Be Passionate with Rob Chippone

Show Notes

On this Episode of Huntavore, be ready to get hyped by one very passionate and energetic chef. Rob is a private chef, who also loves to hunt and fish, preparing and sharing the wild harvest. The guys get deep on some topics; why taking kids hunting is important, but teaching and training them along the way is vital. Being a blessing with wildgame, finding balance in life, and of course some kitchen talk involving venison. Get ready to be pumped up for this episode of Huntavore.

Rob Chippone is a private chef from New York. His thick New Yorker accent and energy makes him an absolute blast to talk with. His fever for life to the fullest, and sharing the harvest is encouraging, inspiring, and a ready made pep talk for anyone. Nick connected with Rob over discussions of bringing hunting full circle. “Hunting all the way to the plate”. Also teaching and training our kids about our lifestyle, not just sitting in the stand, but butchering, bagging, and cooking our wild game as well. All this knowledge is great, but if we don’t share it, it’s going to die along with us. How is Nick and Rob including their kiddos? Rob's boy gets excited about bringing the meal to the table, and explaining the dish. Dad is training him for good service. Nick’s tribe of 3 are eager to help at the cutting table. Lots of proper knife skills being learned, and practiced.

Show Transcript