Around The State Updates and Janis Throwback

Show Notes

The guys are back this week with a quick intro to discuss some hot topics around Ohio, as well as recapping the past week.  Christmas discussion, upcoming events, deep thought and more!  Paul now has a watch to tell time while watching the Matrix, and Andrew is a little lighter in the stomach.  Around the state big news on a big deer, new years resolutions, and more.

Going back to the O2 vault for the meat and potatoes, but if you’ve never listened to the episode with Janis Petelis from MeatEater we are bringing it back!  This was one of the most fun episodes the guys did a long the way, and a nice way to enjoy your mid holiday break!

Back next week to kick off the New Year!  Good luck if you’re out in the woods, and Happy New Year!!!

Show Transcript