Attacking Client Properties for Better Deer Habitat

Show Notes

In this podcast Todd Shippee (Empire Land Management) and Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) dive into mentors, industry consultants, herbicides and waterholes. Todd explains the importance of dilution rates and how appropriate methods of chemical and water usage will benefit applications afield. Todd provides specific herbicides for a problem that Jon has on his property and how he attacks grass competition.

Todd discusses the individuals he values in the industry and how he explored mentorship. Jon explains the value and perspective in providing consulting information and what he tries to take from the information that’s available publicly. Todd and Jon both discuss YouTube misinformation and those that publish material on YouTube, as well as its usefulness to land managers.

Jon discusses being a better land manager and how he approaches his clients nowadays to ensure they get the most out of a consulting visit. Todd discusses the challenges he has endured as a consultant and his business strategy and model as it relates to Empire Land Management. Jon explains the paradigm shift he is trying to promote with clients and how he views success. Both contributors discuss their process to success and what to do to shift your property to being more productive.

Todd and Jon discuss waterhole strategies. Todd explains where to emplace waterholes and the benefits to the deer. Todd details how he is using waterholes to funnel animals and get easier shots on deer. Todd identifies the number one reason why to have waterholes and if more waterholes are better.

Show Transcript