Becoming a Whitetail Deer Hunter: Greg Rosa's Story

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This week on the How to Hunt Deer Podcast, Josh talks with Greg Rosa about his journey from growing up in Brazil to bowhunting whitetails in Tennessee.

Greg grew up in Brazil where hunting isn't allowed. After moving to the US with his wife, Greg met some guys who took them under their wing and introduced him to deer hunting. Since then, his passion for hunting has grown all the more, and Greg now has a few successful seasons under his belt. In this episode, Greg shares about his early days hunting, how he's grown along the way, and how important hunting mentors have been for his development.

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Welcome to the How to Hunt Near podcast, which is brought to you by Attack to Camp. This podcast aim to educate those who are interested in becoming deer hunters, brushing up on essential skills, or maybe just adding a few new tactics to the toolkit. Here we cover a variety of topics that will help you be more confident and successful in the field while you're hunting deer.

Thank you so much for tuning in this week. We have got a. Really [00:01:00] unique episode actually, I every week I start this by saying, Hey, we've got a great episode in store for you, and it's true today. But I want you to know this episode is unlike anything that we have ever done before on this show. I had a chance to talk with a guy named Greg Rosa.

Now, Greg has been hunting for, I think four years or something like that, three or four years. So he is not been deer hunting for a very long time, and he's not from the US So Greg is from Brazil where hunting is illegal. And so for him, the transition of, moving from Brazil to the US when he spoke, no English, jumping into the hunting and outdoor lifestyle, to having success and where he is today, just an absolutely amazing story.

So in this episode, he shares a bit about his story, about his progression, about how all of that happened. But I think, man, one of the things I want you to take away from this, Is the appreciation that Greg has for [00:02:00] being able to do what we do to just step out your back door and onto some public land, take a deer and have food for your family.

What a huge privilege that is. And that really hit me in the face as I was talking with Greg, where, in Brazil there are people starving and that's not an option for them. At least not legally, right? Like they can do it illegally, but it's not a legal option for them. And so man, Greg's perspective is fantastic.

I honestly, I'm already looking forward to having him on the show again because he was just, he was a great guest. His passion for deer hunting is contagious. He's a good deer hunter. The dude is picking up on a lot. He is a sponge. And yeah, I think he has a very bright future chasing whitetails.

I actually got connected with Greg a few months ago. He reached out to the Sportsman's Empire Podcast Network and just said, Hey, I appreciate all you guys' content. It's helped me out a lot. Like I've learned a lot from it. And so immediately I reached out to him and I was like, look, I've gotta have you on the show because the How to Hunt Dear [00:03:00] Podcast is all about helping us become better hunters.

Whether you're a newbie or whether you are a seasoned vet, I want everyone to be able to grow and learn from what we have right here on this show. And so Greg is a huge testament to that, and yeah, looking forward to seeing what comes from him. A couple of things before we jump into today's episode.

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It's the best way to let me know about topics that you want me to cover, or guests that you want me to have on, or questions that you want answered through this show. I'd love to be able to have some listeners success stories here over the next couple of weeks as we're in this no man's land when it comes to deer hunting.

Deer hunting is literally for many of us as far away in the year as it can possibly be. So I'd love to hear some good old fashioned hunting stories. If you got a good story, reach out to me. Let me know. I'll have you on the show and we'll see maybe what we can all learn from your hunting experiences.

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But no matter what the weather is like, where you're hunting, hunt worth has you covered. So head over to their website, hunt worth and check it all out. Now with the commercials outta the way. Let's jump into the conversation with Greg Rosa. All right, joining me this week on the How to Hunt Deer podcast is Mr.

Greg Rosa. Greg, what's going on man? Hey guys, how's it going? Good, man. Glad you're glad you're willing to come on the show. You messaged the Sportsman's Empire? Gosh, was that in October? Yeah, I think it was. Yeah I think it was October cuz or maybe September cuz I was getting ready for the season.

And yeah, you guys are definitely a very powerful [00:09:00] resource. That I have on my gear as far as like information goes. Yeah. So I was checking on you guys for getting ready to the season. Yeah. And you had shared something that we had done just to say, Hey hey, you need to go check out Sportsman's Empire Network.

And I messaged you back. It's Hey, appreciate it. And you were like, yeah, man. Love you guys podcast. And then you told me a little bit of your story. So I was like, okay, I've got to I've gotta get this guy on a show because man, your story is fascinating to me. Like you are, when I sit back and I record these episodes, like you're the kind of person that I'm like, I hope these are the kinds of people that can catch these episodes or that like that.

Listen, because it was a resource for you. You didn't grow up hunting. A lot of this was new to you as an adult. So I want to hear a lot about that process. But just to begin to set the stage, tell us about yourself, who you are, where you're from, and maybe just gimme the whole story leading up to how you got where you are.

My wife and I, we are originally from Brazil and we've been in the United States for about [00:10:00] six years. We'll be six years in a couple of months. And the reason why we came over here is sh was cuz she was transferred. The company that she was working, they needed her here. And we ended up moving, so live in Brazil.

I was born in Sao Paulo, which is the biggest city in the country. It's about like 12 million people. She was born in Sisi, which is northeast, another big place, 4 million people. We came straight like to Middle Tennessee to city called Pulaski, which is roughly 10,000 people.

So big shift for you. Yes, it was, but it was great. Like we, we ended up getting there and developing a very nice community. Super cool. So that's how we end up again in the United States. And once we got there We started attending to this church and I, I feel like church is one of the best ways you have to get plugged into a community when you were like brand new, yeah. We got here, didn't speak a single word in English, was freaking unbelievable. Just to be around that many people and not be able to talk to anybody. Yeah. And so yeah, then once like I get things going and, start like finally putting the [00:11:00] English thing together started making friends and two of them, I wanna say they are what I call them, my redneck mentors they

I love it. They introduced me like to all this outdoor. We're here. Cuz like I said, even though like when I was a kid, I grew up in a, not like in the country cuz we, we had family that was living, back in, in like outside the big cities. And but we would go just like for vacation, I don't know, five days a week max and then coming back.

So then when we go out there and, I started like hanging out with those dudes. I learned about like deer. Like they, they were like deer hunting, and I'm a photographer slash videographer, my, pretty much my whole life. And back in Brazil I used to do pretty much food photographer for a very long time.

And one thing that, really caught my attention was the fact that you can go out after your own food. Yeah. You you cut all the middle mens that you can imagine. You just [00:12:00] get out there. , grab your piece of meat, , bring back home and feed your family. Dude, it's crazy. Yeah. That was like, of course like in movies, you hear people talking about it.

