Deer, Gear and Beer: Deer Season BS Session

Show Notes

On this video we discuss all things summer whitetail related.  Some gear talk and changes we are making.  Trail cam discussion on settings and how we run summer trail cameras.  We bounce over to archery set up and bow shooting as well.

Later we discussed some elk hunting prep.  How we have gone DIY elk hunting and released 5 arrows over the years.  

Topics Discussed 

-gear ties

-bow sights

-trad bow vs compound

-bow tuning

-trail cam sets

-trail cam settings

Show Transcript

[00:00:00] All right. The Whitetail Experience Podcast this week is a good one. Folks, this is Byron Horton here, your host and I had the guys over and we were BSing in the garage, if you will. All things whitetail prep. We talked trail cams as gear ties bow set up. Scouting a little bit of elk prep at the end.

This is a, if you're a whitetail experienced consumer, this is just the guys talking gear and deer and maybe drinking some beers. Look at that. All right. Without further ado, thank you to our Patreon guys. Try to give back to that community and do some exclusive content on there. And if you're interested in upping your cell foaming game, Check out my web course for kind of just some general thoughts on filming and branding and just getting the most out of some of your abilities, regardless of camera setup.

Team harder and bucks. Enjoy the pod. All right, this is the Whitetail Experience Podcast, not a she cast coming from you from the garage with. A garage because we do not drink training fluid here at [00:01:00] the hotel actually. So Rick and Dave did some politic talk. Turn your phone off, bud. Is this your first podcast?

And I will say this, I did a little recon and a lot of these like decisions by these companies doing these woke adss, if you will, is because the banks have an incentive. So to lend the, these big corporations money, there's an incentive from the banks. And if they don't cooperate with this woke agenda, Andy Priscilla's Really opened my eyes to how corrupt.

Oh yeah. Yeah. Everything is it's a little ridiculous. So I'm supporting a non Bud Light beard. Is that Brew Brewed in usa? So this is a Columbus company, actually. Oh, okay. But I think it's actually brewed in Kentucky. Okay. Garage beer. It's like a lightish beer. Dave and Andy did not like it. It was all right.

Beer. Beer. But I really like it. But that's the light. They have a regular too, right? That's the black can. I'm not familiar with the black. Can they have a lime? That's, that might be delicious. That's that's probably [00:02:00] the one that upsets me the most because occasionally, like on a Sunday, But light lines like the but light line man.

Those kind of hit the spot. But light orange, remember the But light oranges. Yeah. Those were actually good too. Yeah. A was a big fan of, now they just came out with bush light peach and they're not even gonna try it. I know that's, I might. That's different marketing crews. I don't know. Yeah, that's why they come out with it.

It was like the same conglomerate, but definitely a different marketing crew. I don't know. So yeah, we are coming from you, the garage. If you hear some motorcycles driving by, that's what's happening. But the kids are asleep so we cannot do the house. And the wife's texting me, I guess one of the kids is not doing well I might have to bail for five minutes, but we're gonna talk whitetail prep summer prep.

We got a lot of things going on. So you're weedy up here hanging by the gear ties. That's a 10 out of 10. Gear ties are a very, what? I don't even know what the word I'm trying say. Useful. Yeah, versatile. They're a little underrated. I feel we talking about like hunting [00:03:00] gear is like overrated, are underrated.

The gear ties are definitely underrated. You've used a gear tie to hold your sleeve. Dude, we've used gear ties so many times. Then when when you shot your buck, when you shot your big buck how it was like three years ago now, four years ago now, you didn't, you gear tie your stabilizer on or some shit?

Yeah. You did. It had come loose and you used a gear tie to wrap your front stabilizer. Cause then you had the nice stabilizer with the background. You had that whole, you had the whole fucking system. And it like came off that day. It was. Wasn't it like, yeah, I thought I like it came loose and it was the bottom one.

And so the because it was kicked off to the side and wasn't it like it was just falling down and hitting the riser? The string, it would just come right into the strings. And so you gear tied it like out of the way. I. Yeah. And it's just cuz I always have one, get the long one, the, I don't know, 18 inch or maybe and just wrap it around one of your backpack straps or something and just let it sit there forever, weave it through a couple mos, cause you never know when you're gonna need it. Yeah. I, a lot of times will attach my quicker to my bag [00:04:00] with a gear tie and then I even use a gear tie on my tow rope.

Yeah. Yeah, they, I've used them to hold branches outta the way, hold branches outta the way. Yeah. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've held, I've used it as bow hanger before. Yeah. I know you have in a weird way. Yeah. Wrapped it around it, it was like, yeah. That hold. But yeah.

Cause it was that day and I had my I had my dsl, I forgot my camera on too, and I forgot to fucking time shit that day. And I had my camera arm like hung up on this like sketchy, like half dead little stub. Of a, of a branch. And I was like, this is gonna break any time I'm hanging my fucking expensive vest DSLR on this stuff.

Yeah. Because I forgot my camera on, but I had, it was just a mess. I was like, about to take off my shoelaces, use it or something. I could do it without one shoelace. I'll be all right. Jeez. Now we were just talking camera arms and I think all of us are going smaller, less. Rick, you talked about getting the painted error system that.

A hundred percent. Yeah. You said that's the magnet thing, you just snap your phone on there? Yeah, it snaps something to [00:05:00] stabilize. And they also have a tripod mount. The magnet like sticks to your phone and then you. Stick it. Yeah. Stick it to your stable. Yeah. There's like a metal plate that goes on the back of your phone.

Okay. And then it just, but they showed it, shaking it around and it was not budging. And you can take the metal plate off anytime you want. Anytime you want. But since my, I have a phone just dedicated for hunting, filming. Yeah. Oh, there you go. I'm gonna just leave it on there. Yep. No problem.

You don't even need that then. Yeah. And that's more convenient for the guy who's looking at some TikTok, Teddys, and then it's oh shit, there's a deer. Let me just slap my phone on the mega real quick. Exactly. But that does drain the battery, so I don't recommend it. I have extra battery.

Dave sometimes will hunt based on cell signal, occasionally off for short. He goes, I don't know how you do it sometimes. No, no signal, dude. Like at times it's fine, but over and over again. No signal. It's fuck dude, this is this. It gets miserable year. Last year, last season, three of my all day sits were in a deep bottom and there was no service.

