need an eight or nine inch barrel. And putting a 16 inch barrel doesn't give you any ballistic advantage. If you do an AK 47 round, a 7.62 by 39 round it's, oh, I'm [00:18:00] interested.

Go ahead. Keep going, dude. This is what our viewers turn into, but it's. The same ballistics, maybe a little bit better. Ballistics are close to a 30, 30 round, but you can, use a full 16 inch barrel. The ammo is a third of the price cuz it's, everywhere.

The only downside is you can't go subsonic and suppressed. But I've got the nine millimeter that does the subsonic. And then I was looking up, I didn't realize this, but 300. Subsonic, the ballistics of it is like throwing a rock. Yeah. It's it's very slow. It's oh, you're not shooting more than 50 yards.

No with it. So I'm like if I've got my nine millimeter suppressed, it's not quite the caliber, but the ammo is super cheap, so now I'm leaning more towards the ak. Variant and Precision didn't seem to have a ton. I'll probably go back to them cuz their prices looked really good.

They used Lost Strike Industries parts, which I'm a huge fan of. Yeah. Those parts. So yeah, the jury's still out. I'm not in a rush. It's just I'm at the show. That's what you do at the show. You're like, oh, I would never Google this. I've never been on [00:19:00] Amazon looking for. , but now that I see it in front of me and last year, there's a guy that has, I wish I could name, drop his brand.

But he had like magazine, plastic magazine racks that go in your Oh yeah. Mag safe, mag something. MagSafe, I think is a different brand. Yeah. That does something else. But yeah, so that they're little ar racks that you can attach to your safe and then all of your loaded magazines, cuz mine are just in like a tote bag to the side of my safe.

And I saw it last year and literally this whole last. leading up to the show, every time I was messing with my safe, I was like, I should have bought some of those things. So this year when I went, I'm like went to Booth that I'm like, I want one of these, cuz I've been thinking about, but that's what the show is you Yeah.

Discover things. You didn't even know everything. You guys both got a new knife. Oh yeah. Man. From Wee Knife. Wee knife. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty sweet. Sim cut. I think so there's three. Labels under the same brand. There's we Cevi and Sincu [00:20:00] and definitely recommend checking 'em out. We talk to him at Shot Show.

, and that was, we may have referenced this at another show, but Dan hands me this knife and it's don't look at the price. What do you think this knife would cost? I'm like, I don't know, two, 300 bucks. And he goes 60 or something. Yeah. They bake really high quality stuff, my car to handle. Good steel.

Pretty sweet knife for economical prices. Yeah, and our sites go wild's e-com site's getting so big and we've got so many options, which is really good. But really, if you're not searching for a brand or if you search for knife, it would show up, but the brand doesn't have enough equity or awareness.

Quite yet that I think people would convert. We'd really have to, explain why the, because you look, you're like, this knife's $80, it's gonna be trash. No, these knives are, Very nice. Very nice. Yep. And they got like unique like knife shapes and stuff, like configurations and stuff. Like I got a thumb opening, like wild looking.

I didn't bring it here. It's a wild blade. And [00:21:00] yeah, one of their brands is Savik in there. I always see like top EDC knives. They're always in the list. So I think maybe give another year. And then, and get more people, get aware of it, we might bring them into this storefront and we're all big fans of it.

And I got my knife sharpened by a nice guy who was had a custom knife booth. So it was a good show. But I think we're all ready to get caught back up on emails and get back to business. Yeah definitely good to be home. It's a. long trip and like your brain, like I, I was telling them like I don't know how long it's gonna take me to get like all the random facts about all these products outta my head.

Cuz you're just sitting there selling. Yeah. And like the whole time you're refining like your sales pitch on stuff. Someone's Hey, what's the deal with this? What you tell 'em at the beginning versus what you tell 'em at the end changes. So like I was in full on one-to-one sales mode, like talking about, which is cool, helpful, like as a marketing guy, it's good to know like what kind of questions are people asking?

What do they care about? Then after a while, it's just my brain is full of weird, like the crossfire [00:22:00] vortex, crossfire 1400 can range a deer at 750 yards. Like how long till, I forget that. What? Yeah. Can we talk about one thing that I felt like people did not understand? Yeah. And I just could, I was shocked.

a cellular trail cam. Folks, if you don't have a cellular, you're cellular. If you don't have a cellular trail cam, you should get one. However, it does not matter what foam plan that you have. So everyone will walk up to the booth and be like, I've really been wanting these, but they only run on Verizon and at and t and I've got T-Mobile on my cell phone.

Yeah. No. Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Okay. They. They're basically like their own little cell phones. They have their own little sim card. You can run 'em on Verizon or at and t and then they send that information to your phone, which can run on whatever plan that you have. Correct. It's basically so if you're buying from Tact cam, you're buying a tact cam cell camera and it comes with an at and t and a [00:23:00] Verizon card.

What tact Cam is doing is they are buying all of these plans and you're essentially renting those plans from them. Yeah, so like you like $5. Cheap. Yeah. And just to go one level deeper on that, ooh. If you have a T-Mobile cell phone plan, you're not Ping T-mobile towers. T-Mobile is renting towers from at and t and Verizon.