But once I saw them doing once I heard like the stories from like their mouth, it, it was I got hey, I want to, I wanna do it, I really wanna do it. And. , but of course, like who, who like is a serious bow hunter, it's gonna bring like a folk from South America that Pearl speaks English to be loud in their, Tristan the best.

Tristan now a couple years later I get it, yeah. Yeah. At that time I didn't, but they started hey, they were like, Hey, that's how you do it, and they started like pointing me some directions, giving me some some theory, but at that time, nobody was really like, I'll bring you, I'll bring you with me.

Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, that's where, and I'm, I, when I like something I get, I try to get as deep as I can, like I try to be like very intentional. And that's when I started looking for information that, that was back in 2000. We got United States in 2017 and I spent pretty much [00:13:00] like the first year, year and a half trying to learn as much as I could, about cause in Brazil if you're a good person, you're not supposed to have guns, just bad people can have guns down there.

Wow. Yeah. And honey, it's I might be wrong, but it's it's forbidden. You cannot, unless it's just like intrusive species like wide hogs in some farming areas, then if you have a special authorization, you can't go after it. Wow. If not, you're you cannot hunt, you cannot do anything.

But yeah. So coming back here , I got like very, excited about the idea of doing it, and and also because like I, I still have a little bunch of friends down there, they're chefs and I like cooking a lot, so it was just like my way to, make them jealous, it was like, yeah, there you go. Look at that. I went down there, I got this thing, and now I'm cooking it. That, that was my, my, my first thought of like why I want to do it. And so yeah, one of those folks that I mentioned, Rocky, he he owns a, some land close to Nashville.

That's where we were like I said, [00:14:00] we're, we were living. And I was scared to go after public places, like public land because I. I, I don't know about you guys, but it's freaking scary. The words, when you Yeah. Man. If you've not been raised going out there like the whole concept of just getting outta your car and walking into the dark Yes.

Into a place you don't know with people you don't know that can be a lot. Yeah. Oh, man. It was, it's it's freaking scary, and then I was like I'm not doing it. And so then, like I, I tried to learn the basics of, things. And I talked to him saying, Hey man, like I know we have this little farm.

Would you mind, if I go hunt maybe for, a couple of days next season? And he was like, really? Do you really wanna do it? And I was like, Hey, Kim, and I wanna do it. And then he was like, I'll set you up. So Nice. He helped me like to get my first, like my first rifle, it's a six five CRI more, by the way.

There you go. . . Love it. Love it. Yeah. No regrets. Oh, I'm sure, man, that's an awesome caliber, . [00:15:00] Yeah, he got he helped me like we, I ended up being a Tika, the three T, three X light and six five. And that's, he was like, yeah, you can do whatever you want with this gun for the type of hunting.

We ha we gonna have her on here. So no reason why I spend much more money over than, than this anyway. . But yeah, so I tell people that for my first year, my, the first year I killed was 2018, I wanna say. Now was that your, that, was that your first year hunting was 18? Yes. Okay. So you first year you gotta deer your first year out.

Yes. And but the reason why I got it was because he was like, cuz he owned the land and he is he's he's passionate about hunting, hunting like his whole life. You go to his house, there's like a freaking he bison hanging in one wall and like a huge elk in the other wall. So he's Oh wow.

He loves it. But the cool thing is he doesn't really hunt his property. He lets people that wants to learn and then he like his friends and people that wants to go for a first time. That's the type of people that he really [00:16:00] likes that hunt in his property.

Wow. And it's, he, it's not that he is like managing or anything, but he tries to make things like. Organized, so he has like good three hands and good positions. He has a couple cameras in the property. Every now and then he goes check the cards and stuff.

And he knows where did you moving during the season. So he was like, yeah, I'll set you up. There's, and then he he was the only one, the first one that told me about pretty much you gotta be downwind, that's the first thing you wanna do. The second thing is you gotta get there an hour before dark before light.

And you have these four options for that day. They were planning and. , once, once you decide whatever you wanna do I'll take you there. So he got me putting me right. Pretty much like 20 yards from the three stand and told me, Hey, you're gonna walk up there and wait. That's pretty much what I did, wow. It was like, and let's see if you're gonna be quote unquote brave enough to pull the trigger. Cause that was a big concern for me. I didn't know, like how, if you guys remember how it was first time in kill a deer that to me [00:17:00] was a like a big factor. Am I gonna be able to pull the trigger?

Yeah. Am like, am I really willing, like to kill something? Cuz I've, I haven't done that. Yeah. Ever. I think a lot of guys who maybe grew up hunting, they probably killed their deer at an age where they didn't really think about what it means to take a life. I know for me, I killed my first year at I think I was 14 or 15, I think I was 15.

And all it was celebration, right? There was no question about whether I was gonna shoot this thing. , but I think it was, I was too young to step back and say, okay, this is a big deal to, to take a life, before we get any further in your story, I do want to ask you, growing up in Brazil, hunting for sustenance, not a thing, like you don't just go out and get your own food.

Was hunting at all on your radar like what was your, did you have a perception of hunting or did it just not even exist in your mind until you started hearing about, these guys that were hunting there in Tennessee?[00:18:00] Because I, I. pretty much was a food photographer. I was very involved with food market in overall in, in Brazil, right?

Yep. And and a very close friend of mine at that time he went he had an idea of a, a story that he wanna tell. And I was like, man, he, we should do a book about it, right? We should try to publish like a book, like a legit book, and we were like talking for, we were talking like over a year about this project and we end up while we were planning everything, we wind up talking about like real poor people. Cuz Brazil's, it's, there's some areas that are very like rich, but overall it's a poor country, and there's some areas down there that like people are starving, you know? And but around the area there is like wildlife, so we decided bring the conversation as far as like, why you are starving, but you're not allowed to take an animal from the woods to feed your family.

Yeah. So we started like questioning those things and that was one of the things that that he talked a little bit and in his [00:19:00] book, cuz he's he's an author. I was like the friend that keeps pushing, , Hey, every author needs one of those. Yeah. And that was like, I did a bunch of pictures, but then during the process we ended up moving here, so I didn't finish the book with him.

So we had another people coming like jumping in and finishing all the photo work for him. But anyway, so that's when, where, when and where I started thinking about The what, like what hunt means, you know what to hunt means? Yeah. What, how?