And it was pain. It was pain. I like the first thing you're like, it's kinda nice. I found myself like looking at like old family pictures and shit that I had on my, in [00:06:00] my album and like I was watching like old videos, like just. That's what I do. Scroll through emails, like just delete emails. I'm gonna be productive today.

Yeah. Got nothing else to do. Horrible, dude. You talk about scrolling through our photos. That's what I did on our Western trip. Yeah, a hundred percent. Before you, you go to sleep at night, you have no, yeah. You know nothing else. I just scroll through all photos of hunting and there's, one day I was bored, dude I pulled out my notes and just straight wrote like our, like first two days, like a novel.

Yeah, dude, I described it whole nine yards, dude. It's like we started this endeavor on a daunting task. It was like it was a novel, man. It's nice. Did you use one of the little pen styles too? They like write.

That's funny. My dude turned into David Attenborough. Yeah, dude. Yeah. Know Trip. It was, that's what it was. It is. It is very humbling. No cell signal. So used to sleep at [00:07:00] night. Yeah. When's the last time you took a shit and just silence. Yeah. I don't know. I couldn't tell you. I will pull my pants back up.

Go to go get my phone at home for sure. If I sit down on a toilet, damn. Ain't got my phone, Nope. Hold it in for, squeeze that back in, squeeze that back in to go get my phone. There's times when I actually prepare my dinner and sit down on my chair. Sit the plate on my lap and my food will go cold because I haven't found the right TV show to watch.

Yeah, because you gotta watch the show. I wanna watch a show while I eat. That's just, that's growing up. That's what we did. We talked, I never ate at a dinner table. Yeah, we eat at the TV trays. Yeah. That's what I have. Yeah. Some old people we talked to our wives like. Three times out of the whole trip.

No, that wasn't all the camping trip Bad. Yeah. Little camping trip wasn't too bad. Yeah. You guys did some camping last weekend? Yeah. Did you guys go every year? I had a memory pop up. You guys were out there camping Memorial [00:08:00] weekend. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Andy and Ben, both the campers. I just mooch off their sites with a tent.

Yeah. Did you take the big one? Yeah. No, not the big one. Not the Wal, not the big Lac. A Lac Mack. Yeah. I have another big, like 10. Is it pop up? 10, 10, 12. The Lac Ack. No. Your orange one. It's 10 by 14. Yeah, that's, yeah. It's still big. Yeah. It pops up in a minute. Two minutes. Yeah. It doesn't take damn long.

Couple minutes. Played a bunch of Frisbee golf. Yeah. Can jam. Yeah. Yeah, we can jam at nighttime too with some. Was that the weekend I moved the chickens out? Memorial Day weekend or was that when I did the, my garage stuff? Memorial weekend. I know you did those things, but it was Memorial Day weekend. I feel like just now I'm starting to get into some of the deer stuff, if you will.

Yeah. I didn't Turkey hunt hardly like Minnesota. That was the only Turkey hunt I did. Yeah. I bought a tag and didn't go one day. Didn't go. Rick's label one like always. Yeah, Rick, the podcast was good. I wanted to go. Yeah. I just, it's good. It is what it is. [00:09:00] And then yeah, I was just saying, I was like, I was just about that time.

I need to get some trail cams out. Yeah. And I was thinking too, like I know in years past I've put 'em in areas where I could check 'em before season and maybe have a play on an area and then, occasionally you do an October hunt in an area. That, you got a camera in so you can check it, like on your way to the hunt.

Yeah. Blah, blah, blah. I don't know. If I don't know if I'm gonna do any of that this year. I think the ones I put out, I'm just going to basically plan on them being like yearlong soakers, just to see what's in the area, put 'em in new spots that I really don't necessarily plan on hunting this year.

And just to see maybe I could have a play for the following year, yeah. See, I'm. One, I've got a priority list of a couple areas that I'm like, okay, this is number one, two, and three, just based on some information. And I will check some cameras in September to maybe look at what's going on.

I had, I felt like last year I had some bucks where I thought they died from E HD or left or whatever, [00:10:00] and they were still there. And I feel like I, I scouted this year with early season in mind too, because, Hopefully I get some more evening hunts in October, if you will. Now the kids are a touch older so I definitely plan to utilize, and I will say this I set my cams up now, I put 'em on a really long delay.

I know Dave doesn't like this, but like three, five minutes because I hate those windy day photos and I don't want the batteries to die. Yeah. I need pictures in September, October. When I check 'em I'll adjust 'em to maybe like a minute delay, 32nd delay, whatever. But I definitely will rely on some trail cam data to hone in.

Mostly for the rut, honestly, is what I've always done. Maybe five second. What's your delay? The lowest delay they have. Yeah. Your delay is, do you got a food source that they're eating or are you running most, no, most of my cameras are trail scrapes. So what keeps the deer there for five minutes.

No, it's a five minute delay. Three second or three shot. So it initially takes a picture. Yeah. And then it waits five minutes, right? Yeah. [00:11:00] I thought it was detect and then wait five minutes and then picture. I think that couldn't be more, that couldn't be more done. I, but I, but time out before Dave speaks, I look through a lot of SD cards of windy days and Dave Oh, there runs literally like a third of the trail cam talking.

Yeah, but here's the thing though. You're talking, you want summer picks, you want. Summertime buck picks, right? No. August 28th of September. I really don't care about July 4th picks. Okay. Okay. Late summer. Yeah. Yeah. Nonetheless. What are Bucks doing that time here? They're in bachelor groups.

So you're gonna get a picture of that fucking four corn. Who's the first of the five Who walk out? Yeah. And then you're not gonna get picture of any of the ones in the back. That's terrible decision. I've never had batteries die, I don't think. I've never had batterie. In the winter, because they just don't, like I've had just they've been like, just like randomly stopped.

Yeah. Didn't even have that many pictures, but clearly the cold had an effect. But not, I've, I don't think I've ever had cameras die. I've seen you're going with different batteries this year. Not Amazon batteries. No, not Amazon batteries. So that's not gonna [00:12:00] deter your, I'd be alright.

