Heritage Habitat and Forestry

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Slow go on the home front for the guys. Enjoying family time over the past couple weeks. Paul recovering from the CoCo, and Andrew getting his knee back in shape. Looking forward to some outdoor activities in the near future. Pay attention to your regulation books, as some species are going out of season soon. Muzzleloader season for whitetail Deer is January 8-11. Get out there and use those smoke poles to finish off the season! Today’s discussion is with Anthony of Heritage Habitat and Forestry. Anthony has an extensive background in land management both for wildlife and forestry. Anthony’s company is based in central Ohio, but he travels the state and beyond. A lot of great knowledge of property management and how to help the landowners as well as the wildlife. Happy New Year O2Podcast on GoWild @the.o2.podcast -Instagram @Ohiohunt- Twitter Ohio Huntsman is Powered by Simplecast

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