Building Walls of Cover

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Jim Ward (Jim Ward’s Whitetail Academy) discuss building walls of cover for whitetail habitat. Jim explains his recent client trips and how frequently he works on client properties. Jim details places he has worked and how he travels across the country improving hunting properties.  

Jim discusses failures through the years and how that has changed his perspective on land management. Jim explains neighborhood property comparables and how deer value neighboring properties, which can impact the outcome of habitat improvement. Jim explains where to build cover and how close to property lines he starts.

Jim explains the concept of building deer huts and how he has changed his perspective over the years. Jon details what hasn’t worked in specific bedding areas and how to make changes to improve deer interest. Jim and Jon discuss tree species used to develop cover and deer huts. Jim discusses new concepts and ideas of building cover and how he creates a form of edge feathering within the timber. Jon discusses a special concept he has developed to create interior cover and helps shield deer movement. Jim talks specifics on the size and dimensions of the walls of cover he creates to help insulate a property and dictate deer movement.

Jim discusses his concepts of building travel corridors and focusing deer movement around food plots. Jim explains how a multi-edge layout improves property interest. Jon discusses the value of quality soil and regeneration. Jim provides some examples and considerations around food plots to improve deer movement. Jim ends with how he works with clients and details the art of possible and tries to align that with the landowners’ goals.

Show Transcript