Strategy do the Kirkland ones do good. Kirkland ones do well, and it's, my big thing is I remember I had a guy message me like, dude you, why do you hate Amazon batteries? I'm like, prep six to eight cameras at one time. You gotta cut a four pack open for They're come in fives like what?

Yeah. Why? The number I'm glad is with me on this. Yeah. Yeah. I got a box down there. Okay. I need eight batteries. Like I cut five and then I have to cut another pack and get three out. Then I have two left, left over. Now I them two. Something else. I got a rib back right here on the table. 48. 48. I just gotta pop the top in.

Endless con consumption and then it holds back. Vacs are to. The bottom goes, the list buds go Amazon over rail. That's why barn batteries are, yeah, exactly. No inside color Bud Light cans, right? Looks like little miniature. Those are tranny batteries. I thought he [00:13:00] upgraded what in the world? No. There are a lot cheaper batteries than Ax on Amazon.

Dylan Mulvaney, I only use Rayback.

Oh yeah. Rick Flair. Rick Flair. I forgot about that. I love that. I hate shit though. Amazon PackMan five, so I went five out. Then I have. Three out of another package, and I'll have two left over that I need to have. You gotta bring a pocket knife out every time you get a package out. Yeah. To the second package.

That only gives you seven. So now you're open like a fourth package to get 16 batteries. Basically now you got me thinking here. Now the wheels are spin. Okay. Why the fuck does everything only take four or eight batteries? Why is it always like an even number? That doesn't even make sense except for headlights.

Randomly they take three. Three. Every headlamp I've ever had. Three. Three. You got that one battery. What the fuck am I doing with this? Aa? The muscle. Do it in trash. Yep. Cause I'm just gonna lose, it's gonna go in my drunk door and be gone for 37 years. You'll put it in your backpack and then two months later you're like, is this old or is this new?

I'm trashing it anyways cause I have no idea. Yeah, no, I'm not gonna trust. I don't trust it. Yeah, don't [00:14:00] trust it. It's pretty new. Happens all time. I just cleaned out my home pack just the other day and all kinds of batteries. I long track. I just went to R ei. I just went to REI to get problems in, I think 90% of their headlamps at R EI are USB charge now.

I think that's Do you like it? I don't like it. It's, I like it, but I don't like it. I wish it, some of them have both options. Yours has acharge. You're a rechargeable ain't I have a lot of headlights. You have a rechargeable that Phoenix one is. No, you have to have the rechargeable battery for it, but it can also take batteries.

Oh, okay. So you can put the rechargeable battery in it. It's the c r one 20 threes or whatever, C one. That's mine. Yeah. I need a, you can put one, you can put a recharge, rechargeable one in it, and then recharge it with usb. But you can also just have a spare CR 1 23 with you in your pack. So that's not, that's, that's not a bad option, but yeah, that's what my headlight takes.

One C R 1 23. That's not a bad idea. The only negative there [00:15:00] is if you're on your way to hunting and you realize it'd been dying. You can't stop at been there at Walmart. You've been there. You killed on a day, you had to go to Walmart and get batteries. Yeah. Does your, does it have an indicator on how much has left?

No. Oh, that's dangerous. Batteries need to have the old, remember the old dura cells that had the little buttons where you would break your thumbnail trying to press it? Anybody would show you a little bit of juice, at least a rough estimate of it. I saw a post the other day about those dura cells that would tell you the charges, said, the kids that today will never know.

It's like the, your thumb not know batteries. And then the nine volt, you had to hold the strip on the two top, top things, and then it would show you how much was in those nine volts. Yeah. Cause a lot of things were nine volt back then too. Yeah. Yeah. Dave, you had a headlamp at one point.

That was a single battery. It took a csaw. No. One AA one double A headlight was, it was a browning. A browning. It was that browning. Not the Princeton. No, it was a browning tank. It was a browning. Yeah. It was really good, but it would die quick, yeah. It had multiple levels of brightness, in like full, he had like B [00:16:00] mode, beam mode, and it probably lasts like 30 minutes in full beam mode.

It just took one battery. Yeah. So it was nice. I remember we were we, all three of us, me, you and Zoe were hunting, which I need to call Zoe and maybe not ears, he's lost. We need to put Ziploc, little small Ziploc in our like little like drug dealer Ziploc in our packs that write in.

Good or bad on it. Yeah. Something just for batteries. Something so we know, because like you said, I probably tossed away brand new batteries this year. Cause I'm like, I have no idea. Yeah. And I wouldn't have my pack and it's just a bunch of batteries. Fuck, how do I know which one's good and which one's not, yeah. All in the trash. Same thing with put a new battery in my range finder. It's supposed to last like a certain amount of clicks. It's probably still good, but I'm gonna put a brand new one there. Oh yeah. You always err on the same yeah, I noticed my old range finder, it was like half and then like next time I checked it, it was all the way actually mine.

You're chargeable. I got the same one you got. It's a piece of shit. It is. I probably need to get a, that's one thing I probably should buy. Matter of fact, I might take on notice of that. Give one ordered. Do you have a decent range? Four? [00:17:00] Yeah. I had the Vortex ranger. He don't like it. Ranger like thousand.

That's what he is. I think it is. So I had the old vortex before they put in red labeling. And Is yours red? No, it's green's. Green's. Better than black. Mine's black. Oh yeah, green. Green black's. Awful. Awful. Yeah. I'll be having like CL trees and look into the sky. So I remember I had a Sims, like a hundred dollar range find.

And it was, it had arc technology in it. Jesus. This was fucking giving her at this. It's a big ass bug, bud. Oh God. What's the problem? So you locked yourself out Mo Man, I don't even know. What was that? That dude, I have no idea. We got Scott five minutes. So I had the sims range finder, a hundred dollar range find had red readout.

It did like angle compensation. Took a nine volt. It's a pretty decent range finder. And then I had that Western trip lined up where I had the outfitter and I bought a better one. I bought this vortex. I even got like a, I found like a 30% code on the interwebs, [00:18:00] bought it, $450 range finder. Got it.

Not impressed. And like I'm generally I have two vortex buying those both very impressed with yeah, I feel like Vortex does a good job. And that was the first year they made a rangefinder and honestly like I would not tell you guys to buy it. Yeah, that Sims for a hundred dollars was even better functioning for my purposes.