And it's the same with all of the, sprint or who's another cheap cell phone. I'm thinking of the thing with the green blob. Mint Cricket. Cricket, like cricket does not, is not building cell phone towers all over the nation. They're just renting the cell phone tower bandwidth from at and t, Verizon.

. So even though you think you, you have your own T-Mobile. , you're really using Verizon's network. Just at, yeah. A little bit cheaper cost. And the way that works is if the cell phone gets busy, T-Mobile people are first people not to be able to get signal or get dropped calls or whatever.

Yeah. Which I learned something from Jacob on this because some guy was asking about the tact cam video sending [00:24:00] back and forth and cuz like he's, he had a trail camera that said it takes 24 hours before I get the video, whenever I request it from the camera. Oh. Tica says the same thing.

Like it says it'll take up to 24 hours or around 24 hours before you get your video. Randomly I would click and request a video and I would get it immediately. Yeah. And I'm like, what the heck is going on? And he was saying it basically has to do with bandwidth since all these cameras are relying on these towers and obviously the towers.

Our like powering cell phones and all kinds of other stuff. It just depends on the load. So if they're like, if they have time, they'll get to you and you can sometimes get it in, immediately in an hour or whatever. . So when you're like hunched over your phone at three in the morning, like a goblin saying, send me the video.

Who did he go off my new block? He had a cool use case. He was using the camera over some trap sets that he had put out for coyotes. He's I don't want to leave a coyote sitting there for 24 hours. Or, I'm gonna get out there and, take care of it. And he's I it's inconvenient, that it takes, how long does it take for this one?

And I was like [00:25:00] sometimes an hour, sometimes instant, sometimes 24 hours. It was just weird. And then that's when Jacob explained all that stuff. Yeah. And he was the use case of running on mon Traps was interesting cuz I haven't talked to anybody that's doing that, but it makes a ton of sense because then he knows to go out there.

But then he said, but it keeps sending, there's something in the trap triggering the camera over and over. Now I'm getting 500 pictures of this one coyote. I'm like, dude, just turn it off. You can, there's a toggle in the app to just shut that camera off from wireless. , save your photos. So yeah, if you got something that's tripping it a bunch Yeah.

Turn it off. And he was using it to help him with his future sets too. He's I paid attention to , what, where did, which way did the coyo come from? How did he interact with the trap? What got him or what didn't get him? And it was cool. Yeah. I was, he was very interesting to talk to.

Yeah. Yeah. A lot of interesting folks up at Great American Outdoor Show. , I feel like we're wrapping this up. Before we wrap it up, can we just go around and say, biggest pet peeve about Gaos or this trip? It doesn't have to be Gaos, it could be Harrisburg [00:26:00] related. It could be having Brad. Drive related.

Oh God. some here. Some here you are breaking I back of you. I be of you. It could be anything but biggest pet peeve. I'll go first. I got one. My biggest pet peeve. We were selling a lot of red dot optics that were good for putting on a pistol and someone would come up and be like this fit a VP nine I.

It's I don't know man. This fit my h and k pistol. What model is it? I'm not sure. It's a nine millimeter H and k. It's I don't know, . If. If this gun, if my gun's not milled for a red dot, is there any way to attach it? I don't know. Like people would come up to us expecting us to know every single gun that exists.

Yeah. And all of the various mounts and all of the, just in your free mental space, have all of that information. That and tied in with that. People that would think that we were the manufacturer, especially cuz we're the only people selling, you only get one. Okay. Don't go blowing all of our pet pees.

You do. You get one pet for us. I already said that one. So people that would come [00:27:00] up and be like, Hey, so when are you guys going to increase the range of these dog collars? And we're like, what? And they're like, yeah. Like I have one of these but the range isn't that good. Are you gonna incre? It's we're not Garmin.

We're in like a homemade. Booth. This is not a Carmen level. Are you familiar with level of retail? We're just, yeah. We're just selling store like jerks, like people don't know. Yeah. We live in this. It's easiest for, it's easy for us to get frustrated because Yeah. We live in this mental state, like day in and day out.

Yeah. So when people we're like, why don't you know this about it? Yeah. And people's. They're, they've been at that show for eight hours asking tons. They're just as mentally drained as we are, and they're probably just as annoyed with us. I kept on going up to people and I'd ask 'em if this red dot would fit my gun, and they'd be like, I don't know.

Yeah and most of the booths there are manufacturers. Yeah. Okay. What's yours? Mine. I had a couple people ask. I've heard I, Brad said towards the end of the show you were getting pretty Yeah. Pretty snippy. I get peopled out. Yeah. I'm not [00:28:00] naturally, I don't like to talk to people.

I don't know. Yeah. So I'm like I have to pretend to be somebody that I'm not. Yeah. And so after a while, you're very good at it. Yeah. I wasn't at the end, I'm gonna be honest. I was rude to some folks I shouldn't have been. And I felt bad about it, but it's what it is. And I think my pet peeve was, I don't like when people are upset with me, first of all.

