All About Box Blinds Part 1

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Rocky Burrus (SA Farm Management Service) discuss Box Blinds and why they are a primary consideration for hunters. Rocky explains the benefits of box blinds and how it creates better opportunities to hunt with friends and family. Rocky discusses the box blinds setup and the insulation benefits. Rocky breaks down how to increase the longevity of the blind and how to preserve wood or why metal blinds may be a better option.

Jon discusses his opinion on box blinds and how he installs blinds and what lessons he has learned over the years. Rocky discusses build and commercial blinds and the price differences. Rocky explains how some individually built blinds may not survive being tipped over. Rocky explains the difference in windows and a better material to use on your setups. Rocky discusses durability and how man made blinds may afford you a better option after being damaged.

Jon discusses the pros and cons of having a blind and what failures he sees in various types of the blinds. Jon explains his long-term perspective on maintenance and comparables when it comes to material and longevity. Rocky explains window setups that are quieter to most manufactured blinds. Rocky and Jon discuss the visual disadvantages to box blinds and what individuals tend to focus on when buying a blind.

Rocky discusses anchoring blinds and his technique that reduces blow overs. Jon explains how to set up a blind that is portable and allows for leveling. Rocky explains how to level you blind and what footprint he prefers to help stabilize the blind afield. Rocky breaks down pricing of his blinds and how competitive manmade blinds can be.

Show Transcript