Now I had a max of two 50, but I think Sig makes somes some pretty nice ones. I was going get Sig last year and didn't end up getting what you got, but yeah, occasionally you find them on Cammo fire Sig. Yeah, I know. I tried to get that muddy. I tried to order this muddy range finder. It was a whole fucking fiasco.

Fuck, muddy. I want, other than their sticks, which are the best false, other than that company's. It pisses me off. Drives just customer service on shit like that. It's what'd you do? You bought it brand new and it didn't bought it brand new dude. It was raining, shit, 300 yards. I was just from here to the wall.

[00:19:00] Yeah. It was just messed up, I'll say that's the, and trying to just return it like, Hey, I got a bad one. It was, I played to hell with it for fucking weeks. Yeah, dude. And it back, and I'm, how much time I'm spending calling, trying to get through the customer service, stuff like that.

I was like, fuck this. I ain't buying shit from y'all again. Yeah, this is ridiculous. That's the same thing with me. Last year I bought the tide. Weed would range a tree. At 15, it would say like 30. I realized it was actually aiming to the right. Called Tide weed. No problem. They sent me a brand new one.

Yeah, exactly. Issues. That's cool. I liked it. I was like, oh, nice. Yeah. Easy range finder. A hundred dollars. Yes. A hundred dollars. And it works. No problem. It ain't great. But it works. I still, I mean I've used it for two years I think now. They was like, oh, we'll send you a brand new one.

Free, free of charge, free. I'll probably forget to ever get a new one. I'll probably use it again this year. Very good sense. Same. There's a lot of things like, oh oh yeah, I'm gonna get a new site or stabilizer. Don't ever do it. Same one. Same old stuff. I couldn't even tell you what stabilizer I got.

It's that old school one. What was it? You got it dipped. That stok ized. That's a good one. [00:20:00] It was a stok ized. No. It's a binger. Wasn't a stok. I want It's a B Stinger, eight inch. B stinger. You got it Dipped. Full carbon. I dunno. Seven years ago. It was like three, five. Three five. Three years ago it was still Covid COVID.

Yeah, it was way before that. Three years ago was Covid. You lived on Ogden Did, yeah. Was seven. That was. Dude, you're, I had it when I had, it might have been 10 years ago. You prove my point more. I had the full throttle. It was probably 2013. Oh, that's 10 years. No, that was like first year of whitetail experience.

We're talking the full throttle, the white full throttle. That's about 2013. Both looked good, but you, I remember being at the range and you're like, dude, if you creep, it wants to go. Oh, if you barely, if you think it about moving, it's moving. It was bad. Was the beast though? I had that bowtech invasion?

No, the older, the first one I had invasion. Yeah. I didn't have 80 pound. So you maxed a bolthead? It was like 74. Yeah. If you gave it to me, I couldn't pull it back. Yeah. Wow. It was 70 pound invasion that, that it would maxed out like 74. Yeah. That dude, that, that boat shot. Good. It was [00:21:00] dude dead in ham.

Most deaden ham bow I've ever had. How the 82nd Airborne for a handful of years. That bow tech, 82nd Airborne. Oh yeah. Yep. The Chrome one. Yeah, it was Chrome initially it was bluest Chrome, dude. It was Chrome. Chrome flames. It blew flame or something is what it's called. And and yeah, I immediately painted it and you spray painted it.

Spray painted it. We spray painted my Ross and then we was like, Hey, that's your favorite bow of all time though, is the 82nd. It was, cause it was my first good compound. It was three 50 I b o bo in 2008. Yeah. It was, but it was, it would jump on you like a motherfucker too. But that taught me how to keep back tension and stuff.

And I shot that bow the best, probably better than I've ever shot a bow. But we used to shoot a lot more back then. You're talking. 10 years ago, me and Andy were dialed in on the archery stuff. We did all the we would just fucking sit there and tune our bows for hours. Daily. So when I first started running around with you guys, it's like March and you're like, you guys want, you wanna shoot Bos tonight?

And I'm like, dude, it's March. Like I don't touch my boats until fucking in June. [00:22:00] Yeah. We used to be ready by like February, March and shoot all summer. Yeah. Dave and Andy both like canonball me into scouting, to being tuned with the bow early, like just the year round approach. Because I, yeah I was oh yeah, like June, I started shooting.

Like I, I may scout a little bit, but I didn't, yeah, when you very first started hunting, you were like, you gotta lemme know. Teach me how to do this public land thing. Yeah, exactly. That's why we started hanging out a lot more. I was like, dude, like I lost all my private did you see? And we start scouting and Byron's yes, Eric, it looks pretty good here.

And I was just like, yeah but it's flat. People can come right in front of the parking lot. And he didn't even realize you were, you knew, but you were like, That. That wasn't something you were looking at? No. You were just like, oh, it looks good. It's yeah, but it looks good to everybody because it's not that far of a walk.

Yeah. And it's easy. Yeah. Did you kill a deer with the invasion you bought off him? No, I sold it before even season started. I think I bought a Matthew Z's. That's right. Or by the bear encounter [00:23:00] you bought the Z two. No, the Z two for sure. Yeah. You bought the Z two. The Bear Counter rules what you have first.

You, you porcupine that buck with the baren counter. No. I never hunted with the Baren counter. You porcupine with the Z two. Z two. You bought that out like a Bucker outdoors. Yeah, it was great. Buck. Yeah. No, it was before. It was before Yto experience when you porcupine that buck. Yeah, I had the Z two though.

I know I porcupine that deer with the Z two because that was a solo cam. It was like a remake of the Matthew Z seven, which is like the Z seven has probably killed more deer than any other like compound. The Z seven had a whole series, but if you're talking about design has probably killed more deer than, yeah.

Z seven Extreme specifically, that's the short one. That was like their main, that was like the most popular and rewind back in the day. Matthews was well above the competition. Yeah. Who was like, I feel like nowadays everything is pretty even keeled, but like back then when the Matthew. What we talking about?

You're blogging. You forgot what you [00:24:00] in the conversation, but you know what I'm saying. Like back then Matthews was like, they said, catch us if you can. They don't have that tagline anymore cuz everybody makes a really good butt because they haven't really, Matthews hadn't changed. Yeah. Z seven Extreme Z two, the Helium and then they went to the Chillar was the dope by the Chillar, the Helon series.