Like here United States it's crazy cuz apparently people die more from obesity than from starving. Oh for sure. Way more wish that it's not even close. That blew my mind. I was like, dang how people die cuz they're eating too much . I don't mean to make light of it, but dude, this, like, when I hear people complain about living here, it's like we talked a little bit about earlier, first world problems.

Yeah. We've got too much, we're literally eating ourselves to death. It's crazy, yeah. And when you have, like, when you have so I think it's funny saying it cuz my wife is the one [00:20:00] that brought it the other day she saw this meme and she was like, honey is the.

Most expensive way to get free food. , . It's kinda true. Alright. Yeah. That's kinda true. Yeah. But but how why there's not like more people in involved, like directly with the chain food and producing their more, their own things. Like why there's not more people eating like deer and all the other creatures like, like Turkey and everything else.

Of course. It's a big discussion right now that the polishing population's going down. Yep. But anyway, there's still like all other creatures and I believe you can eat, I know people is gonna find disgusting, but in Brazil armadillo, it's a big thing. Is it really?

Yeah. Oh yeah. Like those four places, they eat it and it's, it is good. It tastes like chicken actually, dude, we got a lot of armadillos down here. Oh boy. I'm in Georgia. Got a bunch of them. . We got a bunch of 'em. I had one in my front yard the other day. Oh boy. So I might have to try one out. Yeah.

Yeah. Just make sure it doesn't have any diseases, . Anyway yeah, that's [00:21:00] trying to answer the question. It's when I start talking about, thinking about like the hun like what. Hunter is or what, like what is this role in that, that community, as far as providing for their families because they literally do not have the, those, there's some places that they're like a desert, wow. Like the only things that, that, the only animals you can get, or the only vegetables you can get is the one that's in there, which doesn't taste very good, but keeps you alive. Yeah. And and even some of those creatures, they're protected by the law back in Brazil which I am down for, I think it's fine.

I think it's good, but it has to be, like a midway, like it has to be like a common point. Point, yeah. That is still allow people, to go after it and they. Go to jail. Yep. And it's still like pres preserved still, keep the animals the animal population going.

Make sense? Yeah. Absolutely. So this book that you mentioned real quick, I, is that available in it, in English or no. It's so in Brazil they have like the government has some an incentive [00:22:00] incentives that they gives to companies to sponsor like little cultural predictions, okay. And this book, it's, it was, I think we end up printing maybe a thousand copies max. Okay. But no it's just Portuguese for you guys. I do not know that in Brazil we speak Portuguese. We do not speak Spanish. Yeah. . Yeah. Alright. So we've gotta fast forward back to your first time out hunting.

Your friend brings you you said 20 yards from the stand. Yeah. And it's like, all right, go up there, get in and wait. And the whole question in your mind is, what am I gonna do when a deer walks out? Because, can I actually pull this trigger? Because you're coming to grips with, I'm going to take a life.

Yep. You know it, this is a weighty and heavy kind of thing. So you climb up in the stand, walk me through the hunt and maybe what were you sitting over? Tell me about the setting because man, as a first hunt, I imagine it's probably burned in your mind, like where you were sitting and what it was like.

So it was it was late season actually, because I I, I didn't [00:23:00] know about all the. Parts in the season. Actually we have, so it was late season? It was, I think it was, no, I don't think it was for sure. November. December actually. Okay. And so everything was pretty much dry out, like no leaves, nothing, just like old acorns in the ground.

And it was like this I think it was maybe like a 14 feet tall ladder stand. Okay. And he was like in the back of his property. So there's there was like a wall right in front of, no, not a wall. It was like a very old two feet tall stone wall. I don't know if Oh yeah.

Like an old school stone fence kind of thing, or, okay. Yes. And I dunno if I'm going straight to the entry, but that's how it was. It was freaking cold. Like it was cold. like cold. Yeah, because look, gotta remember that. So Brazil, where we were living before, it was like average, it was like a hundred.

Wow. That's like that was like the normal, wow. Yeah. And then there was like in, I don't know, like maybe high thirties, mid thirties, like in 6:00 AM in the morning, sit sitting down in the the middle of the woods. It, of course it wasn't.

It wasn't like, like when , [00:24:00] now that I know how the COI National Forest, it's closed by where I live right now, like Southern Tennessee. So now that I know how, like a very rogue terrain, like very deep and dense forest looks like, right? Yeah. Actually that was pretty much just like a backyard , it was just, it was open woods, like it wasn't, it wasn't nothing crazy. And dude for real, 400 yards, five maximum Over, like over the top of the hill. It was like a subdivision, so Oh, okay. Yeah. I was like, there was like, I thought I was going to if something happened, I thought I was going to die. Not that you felt like it die felt, you felt like it was wilderness.

Yeah. You definitely think, of course if you if you fell from your 10, depending on how it happened, people died every year. Sure. But I thought I, I cannot all get lost here. Like I can't what if, like what if they have to send like helicopters here to rescue me

Yeah. And I was like 300 yards from his house. , , which again you know, guys who [00:25:00] grew up doing it or guys who do it every year doesn't seem like a big deal, but man, when you're just dropped out there in the middle of the dark. Yeah, you know what? It was crazy. So he has some targets or spread it around the place, and he had, I remember that.

So it's so clear he had this chaotic silhouette, but he didn't tell me none of that. and I had my headlamps, like I know as I was walking, suddenly I hear something, cuz I'm 100%, I spooked like over five deer as I was walking that 20 yards. Oh man. Oh man. Okay. Yeah. . So I had to turn to the right in order to get to the descent. When I turned to the right and my headlamps move, I saw the coyo cigarette . Oh my goodness. I I jumped so high. I think, I got so scared because, like I, there's like an animal cigarette, like a coyote in, I've never un until, not well until that time, or not at that time until that season.

I never have seen a coyote before. . And I thought they were going to be like, monsters, yeah. Anyway. Yeah, that was funny. And then when I noticed that it was just like a target, like practicing [00:26:00] targets, it's oh, anyways. Good thing you didn't shoot it.

That would've been Yeah. freak out and shoot the thing before the honey ever starts. Yeah. . But, so anyways yeah, got up there and was waiting and really didn't know what I was waiting for. He, his instructions were like, keep your eyes peel, look for movement. You're probably gonna see don't look for shapes or anything.

