The Science and Strategy of Chestnut Trees for Deer

Show Notes

In this podcast Tim Russell (Green Fire Forestry & Wildlife Services) and Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) discuss the significance of chestnut trees and their benefit to wildlife. Tim details the history and science of chestnuts and how the landscape has changed as a result of the blight.  Previously, chestnuts provided an economic and wildlife benefit that is important to our country and is now missed with the current whitetail deer herd. The value of the chestnut tree is something we have sometimes forgotten and can be a game changer on the landscape. Listen to the podcast to further understand the benefits and how this tree can benefit your deer herd. 

Jon discusses his secrets to designing a property with chestnut trees in mind. Tim discusses the benefits of chestnuts versus acorns; the answer may surprise you!  Jon asks Tim about planting non-native chestnuts and the impact on the landscape. Both contributors discuss the type of chestnuts (native, non-native, hybrid and transgenic) and the benefits of each and how certain organizations are working toward supporting a transgenic tree on the landscape.  Jon discusses simple options to planting and how he approaches chestnuts and deer.

Tim discusses the best options going forward for those wanting to plant chestnut trees on their property, specifically the American chestnut. Tim and Jon break down the key factors for choosing chestnuts, and how to manage them on the landscape. Other important information and specifics as it relates to preferred soil type, environments and what not to do with chestnuts is explained in the podcast.

Show Transcript