They had the Z seven series. They had the Monster series. The Monster, yeah. That Lon, they messed up. Then they got the Lon series. I think all their nobos are still damn near so much to the lon. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty much. I remember they came out with a Halan and the guy at Vance's Ken.

Ken. Ken, yeah. Yeah. He was like, dude, like this is a good battle. They had the five, six, and seven. Yeah, that was sweet. That's the helon. You still gotta, that's the one Helon six. The six, yeah the right, in the tween there. You said it shoots quiet. I guess It does. It does. Air. Matthew's smell my quiet, but Matthews are always quiet.

I think that's one of their main sticks, matthews Elite, [00:25:00] those are probably the two that are known to be quiet. My, my new prime's pretty quiet. I'm, I now, I got a 60 pounder this year. Now what is it? A prime? What? That's the revX. So is got like different cams on it? It does, yeah.

It's different cams and I feel it draws easier and it holds better, which I can't speak to the accuracy. Last year I felt like the the inline, like I shot very accurately. Like I had good 30, 40 yard groups. Okay, this is a little better, but no rest is on it. Can't tell you. It hasn't come out yet.

Alright. Cool. Oh I see it up. I'll tell you now. It looks like good bow. Is that the Morl? Yeah. Yeah. Color. So yeah. Tan bow. A b st. Stand? No. Red line. It's Red line. It is striped out in Red Line. I'm going, I am going back to a three pin slider. Probably not gonna use any of the slider. What'd you shoot last year?

I went to the torch mid season. And Rick you're shooting the torch? Yes. And vertical pins two stacked. Yep. I felt like it was really good for [00:26:00] 20, but I felt like my 30 yard group started opening up a bit. Yeah. And maybe it's the fact that I've shot a traditional, come in from the right pin system for Yeah.

15, 20 years. Yeah. I I'm really I've shot those, horizontal pins for a long time, but these vertical pins are just, For some reason my eyes were seeing 'em really good. You shoot a rifle with a vertical pin. Yeah. Yeah. You should have handgun with a vertical. Yeah, it's very natural. I felt like my left to right at 25 and in was phenomenal going to a vertical pin.

Yeah. I went to a single pin last year. Okay. Just because I just I was having a little bit of target panic, fuck around issues and stuff and I was just like, look, I. I, I got one fucking dot. Like years ago you shot the best with the single pin. It was a fucking vital x star tracks.

Yep. That was a one pin came in diagonal. It was a single pin, but it came in diagonal. Yeah. It wasn't horizontal over vertical. It came in diagonal. So you could because So when pins come in diagonal, say there's deer standing there [00:27:00] you lose a little bit of your left to right.

Vision on the animal, right? And if you got your pens coming in vertical, you lose a little bit of your. You're up and down on the animal. Yeah. And it comes diagonal and it's so you can see, you can see the entire animal very well with that pin coming in at that diagonal angle.

You ever think about shooting the, what is it? The Easy V site system? I did see that. I heard it's like an open crotch. I haven't even. Looked into it at all. So I don't even know how it works, but yeah, maybe. Yeah. You have, you looked into it, you measure like the animal's back and then you, there's a line where you measure his belly.

Yeah. And that tells you where you need to hold and the, that tells you difference now tells you the range of the, your tar range of your target. Yeah. And then there's no pen. So you basically put that left arm, you know you're shooting right in the middle of the left. So is it different vs. For different one size animal?

It's one v. You, and then, if they're closer, obviously the v's gonna be higher, and then the further out they go, the animal's back and stomach's gonna [00:28:00] shrink in the, for the distance and then you're gonna shoot lower. And so you're ranging and Yeah, you're a little bit, it's my only negative to this is if a sniper scope still has a cross hair, like I feel like that's the system to go towards.

If the military who's killing people Still uses a cross hair. Yeah. I want something that resembles a cross hair. It would probably stop you from it would probably stop some of the target bank though. Cause you don't have that. Don't, you don't have that one pin. It's like pin on target.

Wha you just think. I don't think with that easy V I don't think you can name small, Ms. Small. I think it's you just aim for an area. Yeah. Would be more what I would think. Which and we've been shooting tra boats tonight. Yes. Yeah. I mean it's basically what you're doing. It might bring back some of that like spot distinctive shooting with that easy V.

Yeah. Ah cause I don't get Target fan at all shooting my tra bow because I'm just you looking where I wanna shoot. Yeah. I'm not, I don't have that thing on the target, sometimes shoot my compound, man. Sometimes I'll like, feel the target, like I feel it [00:29:00] and I'm just like, I'm like fucking simmer down.

But, and then I u Fs pull in there and then I pull through it. Watch. But I'll feel like soon as that, sometimes that pin will be hitting that target. I'll feel myself literally wanting to be like, whew. Don't punch it. Don't punch it. My biggest problem is locking low. That's the worst for me.

My bone is your arm will not go up. Yeah, it will not, it weighs a thousand pounds, bud. So that's what I mean I know some of the target tank drills, I'm not a archery person, but Sounds like to fix stocking. Locking low would be, Pull up, aim, and don't shoot. Yeah. Aim and then let down and then aim and let down.

Cuz I say, you what? I swear to God, if you say, I'm just gonna aim at that target, but I'm not gonna shoot my era. I'm just gonna aim at it. You're pin blow that it'll sit right fucking center. Yeah. It'll sit there. Yeah. But if you know you're not gonna shoot, but now if you, if I pull it up and knowing I'm gonna shoot the arrow, it's all over the place when or you lock low.

When I went on my first Western hunt, I couldn't shoot. I lived in a [00:30:00] condo. Yeah, couldn't shoot, but I could do 10 to 12 yard, like holding drills where I would draw my bow from behind my couch and I would aim at the target that was down by the garage door. Blind bail. And all I would do was hold it. Not blind bail.

Hold it. Yeah. Not bond, barrel. Hold it for 10, 15 seconds and let down, but wave, hold, aim, hold, aim, hold, aim. All I said was keep that, keep it there. Keep it there. And, Dude, I'd shoot. I shot lights out back in the day. But you could touch your bow every day cuz you didn't have kids. Yeah. Sometimes if I shoot like a lot of, a lot with my trap bow, I'll start to think about too much too.