Look for movement, and and you're probably not gonna hear them in, even though it was dry. But he was like, yeah, they're they know how to make their way, and if they're going slow, you're probably not gonna listen anything before you really see them. And that day I think I didn't shoot anything, I was just there didn't really see anything other than squirrels, yeah. And was just hanging in there. And yeah, that was the first day and. I think that was, like I said, it was early in the morning by 11, I was like, yeah, maybe I want to go home. , maybe I don't wanna do this hunting thing anymore. Yeah. Maybe all this thing, and then, but that was cool [00:27:00] cuz that had me thinking about okay, all right, so now I have to find a creature.

I have to shoot it. , how am I gonna bring it back? . Yeah. What? What do I do later? And then he other thing that he also told him, I was like once you sh, once you shoot it, shoot the deer. Do not pay attention too much where it goes, pay attention where you hit.

Yeah. Because that's where you're gonna start, like your blood trail. Yep. Yeah. And so I was how does that type, how does that blood look like? It looks like, even though I've seen on YouTube, cuz I feel like nowadays YouTube and podcasts are just like the best place to start whatever new activity you wanna do.

Sure. Sure. But yeah, so anyway, all those questions are like, yeah, okay. I kill it. Okay. What, you know what I'm gonna do after you? Man. All right. So let's fast forward then to the, because you did get a deer that year, right? Yes. I got, so how much later was it that you got the deer? Maybe walk me through that hunt as well.

So first things first I was so excited that, when I got back there I, you, I, I texted him, so [00:28:00] him and him come pick it, pick me up. Cuz I thought I was very deep into the wild, oh yeah. It wasn't, oh, so when you're ready to go that day, like 11 o'clock, you're like, Hey, yeah. I was like, yeah, I wanna go home.

This sucks, . Yeah, for sure. It's cold. I was freezing cold. Sure. Like it was cold. Yeah. And I wasn't like, I was not, I didn't ha I was not prepared at all. Like I was not. Prepared. Like I had, I think I, yeah. Like I felt another friend of the church gave me like his old bibs, yeah. And that was what was keeping me warm. But like my, my upper body, it, I was shivering, like it was cold. Oh man. Yeah. And I I didn't bring anything for real, I didn't bring anything. I didn't bring a water or coffee or nothing if I was going to stay because he wanted me to stay all day long there.

Oh my goodness. Yeah, you should he was like, yeah, just stay there. As for as long as you, you can, anyway, so I texted him, Hey man can you pick me up? I was like, yeah, sure. So can you pick me back? And he is Hey, how do you feel? Yeah I'm excited. I think it's cool, but it's way too cold.

I'm, yeah. So that's when I goes, yeah, you gotta, dress like with layers and, anyway, so he gave me, explain like everything, because he's he's older. [00:29:00] He's maybe 65, 68, and he's more yeah, you can do that on red flannels. Yeah. Tough up, yeah.

Those things, he was just like, yeah you better have a thicker layer next time, yeah. Those type of things. Anyway, but I wouldn't like to go next day and I was like, that's, you can if you want to, but if you like keep coming every day, you can spook them.

. So give it like a couple days. I was like, okay. So I end up going and and as I said, like he had different, like different setups at his property, so I end up sitting in other places before coming back to this one for maybe three or four times. And then I, tried to stay warm a little bit, and brought some some some snacks, like to kill the time, oh, yeah. And so yeah, then fast forward to the morning of December 20, 24th. I think it was, the day prior Christmas or it was either 23rd or 24th. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, that was it. So then going into that [00:30:00] morning I called him saying, Hey man, you think like they, before I was like, Hey, can I go sit in there tomorrow?

I was like, yeah, sure. Cuz at that time I, didn't have like, all the time of the work cause I was working and I had Fridays off and I think it was a Friday, okay. And I, and also as I believe a lot of wives, they don't really understand why you spend that much money up in that much money and time outta time.

Yep. Money and time. Holy cow, man. You're speaking my language at this point. Yeah. In the woods, and I didn't like Saturday I wanted, to enjoy with my wife her Saturday. So I think it was a Friday, and I said, Hey, you cool if I, sit there tomorrow?

Yeah, sure. Even though I knew that he'd had family in town I knew it was busy for him and I didn't want it to be too pushy, anyway, I ended up going and he was like, wait, where are you gonna go? I was like same stt. You know your weight, right?

He's yeah, I do. I was like, yeah, so just, text me when you get here and then you can walk by yourself. I was like, okay. So that's what they did. Got there 5:00 [00:31:00] AM I think, texted him, Hey man, I'm here. And he came, said hi, and was like, yeah, okay. go for it. End up walking all the way up there.

And that was the first time actually that I it was about like daylight. It was like almost like the first light. I heard something on my, on like behind me. And that was like the first time I really got like cheap he something. And there was sh sure that it was a deer, right? Yeah. Yeah.

And then I could, I, I could see a little bit what it was, but I couldn't, cuz it was still dark, I was like, yeah, that's cool. There's really something behind me, maybe today there's an animal here. Yeah. That's cool. Yeah. and couple, maybe an hour and a half later. I think it was about like 8, 8 30 in the morning.

I saw like something coming behind that wall I mentioned before. Yep. Cuz there was like, it was like a, there's, there was like some oak trees on like parallel to that, that, that wall. And I think there was like a bunch of oaks around. , not oaks. Oh my gosh. The thing that I eat acorns. I think there was like a lot of acorns, on the ground.

I saw that [00:32:00] deer coming and then I was like, yes, there's a deer. Go my vinyl. Look at it. And I'm like, and it was a massive deer. It was amazing, and then I didn't think twice I got my gun put on it. Tried like to keep all my shooting process together, squeeze it did not jerk the trigger, go for it, and then I think in my head, I did everything almost perfect, and then bang, shot it. It gave the famous meal cake and ran away. And then I got so excited. It was, I got for real. I get excited every time I talk about it, just because it is for someone that never has done it. It's like you cannot describe what it feels like.

Yeah. The type of adrenaline you get and is different. I've done I've done plenty dumb stuff in my life that gives me like a lot of adrenaline, right? Yeah. Yeah. And it's, that is something unique. It's crazy, and I got super excited and he was he also told me like, Hey, don't like once you shoot it, I'm probably gonna hear it, but then he text me and give it like 10 minutes.

Do not like [00:33:00] climb right after and go after it. Cuz if it didn't really kill it, you can spook it, right? Yeah. It's hey, okay. He, if you don't see it, like falling right there, if you see it like running, give it like 10 minutes. So that's what he did. So texted him right away. I called my dad, I was like, he won't believe what I just did.

