Blending Forest and Deer Management

Show Notes

In this podcast Kenny Kane (Generations Forestry) and Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) discuss the blending of forest management practices and wildlife improvement. Both small and large properties landowners are challenged with managing their properties and balancing optimized deer habitat with sustainable timber management. In this podcast Kenny and Jon breakdown how to process these topics and the contemplated areas we need to assess to get the best prescription possible. Issues related to high graded forest are discussed as many landowners experience the pitfalls with mismanaged timber from the past. Kenny explains the best techniques when you are dealing with cleaning up and restoring areas that are high graded.  

Kenny’s process of evaluating forested areas from understanding the concerns to making decisions will help landowners feel empowered to think ahead and begin to build a superb deer hunting property. Jon and Kenny provide rules of thumb and techniques to make informed decisions as landowners undergo the transformation of building their hunting property and deciding what trees to cut or leave. Kenny explains the impacts certain landowners may experience when markets for certain timber are not in demand. Jon provides a recommendation of what to do next when you are trying to understand market demands.

Kenny explains how to balance quality and poor timber situations and how to look toward the future. Jon explains his techniques for timber stand improvement. Kenny provides a major takeaway on how to invest in your property and what species we sometimes overlook when we are thinking about wildlife. Kenny and Jon discuss the benefits of improvement and the short and long term thinking that can get landowners in a better position for the future.

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