And I just need to like tell myself like I. Dude, just fucking look at the spot. Just aim and just let it, let the string go. It's just literally that simple. But you'll start shooting, you'll start fucking doing different shit. You'll start fucking with your fingers. You'll start fucking with your release.

You'll start trying to follow through. You'll try, you'll just keep thinking all this bullshit. It's look, dude ain't at the spot. And just fucking just let it go. Cuz they say [00:31:00] I don't know. I'm not a, I'm not an expert. I tried or regular archery. But I know they say you want your release to feel like, say you were holding a bucket and just drop it.

That's what you want your tra release to feel like. So you don't like, you see how, I see how people like force that follow through sometimes. It's and they're like any like fake follow through back to their shoulder. Like just, it should naturally just fall that way.

If you just let your, let just let it go. Yeah. Some of the best trapped people in the world though fucking. Snap shoot like crazy. So it's there's no, that's the cool thing about traditional archery. It's just do you man? Yeah. Just, and there's really no judgment involved. We shoot tonight and I'm a very much hold.

The bow I hold for longer than both of you. Yeah. You're vertical Hold vertical. Yeah, vertical. Hold the boat. A full release. I'm like, shit. How'd you feel under pressure? I changed it every time. It is probably your first time with a group of guys watching you shoot, isn't it? Yeah. And with the tread.

Yeah. No problem. [00:32:00] Yeah. It's instinctive shooting. You don't really have a lot of time to think you do. I over, I overthought the 20, the first 20 yarder. Yeah, probably. Yeah. Because Andy was like, I sailed it and I was like, yeah. I was like, I remember getting it back and being like, oh it's a little farther, raise up.

And then I shot the previous the next three arrows. And solid group for me at 20 yards with a stick. Don't even think about it being further. Yeah. Don't even think about it at all. Yeah. I've got a lot of like eliminate yardages. Don't even think about yardages. I've got a lot ofs. The guys are like, dude, it doesn't matter if it's four yards or 60.

It's the same process. Yeah you will naturally, your body will naturally raise and lower. You'll naturally raise and lower if you like, don't hit anchor. If you short draw it, you'll naturally compensate up a smidge on the shot. It's just like anything.

It's just like you said, like in sports, shooting a basketball, throwing a baseball. Throwing the fucking beer pong shot. Yeah. [00:33:00] Football. You compensated Sids. If you're shooting basketball and you can't, say you can't get your legs underneath, let's say you get fouled halfway up the shot.

Yeah. You can't, you overcompensate, you can't get your legs under easier. Yeah. You're overcompensating with your arch. You're pushing that ball a lot more than you would normally if you got your legs underneath it, it's the same shit. And it just happens. You don't even think about it.

You're just like, I just need to get the damn ball in the hoop. Same thing with the drag bow. Now, There's a lot of people who are really good trash shooters who would probably tell me I'm talking nonsense. Which that's fine. It is what it is. I think. I think right now, three weeks in, I can kill a deer.

10 yards, 13 yards, 75%, 15 yards. No. Like I can't, but you're straight. Stand hold. Vertical bow. Yeah. Shooting. So you're going strictly tree stand hunt. Yeah. I think in October, which is when I planned the stick bow minus any of my presets on my small farm, I'm probably going to purposely hunt a little lower [00:34:00] and I'm literally going comanche mode, super light in the woods.

Small tree stand, two sticks. Scouting more than hunting. If I don't get in a tree, I don't get in a tree, but just Comanche mode, like I'm gonna have fun. Do you need to learn how to shoot? Crouching on a knee, sitting on your butt. I'll, I know myself, I'll be in a stand, like I like to ambush from slightly elevated, even if it's three feet off the ground.

But if you're scouting, if you're scouting your way like into an area, you're gonna be moving slow. You're gonna be stopping, you're gonna be looking around. You might see some movement, and you might have a dough coming in at 60 and she's coming towards you. You's just gonna fucking stand there and just post it up.

Scarecrow, vertical bow, hold back, draw 15 yards. No, no chance, no. You're gonna be ducking down behind that tree and then be sliver back into that honeysuckle brush and you literal come through and you're gonna have to shoot that fucking bow sideways. Fucking cantered. Yeah and I will probably start shooting a little more I don't know, you know that style come.

Come August, you're shooting instinctive. [00:35:00] So I don't think it'll be much I don't think it'll be much of a transition. Yeah. Now the competition guys who, they're that's a whole nother week of shooting. Shooting. Yeah. I got I told Logan I'm gonna get another lesson after July 4th, and then I'm gonna get another lesson in August.

And he said that pretty good plan. He quoted me. I'm actually, I got a YouTube video cut. It'll go out. I don't know. Sunday night they're paying for lessons. Fuck yeah. Dude, Dave. Dave shot on the ground for months. First Tree stand hunt. Smoked a dough. Dude. 20 yard away. Yeah. Low key. No, that dude was 22 yards away.

First deer of the Whitefield experience. Never shot a tra bow out of a stand and smoke that bitch. 20 yard. Dude. He was half crouched, like knees in his chest, like leaning behind it. Because I had to reach her around that limb. Look, go back. I whistled her too. Like she didn't stop. I just whistled for no reason walking and I was that's a really good t tra bog hill.

That was good. [00:36:00] Fuck. Smoked her. She ran 13 yards and then started hopping and died 25 yards from, we were like, I know where I hit her hitting was like, I don't know either. But she died right there. Then she jump in like a thorn boat. Yeah. She, dude, like she, she runs over right to like the edge, just thickett, like wall, like clear cut type thickett, wall thorn's all on the edges, and she starts stumbling. She's standing on the edge and she's about to go down. Then she's it just dives right into the brush. We're like, damn. You could have just stayed there and fell down. Nah, I'm Go down into the brush.

Yeah. First Deer, the Y fairs. First deer we ever killed. Yeah. I think it had some like super corny music too. Oh, the whole first season. Oh, green music. That was on was that the St. Joe River bud? No, it was with, it was, no, it was with the Hoit. No, I don't know about that. It was with the Hoit.