And he was like, what happened? I was like, yeah, I could kill a deer. And he got very excited even though he was in Brazil, right? But he was like, yeah, how do you feel? So yeah, it was crazy. Ended up going down there and . He, my friend got there and he was like, yeah let's take a look to the let's look for the trail, the blood trail.

So yeah, we started find, like looking around, we found some blood. So I started following it following. And I, we didn't find a deer in, within I don't know, 60, 80 yards. And he was like maybe it was like a real bad shot. Do you remember? I was like, no I'm one I'm 100% sure there was a good shot.

Like I had practiced a lot, like a lot. I spent , I don't even know like how many hundred dollars in Amel? . Wow. So I could get that thing like good, you're like, trust me, my [00:34:00] wife will tell you I've spent plenty of money on this . I'm a good shot. . Yeah. Anyway, and it was upset, until look down the hill after the wall I mentioned.

It was like this white stain in the ground, . It was like, and I was like, Hey, Rocky, there he is. Let's go. And then we walked down there and it got to see the deer, but somehow the deer shrunk. Oh,

some. I love it. Oh, that's good, right? Yeah. Yeah. I told him, he was like, this is not the deer killed. Yeah. It's not, it's like a third of the size. Oh man, it's not, yeah. And then he looked at me and said, Hey, you gotta realize you're looking through is scope man, ? Yeah. He wasn't like, he was a small deer, but it wasn't, it was like a, I dunno wanna say a year and a half, I don't know.

But he looked at me and said, Hey, the only thing people need to know, it's a six [00:35:00] point. That's what you're gonna tell everybody, . That's right. You kill the six point. Yeah. It was a tiny one. You was a, I think, yeah, like a year and a half I think was, max. Dude. That's perfect though, man. Yeah.

My goodness. And then a first Deer and the excitement and the experience. Oh yeah. That comes with that. That's awesome. And he and I can't I think it's not that he got, it's, he, I dunno the word. He's not upset, but he was disappointed cuz I think he got excited cuz I told him it was a big one and his land holds big deer.

Okay. Okay. Yeah. It's there. He is like big deer there. And then I saw that he was disappointed and I felt like real bad cuz I thought I'd done something wrong. Sure. And then I asked him, I was like, Hey man did they do it something wrong? And he was like no.

That's perfect. You did everything. Everything was right. And even the shop placement, it was good. It was a double lung, and just happened that the deer went downhill and was, I think because it went downhill, it was like a little over, and we were looking in, in a different place.

but it was, he was like no. Every everything, it was the way it's supposed to be as far as it's your first kill, that's how it is. And be proud of it. And then he [00:36:00] he, helped me like to put the thing on the big old Kubota. We brought it back home. We like, he took a picture.

He was like, yeah, I really wanted you take a picture. This. There's a moment to be proud of. So it was a great, isn't it? It was a very nice like Christmas gift, hey guys, just want to take a quick minute to let you know that the How to Hunt Deer podcast is brought to you by Tcam makers of the best point of view cameras on the market for hunters and anglers, they're on the cutting edge, making user-friendly cameras to help the everyday outdoorsman share your hunt with friends and loved ones.

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TCAM makes all that a breeze with their line of accessories. This fall, I'll be using their stabilizer mount on my bow with a 6.0 camera and their Bindi clamp [00:37:00] paired with a 5.0 wide camera for a second angle. And to make sure I don't miss any of the action. To learn more and check out their full line of products, head over to their website,

Share your hunt with tcam. So what'd you do with the meat? Oh, I brought it to a like a processor, a processing place. Yeah. Okay. Which, that's another thing, , that was crazy cuz I'm pretty sure I dropped off like 25 pounds of meat and brought back like 75 . Nice. I'm 100% sure that was not my dear.

Maybe they, they're like, yeah, let's, give him some joy and add some more stuff in there. Yeah, man. When you Yeah. That's always the question. And that's, I started butchering my own deer last year year year before this past fall, so I guess two falls ago this year I did not do it.

But every time I do it and I get my deer back, I'm like, is this really my deer? I don't know. I, I don't know if this is my deer or not, and Yeah. And who knows how much meat you really should have gotten [00:38:00] off of it and how careful they were. And anyways, so that for me is on my to-do list, is to have a better spot and a better setup in my basement to be able to, to take as much of the process in myself Yes.

As opposed to outsourcing some of that. But dude, that's, growing up in this, in the South, man, we never it wasn't until I moved to Wisconsin that I started doing my own deer, because down south man, we just throw 'em in the back of the truck and drive 'em to the processor. You know what I mean?

We wouldn't even gut 'em or anything. No he was sure that, he was like, yeah, now I'm now gonna show you how, you dress filled it. And then he was like, yeah, that's how you started. That's where you go. You did this, you did that. And at some point I remember he's saying, I think I was supposed to get some of that blood and, put in your face, but you're done it, so it's fine.

, , man, that's I'm so glad you brought that up. I had a I did a podcast the other night with my friend Pierce and one of the things we talked about getting into on that episode, we didn't make it. So we're gonna, we're gonna do another episode. Talking about it is best and [00:39:00] worst Deer Camp traditions.

And growing up in the South, man, blood on the face is like totally normal for us. That's what you do. Somebody gets their first deer, you cover their face in Blood. Pierce was like, you guys do what? , he grew up in Wisconsin, and he is he's wait a second. Why you do what with the blood?

Why would you, what? Wait, what? Yeah. So hopefully we can talk more about that on the show, but so you didn't get, you didn't get blood on the face, but but sounds like an awesome deer. Great way to get into it. Yeah. And looking at your Instagram, you've killed a couple of good ones since then.

Yeah. Yes. So cuz that was like, that was the deal. So this is, like I said, it was like the first guy that kind of got me into, of course I'm talking about like 5% of all the deer corn that I was consuming at that time, and cuz every, everything, like I said, I really bro, I don't know.

I even asked a friend of mine if I was getting crazy or not. Like for real, because there is not one single day. I'm not exaggerating. You can why? You can ask my wife. There's not just one single day in my life that I do [00:40:00] not either think, read or talk about something dear related whitetail, you're related.

It's it's unbelievable. Like in a way that, you know, even. . Even my second kid, I got sad that he was born on October 22nd. , , bad timing kid was no. Funny. That was only my fault. I should have planned better, that's right. That's right. That's on you. That's on you. Yeah, I know.

I got, I was like, I cannot believe it. And I, and I was cheering like for, I was like, I sent all time, my wife was like, I hope he does not get in the first week of November. I hope he does not get here until the first, first first week of November. I was, oh boy. I was like I was, and then he got here on the, on October 22nd, which was like a very nice time here cuz.

