Better Food Plots with the Plot Dr.

Show Notes

Spring is right around the corner, and that means food plot time. This week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast, John is joined by Steve, Andy, and Kenton of Plot Dr for an in depth lesson on how to get more out of your food plots. Steve is the owner of TIP Inc out of Wisconsin, a large agriculture company and the parent company of Plot Dr. Andy and Kenton are agronomists that help develop and teach people about the different Plot Dr products. The three take their knowledge of big ag, and shrink it into a more user friendly food plot size.

If you are used to hearing surface level food plot topics like what seed to plant to bring in more deer and when to plant it, this is not what this conversation is about. This podcast takes a deep dive into improving your soil, getting your ph right, when and how to use lime and/or calcium, and how all of this plays a part into a better and healthier deer herd. Steve, Andy, and Kenton work with people every day to improve their soils, crops, and food plots, so put your thinking cap on and listen as they discuss the entire Plot Dr line and how it can help you and your deer.

Show Transcript