Yeah. For a long time ago. What did I miss The big Buck with? The river boat? [00:37:00] No, it was with the hoy. Maybe it was No, what they buck. Oh, that was when you guys was in together. It was the site boat. We didn't kill it that year. No you guys riding a buck in that night maybe. We had two deer come in that night.

The second one he almost shot. It never came up the hill. The one came in and made a scrape and stuff. I never prayed so hard in my life. I was like, please come up the hill. The one that came in and made that scrape, you had the last there. They were snor wheezing to shot at each other. It was cool. I remember that.

That's some of the wildest footage we've ever collected was even that. Maybe the day before that. Remember, we hunted. Where I shot my buck at that year or maybe the year after, but it was pouring raining and we had like silver rain suits on. We seen a big seven come down the hill and they were fighting.

Yeah. The bully eight. Yeah. Yeah. They were going crazy. We, it literally had silver ponchos. Dude, if it rained I take a poncho. We had a bright yellow. Dry bag Over the camera. Yeah, over the Asac camera. It was like November. It was pouring rain. Nothing worse than going bright silver pot. Going for a [00:38:00] mobile hunt in the rain.

You're, I gotta bear hug this tree. Gotta definitely wet, walk through wet leaves and like debris. And then I gotta hug a wet trunk all day. Have time. Trees worse too. Cause it'll be like, if it's like slightly leaning towards you a little bit. You'll had that fucking like drip. Just Yeah, drip. It's like a got that tortured board just bloop.

You're like, fuck this tree, I'm done with this shit. But you know that everybody knows if you have a hard rain and the rain stops, oh my couldn't be better. Just sprint woods. But you gotta be, you just gotta stick out the rain, because it's right when the rain stops, they get up, that's when the couple years ago when you shot your bucket, that one place, yes. You was in the, you was. Set up in the rain. In the rain and then you quit. And that's when it came out. Yeah. Do you have to go get set up and that's the shitty part about it, is you gotta go get wet and then sit there and freeze.

They're gonna get up right after that rain. Right after the rain. He was hitting that scrape. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And they go to scrapes right after the rains too. Yeah that's, that's a kind of a double whamy, but I think they're just active after rain [00:39:00] anyways, oh yeah.

They don't mean to exist. They've been hunkered down. I washed my chickens. Yeah, I'll never Turkey on a day in my life when it's raining days, they run to the corner and settle up. Huh? Like they, they've been in my garage, in that pen. I come out here on a rainy day, they're all huddled, sitting down, not pecking around doing their thing.

I'm like, I'm never Turkey hunting in any sort of shitty ish weather. Yeah, like not that a chicken is a Turkey. What was the weather? You there? There're enough of a, what's that close cousin you killed this year? Was it right after rain or in the rain? I thought it was rain. It was hot. It was a hot day.

Hot day. It was super hot. Good day. So it was like that first real 80 degree day we had. Yeah. Yep. You killed later in the day too. It wasn't like first thing in the morning, it was 11. Yeah. Pretty fucking late. Pretty late. I've been home by now. I was playing on hunting all day. Was the first day for all day on that Friday.

It was a sunny sunshine day. You killed Greg Tubbs killed, yep. William from Fleet killed and one of the guys in Minnesota killed. We're talking four different states. [00:40:00] Yeah. And I do believe, I think who else killed that day? But a couple other people killed, but it was all hot. Dude, that day was hot.

Yeah. I called William from Fleet on my drive to Minnesota and he's oh, I killed a bird this morning. I'm like, dude, you went about everybody else in America. Like it was, dude, that's something to do. There's something to do with animals that we just don't know. Same way with deer. Yeah. Just like you can look at all the hundred different, measures that you can measure.

The what's the, what the Drew's got going. They got the whole thing dad? They calibrated all the different, yeah, they got the very pressure. You got the first, you got the wind change. You got the first north wind after a bunch of south winds. You got all these different variables.

And they've kinda tried to collaborate 'em into a thing, but it is still not like a hundred percent accurate for some reason. There's some days, you got the moon involved too. You could look at fucking moon shit. For some reason though, some days fucking animals move a shit ton more than other days.

And it's not just like in an [00:41:00] area, it's like everywhere. Yeah. And it's it, that's the golden ticket there. That's what everybody tries to find. And some people think they figure it out and then they sell a bunch of shitty stuff saying that they figured it out and then they do bamboozle.

A bunch of people buy it bamboozle. That's what its, yep. And the jurys do run like 400 truck cameras, so you know their shit might be like, Somewhat accurate. I don't know. We'll just go ahead and say they don't run trail cameras. They run cell cameras. Yeah, exactly. They pay 10 grand a year in lithium batteries probably.

And they don't go with vacs either?

No Vacs? No. Amazon dealer did the Bo Mars. No, Dave, we're getting bitched up. All right. I think we're gonna wrap this thing up. It's It's been a good Saturday session here. We shot Bose for a bit. My mind is not on deer hunting right now, man. Just, you got the Western prep. Prepare. Just pulled for the West Elk, elk trip.

[00:42:00] Yeah. I'm not good at multitasking. Like my by, I have to like 100% by all this gear because I'm, this is my first year, I'm starting from scratch and it's like I have a list and I'm, every weekend I'm buying a little bit extra with the lawnmower money, and do you know how to do hunt? Yeah, I mean I do, I know.

How do, I'm the same way. I know where I'm gonna hunt. It's, they're not going nowhere. I'm gonna get my cams out. Dave's got two years experience. You got a half of the guide over there. Yeah, he's. I'm one for three on those. He's got it. He's got it. I flunked three arrows that elk. So yeah. So really you had DIY odds I'd take Dave.

Oh, for sure. For sure. They say they say elk are what is it is 10, 10% chance. Yeah. To kill. And, being outer stater, that, that's even with residence. Yeah. And that's even with guns. So being an outer staters, we've defeated the odds greatly. Just between the three of us, me, Byron, and Andy, we've went two years in a row.

Now, me and Byron we fucking almost got a crack at a [00:43:00] giant. If we would've been better elk hunters, we would've killed a giant 100%. We beat him. Maybe a couple John or one? No. One, one that was embedded. The one we saw a lot of. Yeah, you seen big Elk. But the one that we that we jumped at 60 yards.