Yeah. Anyway, but yeah, so that's another story. . That's awesome. I really got into this thing and and. . It's crazy how it's incredible. You get every everything you got, you get to see, I cannot it doesn't matter how much you talk about the tree, whoever I'm gonna talk [00:41:00] to, it's unbelievable.

Like getting to see like how God's creation out there in the most raw form. Yeah. It's crazy, get to experience all the sunrises and sunsets and the sounds and the smells and everything. It's, it's crazy. I don't get how there is people that do not enjoy it, yeah. How can people not like it? Yeah. But yeah, man, when you, when it comes to talking about hey, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think, or read or watch something related to deer hunting. I totally get it, man. I'm right there in the boat with you. , you're looking at a guy who quit his job to, to talk about this stuff every day.

Yeah. So it's, it's just yeah. It's an obsession man. And it's a, and it's. , it opens your eyes to experiences. Yeah. And to a way of taking in the world around you in a way that's unavailable. Yeah. In any other way. Yeah. Unless you are like you're taking it all in, in a super unique kind of way that I just don't, I don't think you can do it Any other, yeah.

Any other way. Man, I want to talk about some of those early years, right? If, as you look back on [00:42:00] like your first year, two years, three years of deer hunting, what would you say are some of the like, biggest mistakes that you made that you look back now and you're like, I cannot believe I did that.

Right now I feel gimme just one minute. Hey guys. Yeah we're still recording. Yeah. So yeah, just one thing before we go there. So we said that I've killed like a couple good ones and that was solely by accident, ? Oh, no. Okay. All right. It's not, that was like, not just like by X and I tried to like, to improve, more and more, but then 2018 I killed the first one, and then 2019 , I made another friend and he, so this guy, he was more south, almost like Alabama. And he was like he owned like a third 300 acres. Acres. Oh wow. About, was like 300 ish. Okay. And and there was like two other guys, honey at the, at his property.

And one of them was one of those guys I told you, like the one of my friends. And so I asked permission. He let me hung there since I, the other two guys [00:43:00] were fine and both were fine with me cuz it was like 300 acres, and and I end up like killing what. Like next year was like the very nice, buck again, not nothing really big, but it looks like it was I think a three and a half years old.

Because the other guys told me was cuz they've had that deer in their cameras before. Yeah. But I didn't have a camera, I didn't have anything. I was, just like trying, like to find my way and to not make all the mistakes that usually we do, yeah. I feel like the, talking about mistakes, I feel getting anxious about getting anxious about like killing.

a buck because everybody, it's you gotta get a buck, you gotta get a buck, you gotta get a big one. You got, so now that you start doing it, like e everybody was it's not that they put that pressure on you, like directly on you, but you feel the pressure because that's what everybody's going after.

And if you say, no I'm good with whatever, I can get it, whatever I can get him, I'm fine. And people will be like, ah, yeah, whatever. Like they, it's almost like you, you don't like, you, you don't matter, yeah, you do. Does not matter.

But yeah. So yeah [00:44:00] next year I was there. At this property for a couple of times. I was trying hard, like to, apply everything that I was I was learning from, pretty much from internet, but it's like too much information, to put in practice at once, oh yeah. Paying attention on win, paying attention to your terrain, even though you go scout, you mark your spot, using your own ex app. Like all those things, like when you gonna execute all of it it's just like way too hard, and this and the day that I killed this book, actually, I think was the one of the days that I made the most mistakes.

Like I was super duper loud, I dropped my tree stand. Like I, I had this climbing climbing stand. Yeah. And I dropped the bottom part of it, . Oh, you know about ? Yeah. I'm, I was glad that I wasn't like cuz I, that's another thing I didn't know that we were supposed to attach both parts.

Yeah. You didn't attach 'em to each other. And the bottom one was loose. So I was getting into the tree about five feet. I'd drop it and super duper loud, all the metal going out down there. And I wasn't like stuck. Both kind of stuck cuz it was dark, it was [00:45:00] cold. All that stuff, and I was like I think I'm done for the day. I think I'm not gonna see anything. End up like putting the tree stand back together, got up into the tree. I was like, I'm gonna be here. I'm just gonna enjoy I'm, I'm just gonna have a good time up here in the tree and.

out of the blue assault, that big gold dude coming on a mission, dude, that's how it happens, man. Yeah. It's those days where things go wrong that Yeah. That's when the big one strolls through. And he was so I'm a big fan of John Eber. Eberhardt. Eberhardt, yeah. Yeah. And and I read his book, like first, I think one of the first things I went after was like boots about deer hunt, and I got my hands on his book and he was talking into the book that I think he does not stop the deer if they're moving.

Like he doesn't do the man, right? Yep. Yep. And then I didn't do anything really, I just saw that, that thing coming and he was quartering towards me, on the way that he was coming. Just put my scope on it and hit it like into the front shoulder, a little behind the shoulder actually.

. But again I don't really remember if actually I, I don't think I was aware of Shot [00:46:00] placement exactly at that, it was not like the first one that was still, it was broadside still. Yeah, yeah. The second one, he was coming towards me and I was trying like, not make it go away or anything, and then I just saw it coming.

Put the hairline on the back p back portion of the shoulder and hit it felt right, right there. Yeah. Yeah. And. . But that ha that was bad cuz it happened to be the buck that my buddy was hunting. Oh no. . , wait, the buddy that owns the land he does not own because the owner does not hu does not hunt there.

Oh, okay. It's like the other, like one of his friends also cuz it's like the group of like friends, so then I saw it, it going down. So I got out right after the I got right away down the, from the tree. And then I went there, got to see the deer, all the stuff. So took a picture and sent to them and one of them was like, Hey man, he killed your buck,

Oh no. Oh. And then he, [00:47:00] it's not like he got upset, but I don't think you have the right to do because I didn't know that he was hunting the back or anything, but he got upset, and also I was giving me, giving him a hard time. I was like, yeah, I can spare you the enters if you want to.

Yeah, man. They're definitely gonna have the meet that can, Are you guys still friends? Yes. Okay. Yes. I was gonna say that can ruin a friendship in a hurry. Yeah. There are a lot of guys that I know of. Yeah. Like they were friends and then one shot the other guy, the, and air quotes. The other guy's buck.

Yeah. Even though no buck is ever yours. Exactly right. Unless you bought him from a Deere dealer and you've got em in a pin in your backyard, then I suppose that one's yours. But a wild deer never belongs to you. But man, that's, I believe I, I believe in I believe in so if like we shared a place that none of us owns, right?