So when people would come, And ask one question, like a very specific question about a certain product, they and I didn't have an answer and they would get frustrated and pretend like I was supposed to know that I had one guy specifically be like, Hey, what's this very detailed question about this very detailed product?

And I was like, hang on, let me look that up. And he's how do you not know, like you're selling it? How do you expect me to pay for that if you don't know? And I was like I'll get the answer for you real quick. Just gimme a minute. And he's no, if you don't have the answer, then I'm not gonna buy it.

And I was like, . Okay. He stuck around, came back three more times and did ended up , buying the thing. But it was like, but it does happen a lot where people get upset that we don't know everything about it. And so I started explaining to people like, [00:29:00] yeah, sorry, we like we sell.

Thousands of products and I'm trying to have answers to your questions, but you asked a very nuanced question that I, let me just Google that for you quick. We don't wanna, we don't want to give you the wrong answers. Yeah, no, that's, if they're like, what's the battery life? And you're like thousand hours.

Yeah. It's like you could make up something, but we don't want to do that to people, so we're gonna spend the time getting the right answer. Exactly. Yeah. So that was my pet peeve is just gimme a sec to get you a good answer, . How about you shake them? I feel like it's too easy cuz it's in a similar vein, but it's people that are just jerks and come up talking, whether it be political or some other, just like heated topic at the NRA show. No way. No way. . And we had someone come. I don't even remember how the topic got started, but she pointed at Braden and was like, your president did this and this, and we're like I'm sitting there thinking she doesn't know who he voted for, nor did She's [00:30:00] assuming that you were a Biden supporter.

I have no idea. She was tough to understand too, but that's the kind of stuff where it's come on let's be nice to everybody. Yeah. She was like looking to pick something, she wanted me to say something. Started spouting off all these facts and stories about this and that, and I couldn't even, I could hardly understand her.

So I'm just standing there just smiling, like nodding my head. I want no part in do you wanna buy something? No. Okay. and I feel, so obviously this conversation is going a certain direction, like we do see a lot of great people have awesome conversations. It's a ton of fun to meet everybody. It's 0.1%, remember member or not.

But every year I feel like we've gone to this show. There's. A couple of those. There are people for sure where you're like, oh, this is the per first time. They've left their compound in eight months. This is their Oh, yes. This is Uhhuh. Like these are not pe they're we had someone try to walk off with one of our price pricing pricing cards.

like it was he was a product. Yeah, like there are, I don't know, there are people you can [00:31:00] tell who are not accustomed, not civil, how to act in public and, the realities of the business world and whatnot. So that's that same lady, her husband was looking at a garment device and they asked about functionality based on geographic location.

I was like This one is the United States, and I think it does some in Canada, but like you can't use it in Mexico. And she's oh, we'd never go to Mexico. Yeah, it started a whole thing. We got a whole spiel on that too. Cool. We're like, okay. All right. Come on. Come up with something different, Erica.

Okay. Squirrels. I think this might be touchy. I don't know. There were multiple times. This is a little feminist rant. Oh, I got decent about the products. If I didn't like the garments. Like you were very good at the red dots. You were very good at there were definitely some products that I. was decent at trail cameras.

You can, you know a lot about tactic cams. Yeah. You were telling me how to sell 'em. Yeah. I know a lot about green products, trail cams. But like I would ask someone if they needed help and then I would try to [00:32:00] answer the question and if it was something that I felt like Dan could do and he wasn't with anyone, I would.

Oh, Dan, this garment thing? There were multiple times when someone would come up to the booth, like right there at the counter, and you could tell they were like looking at something or they had a question, and I would walk up and be like, Hey, can I help you with something? And they would be like no, I'm good.

Great. And I'll walk away. And then Dan or Brad would finish with a customer and they'd be like, Hey, da. And I'm like, why didn't. I could have done. I don't wanna talk to no lady about . I wouldn't wanna talk to, I will say that old lady, but I will also say and this is how I am with doctors.

I like having a female doctor because, If it's a male doctor and the male doctor's Hey, so it looks like your leg might be broken. Everything good? I'm like, oh, yeah, man. Totally good. This is how my leg should be. It'll fine. Cool. If I have a female doctor, I'll be like, oh, I think I broke my leg. Can you look at it?

I'm okay. Being a little bit [00:33:00] more vulnerable. , and I noticed with Erica, The opposite, where I would go up to someone and be like, Hey, do you have any questions on this thing? They're like, oh no man, I'm to know about everything. Do you have any questions about it? Shed go up and be like, what do you think of this?

And they'd be like I don't really know that much. And she'd make the sale. Yeah. So both that's probably a good perspective. Yeah, there was. I saw both but I also did see, and I also saw people. . I could tell we're just chatting you up cuz you were a cute lady. Oh yeah. And I'm like, this person is not buying anything.

They just want some, they just want little attention. Little attention little. Yeah. But it's a good show. Yeah. Good times. Glad everyone's back and we made it through, had a really successful show. We hit our goal, which was awesome. Back at it, back in the weeds on some other stuff. So keep an eye out for all the things we got going on.

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