Yeah, we thought so. We thought he slipped us. Dude, this is magazine where the Elk. Yeah, a hundred percent. We'd be we would've been famous. I swear to God, people have been calling me to have me on their podcast if I shot it. Yeah, a hundred percent. It was that big. And. If he'd have stood there for another second.

You're talking two errors at 60 yards from both David. Yeah. Fuck. I'm in. I'm going for next. For sure. We got, yeah. And it was funny. Yeah. If we'd have been better elk hunter, we'd have killed that elk. Yeah. But yeah, you've got arrows off at elk, both your trips. DIY three, three arrows. Yeah. You missed, yeah.

Missed two spikes. Missed two spikes, but I shot a five before [00:44:00] smoked him. Yeah. Yeah. And then Andy missed him. Andy, you missed the spike. That Oh,

error. A 10 chance 10% is what they say. We went two times from driving in arag or, yeah. Driving, across the goddamn country. Yeah. And we're, we've left five areas fly. Yeah. Yeah. We're gonna have a good time. Hundred. We're gonna find some help. Oh, we're gonna get on it. Dude, that it, its, it's, and you're a Turkey hunter.

Like a good Turkey. I got we, we'll get the call. We'll be calling our Andy. My yeah. Even gotta talk about that. I have a lot more drive off the window. Yeah. I'm I'm ready. I'm training. It didn't even matter if it was, like, if it was, it didn't even matter if it was like my day to shoot or Annie's day to shoot, if we got an area where like we thought it was good good looking elk bedden area, maybe like a good little beding flat potentially. I was calling Yeah, because Andy was throwing out fucking trumpet. [00:45:00] He was clearing on me over there. Yeah. He was dirt raiding me and on me and I was like, dude, that shit outta here.

Can you, do you die from Turkey gun? I'm, I do. Yeah. Yeah. So you're already better than me and Andy when we went in here. Yeah. It was over, right? With the calling it. Yeah. We're going cutting that out. God. Damnit. We're going to Hawaii. In Hawaii. This so yeah, we're going to Alcon then Hawaii this year.

So there's other concerns that we have to be worried about this year. But, okay, so cut that out. Cut it out. But we will be but yeah we're going to different area this year, so me and Rick are gonna have to figure out, this new area and we're going to, I don't think we'll have a problem.

It's, I don't know. It's, you never know. You gotta be able to read sign. It's like we, we do, we hunt publicly land and we hunt hills. We know how to play thermals. We know how to do this type of shit. It's it's not, I don't know, like it is crazy to me that the 10% [00:46:00] thing, I don't believe it.

It's true though. I believe it's, that's what they put it at, but I don't think, I don't think it's 10% for us. The one person we talked to killed, we've ran into, we've all ran into to hunt. We've ran into hunters out there. And we ran to some people who were like, yep, I believe that 10% because because of these guys.

We've also ran to some people who like seem like Stone cold Steelers or Stone cold. You remember the guy with, you remember the guy with thrillers? Did the dude with the CU you hat with the horses. Oh, that motherfucker kills an elk every year. Exactly. So you run into some of these guys and you're like, yeah, these guys know what they're doing.

Yeah. But you also run bugle boys. Not so much. Yeah, you also arrest some people. You're like, yeah, they probably aren't killing that man. Yeah. Yeah. So you can see like the range of hunters, but I don't think it's I think that 10% thing, clear so far either. Either we've our exceeding expectations or we've just pressed our luck for the rest of our lives.

We've let five arrows go. Yeah. If this 10% thing, then maybe, we [00:47:00] won't see an elk for another 15 years. I saw more elk on our DIY trip than I did on a paid out outfitter trip. No, that was a little bit vegetation based. Yeah. A little bit foliage based. Yeah. But even but even like sign and like smelling them and stuff.

I don't know how much you saw on that outfitter trip, but. We were chasing elk almost. We goddamn moose at 13 yards. Dude, that was fucking crazy. Now like Hoke, we were close to death there. I did not even remotely reach for my gun. If that was a bear.

Were dead. Yeah. A hundred percent dead and it was black. Yeah. Big black thing jumps up 10 yards away. I'm just, Dave and I were talking. Gonna say anything. I just went, I think I yelled Bear. I think I go bear. No, it's a moose, but I'm like, I yelling bear, I'm yelling bear to bear.

Hey, it's bear. Fucking shoot it, dude. What you doing? No I went by the tree. Actually, I'm just standing there for dead. I'm just yelling there. You [00:48:00] look back. Barns bear, bear beer. Yep. Okay, now I'm dead. But you think about that, you and I were talking in normal tone. We're like, we're gonna go off top here.

Cause we already came down yeah, we came down that hill maybe 50 yards to our left. Yeah. And then we're, we like, maybe an hour later we're going back up pretty much our same trail. It wa it was a fucking hellacious, thicket of downfall. And it was a bad decision on our end to go that way.

And they were like, fuck this. Instead of going back up and we're just bush whacking, blasting, like we were not quiet. Like not at that point. We just came down to hill. We knew there was, we didn't think there was an animal in, in, in a square half mile of us. Like we were blaster shit. And then just boom, something jumps up 10 yards away.

It's black. I'm like, bear bear. I didn't do shit. I just said, bear, and I'm like, oh, it's a fucking moose. Then he got up because he got up it Slow motion. Slow. He was like yawning. He was like, just got up. [00:49:00] Whatever moose noises make, he was yawning. He was stretching his arms. He did the Y M C A real quick and then he just did trot it off like you guys caught that boy in a nap.

It heavy sleep, so we didn't heavy sleep. We go on and hunt and then we tell this story to the gas station clerk where we got pizza. Yeah. And he goes, guys, I'm not gonna lie to you. But if that was a female with a calf, she'd have tried to run you over. Yeah. He said you're lucky. It was a bull. Yeah, we're lucky.

He had huge paddles. It was not like a small movie, low key. We thought about posting on some forms for that state. I. And like auctioning off some information. Yeah. Yeah, I was like, there's not a ton of news tags that get sold in a lot of these stations, yeah. We're like, Hey, we know something.

We know where it is. Like a big one at Listen I, and we walked up within 10 yards of it. Yeah. Pretty much nonchalant. Yeah. It's a dumb one. You can probably get him, we can put you on the map. You can probably get this guy. Yeah. All right folks. Team hurting bucks, right?[00:50:00]