Yeah. It's , like another, a friend of us actually owns the place and we share the place. So if someone like had told me, Hey, this book specifically I'm Hunting, if you [00:48:00] see it like pass. Because for example, so they ordered land. I told you the place I killed my first book. So next year I went there again.

And and then, so this the owner you told me like, he's Hey man, if you really wanna go after like big things, you, I, if I was you, I would have, I would get a muzzle loader, right? And I would go before like gun season. Yep. During the muzzle loader season, so you're probably gonna see bigger bucks.

I was like, oh yeah, that, so that's cool. And that's what I did. So next year, I was there, but then a couple days before I get there, he sent me a picture and said, Hey, if you see this book, and it was like a beautiful I think it's non-typical right? When the enters go up and then it goes down also.

Yeah. There's like when they would, and it was like, if you see , any buck that LER goes down, do not shoot it. That's off limits. Okay. I was like, that's, that's very specific, right? You don't see all the time bucks with like antler going down.

Sure. And and yeah, so that's what that's, if was that the case, then maybe he could be upset, but come on man, it's dear, yeah. And I've heard someone saying, I [00:49:00] thought it was amazing, so I don't remember who said it, so I'm totally quote quoting, some random stuff.

So the guy said antlers make people stupid. They do, man. Absolutely. Absolutely. In all in, always imaginable. E poach for an antlers, you go against the law for antlers, you destroy friendships for antler. You even shoot like other people for antler. , as far as like accident goes, right?

Yeah. You see that thing moving, you don't think twice. You just shoot it and Yep. There was like someone behind it, like carrying a dead deer, right? Yeah. That, that, that has happened. Yeah, I try steering away from that mindset, sure. No matter what just, anyway.

Yeah, man. That's good stuff, dude. I'm glad that, I'm glad that you've had such success so quickly. Like for me to hear you go from a non hunter, not an anti-hunt, but you just didn't hunt in 2017 to Yeah. Two years later you got two good bucks under your belt and Yeah. Your first buck and then a one with some size to [00:50:00] it.

Two great bucks. That's f. Holy cow. You know when people say that if you spend 10,000 hours doing something, you're gonna be good. Yeah. . Yeah. So somehow I spend it 10 I'm not saying that I'm good in any shape or form, but Yeah. I told my wife eventually I will be good because man, I spend like

Yeah, you're getting close to that 10, 10,000 hours wait. Too many hours. . Yeah, man. But yeah that was, I think, and of, and dude, like that's the thing. So connecting all those points together. So that's so then comes 2020, right? And then so 20. So 2020. I think I didn't, I think I didn't kill anything in that particular property, but I killed something like something else.

And I think it was a dough, maybe. No, a dough? No. I don't remember how was how it was exactly. But . But then 2020, my daughter was born and she was like, she was at home, and I wanted to stay at home with my wife, like supporting her as much as I could, so I wasn't really out there that much, but I tried to go.

That was the first year I [00:51:00] went with another friend for the first time to a public place, like to a public area. I didn't know what I was doing cuz I was just following them around. Yeah. But didn't really see anything. It was like a very tiny spot overcrowded, yeah. And then 20 21 we moved. I think I what did I kill? Oh, no. So 2021. 2020. Actually I end up killing another buck, but it wasn't anything like big. And it's not that I was passing on those, for example, cuz I was, I would be just fine with those, sure. But I was just lucky enough to get to see all the bug, so anyway, and I end up killing another bug. That wasn't it was a smaller than the one that I've killed a year prior. That's when one of the guys told me like, hell, so I'm not saying for you do not kill whatever you wanna kill. You can do whatever you feel it's right. But the kind of the game, it's like you gotta go after something bigger like every year, or at least same size in order to, if if you wanna grow as far as like [00:52:00] techniques, if you wanna go, if you wanna get more towards that direction, not talking about filling your freezer.

If you wanna, like you fill your freezer with whatever you want. Sure. As long as it's legal. , you do it. But then that, and that kind of stuck, stuck in my mind, I was like but the other guy told me that also that I gotta get in there earlier. How, like how do I do that?

That's when I really understood how big bow Hunt is. Oh, yeah. Because I didn't think about it yet, yeah. To me, like Bo Hunt was just like, huh, whatever. That, that might be like a couple guys doing it. That's when, actually, that's when I think like to me, like the hunting game became a game.

Yeah. Okay. Became like a real hard, stinky, hard thing to do. Yeah. And I was like, how, like, how, like how does that work? So this other guy throw me out like Bo Hunt, it's actually bigger than gun hunt, I would say for the people that are after like big bucks, . And and of course I've killed his buck the year prior, so he [00:53:00] was trying to give me a hard time, you know what I'm saying?

And he was all right cuz I was, I'm, I still think I'm like little baby as far as like hunting goes, I think there's so many things to do, so many things you learn. But he was like, yeah. And then I started thinking about Bo Hunting now, and then I started like reading found John Dudley.

Yeah. Yep. Yeah. And other guys, and then I that's when I started like thinking about Bo Hunt specifically, and then but both are very expensive. Yeah. Like very expensive for sure. And and I would have much change, pretty much all my setup cuz I, I've, at that time I've bought heavyweight clothes, but I could not use it like, nice.

Now you need the lightweight. Yeah. And I was like, dang, I'm gonna have to buy everything again. And all those things. Even though this other guy was always, like I said, it was always like, you can do, you can get it done in red flannels, yeah. Yeah. But anyway and then I started like looking for, a ball.

I was like, yeah, I want, I wanna do it. But again, I didn't know that a bull actually tailored for yourself, right? Yeah. Like they, they get everything right from you and I end up [00:54:00] going online like Facebook, and then said, Hey, I'm in search of a bull in like hunting groups, right? And literally like this it's a kid.

Cuz at that time, I think he was 16 or 17, and he was like, Hey man, do you really want it? Like for real? I was like, yes, I do. I was like, so I'm gonna help you out. So he ended up finding, I think someone from I think it was from Wisconsin, actually interest that was willing to give away a bowl.

Oh, nice. Okay. Yeah, it was like, yeah, like if if, but then I think it turned out there was a left hand bow, I think. I don't remember exactly. But anyway, I ended up like getting a ball. And it was a 2013 obsession, Okay. Nightmare. Which I learned later. That's a very decent ball, very fast. Yep. So I got the thing, went to the archery shop, got everything like, set up to myself and started shooting the ball shooting, shooting as much as I could, like shooting a lot. And then my wife found another job where we were living right now.

