Traditional Archery and Pennsylvania Bowhunting with Matt Zirnsak from The Push Archery

Show Notes

This week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman Mitch and Robby catch up with Matt Zirnsak from The Push Archery.  Matt is from western Pennsylvania and is a diehard bowhunter who is partial to taking a recurve to the field. We begin our conversation with Matt's introduction to bowhunting and traditional archery, then navigate from flinging arrows to competitive status.  We discuss a ton of things including general bowhunting discussion, shot execution and target panic, aiming, and all things equipment.  The Push all began when Matt and some buddies created a YouTube video for introductory traditional archery.  Since then, The Push has been pumping out a ton of educational content, as well as archery hunting and entertaining videos.  Be sure to tune into their Youtube channel and follow them on social media!

Show Transcript