And it was like, for the family, it would [00:55:00] just would make sense to move here. Sure. And then I was like, the first thing I told her I remember was like, I'm just gonna say it once, I'm never gonna say it again. and I didn't do it. Like I said, I told her, I was like, if I was going to be selfish, I would not move.

Because the thing that's most important for me right now, it's honey hunting. And the thing that's most important to me right now is hunting. And if we move down there, I will not have a place to go hunt. Wow. And it will be like much harder cuz I, I'm was aware of all the mon the mountains and how the terrain was different, right?

Yeah. And, but I was like, but we gonna do the thing that's the best for our family. And that's what we did. We moved, we moved from where we were over here and turns out that , we bought a house behind like a tent farms. Oh, no kidding. and I've got permission [00:56:00] to hunt, what, 50 yards from my back door.

No kidding. Yeah. That's from my back porch. Yes. So that is the buck I killed last year. Not last. No not last year. The buck. I killed 2021, which is the biggest one I've got so far. I've killed it. 75 yards from my back porch. No, you know kidding. Yeah. It was crazy. I was like, that's incredible.

Because at the same time, like everything changed and I feel like that was like a cool thing cuz I think I was taken too many things for granted, yeah. Once and then when we moved here, I've had to I I understand it's, it hasn't been that many years, but you can get you can get addicted to your behavior very easy, right?

Yep. And I. Like I, once we moved here, I was like I've got to redo everything I've done in the past in those land, in that land, in those places. So then here I had to go to Scout again to understand, the land again, to figure everything out, and and so that year, I and then we [00:57:00] moved here.

It was like July. So I didn't have really time. Oh, they did that time? Yeah. Yeah. For pretty much anything. And and the guy that I, so the owner of the land, actually, he didn't give me permission at first, so I went, oh, really? I ended up going there once talked to him, got to meet him, you, I said, Hey, I just, bought a house right behind your property.

And he was like he, we, I do not allow people gun hunt here, although there is one guy that he bull hunts, but I think, so he owns 60, 60 ish acres, like I think 60 acres. It's. It's like too little for two people. Yeah. And then I was like, wow. Yeah, I get it. So thank you. No hard feelings at all.

I end up coming back home and one day and one morning I woke up, went to the kitchen to grab my coffee, and I look over my my kitchen window and there's this freaking big buck staring at me through my kitchen window, , and I didn't have my phone on me cause it was early in the morning.

So I [00:58:00] tried to reach out to my phone and my phone, which was in the table to take a picture of it, because I was like, I wanna take a picture. Hey, I spoke him out, he win away. And I was like, dig it, I was like, I was mad. Yeah. I was like, fuck, I cannot believe I cannot hunt here.

And then I decided making a joke with the owner, right? I called him and said, Hey, Mr. Jim, what why did you, why were you sending those deer over here? And then he was like, what are you're talking about? And I was like, yeah. So I just saw this, and then of course I was laughing with him, sure. And then he was like, Hey, you know what? So I talked Mike, which is the other guy that hunts there, and he was like he said he would be fine if you bow hunt here, so if you want to, you're welcome. Oh, that's awesome. No way.

The same day I saw that, but it wasn't the bug I ended up killing. Anyway, so same here. I, I went, like to, the woods like right behind my house and and and then I got it done, as I said, . That is incredible. That is incredible. Yeah. Dude, man, thank you so much for coming on the show today.

This is your story [00:59:00] is awesome. I'd love to have you on again. To talk about what are you working on for next year? Yeah, maybe you know, some of the harder lessons that you've learned. Oh boy, man. The ones that got, I've got lost into the woods. There's some public land around here that I've got lost one day and that was not fun.

There was not fun. See, I got stuck there. It was crazy. But yeah. Did you, do you have OnX yet? Yeah, that's . I know it's my fault. It's not on ex's fault, but I trusted OnX way too much because one thing that I did in account was how the light goes way , how do I say? Like, how it gets dark way before inside the woods, then outside the woods.

Oh yeah, for sure. I did. I didn't think about it. And I was there and it was it was I think it was October maybe. So there was like, it was thick, right? Yeah. And I tried to go as thick as I could. I found like this creek, and there I found like this this crossing over this little creek, and it was full of deer signs.

And I got so excited, but there was no way I could get there [01:00:00] before daylight. So I got there midday stayed until the end of the day, but it didn't account for the light. Oh, yeah. And because it didn't do it, I didn't mark my way in. I trust Justin Onac, the OnX tracking thing. Yep. And I was like five feet, five feet away from the tr the main trail.

But it was dark. I couldn't see it. I was afraid because of, . You dunno. And there's like bears, theres, and I was scared of the bears, even though they, apparently they did not come after you cuz they're black bears. Sure. So they run from you. But anyway, I was scared and, I end up like taking like some bad decisions, and getting stuck, in a like some thorn brushes around there.

Oh. Oh my goodness. And lost my boot. Oh boy. Yeah, it was horrible. Dude. That sounds awful. Holy cow. It was awful. Yeah, it took me it took me, I don't know, like an hour and a half to get back to the track that was five feet to my side. Oh dude. All right. Now we definitely have to do another episode soon,

Cause [01:01:00] I've gotta hear the full story. But Greg, man, thank you so much for coming on. You've got a YouTube. And some other cool stuff going on. So why don't you tell us about that and where maybe folks can find you, find your stuff and get ahold of you. Yeah just like a heads up, it's not in English, it's in Portuguese, just cuz I think it's pretty cool, like showing people from Brazil how, hunting happens here since it's forbidden down there.

Yep. Maybe, sorry, maybe one day people see the, see my channel other channels around here and start getting things done right down there. And but yeah, so I'm under so I'm under Greg likes hunting on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, even though I do not post that many things on TikTok, but I have the YouTube channel.

Yeah. And that's it. And I'm trying to put together a podcast, but dude, content production, it's so hard. Oh dear. Oh boy. It's so hard, ed. It's, there's, oh my goodness. You're. So I produce two different podcasts and I also work with the network, taking in [01:02:00] everybody else's stuff and posting all of that.

So it is, yeah, it's, yeah, it's a challenge. But anyway, man, thanks so much for coming on the show. Thanks for having us. I'm looking forward to having you on again soon. Sure. Anytime, man. That's all for this week's episode. As always, thank you so much for tuning in. If you dig this show, be sure to subscribe to this podcast wherever it is that you get your podcast.

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