Burning, Wetlands, Hinge Cutting, Restoring Bedding Areas

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In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Todd Shippee (Empire Land Management), discuss upcoming projects. Todd discusses ways to restart areas that are not productive and uses a leaf blower to address leaf litter and resident debris. Todd explains the use of a seed blowing tool https://extremeblowerproducts.com/ that provides an option for quickly adding in clover, switchgrass, etc. to an area. Todd explains ways to decrease pressure on regenerating woody material. Todd explains methods of cutting, the importance of basswood. Jon and Todd discuss removing trees, hinge cutting, felling trees, using treetops as fencing.

Todd explains his preferred oak trees to plant on client properties. Todd discusses his favorite conifer tree and methods of planting that support hunting and better deer movement. Todd explains converting an agriculture field for habitat, putting in tamaracks, burning reed canary grass and leveraging native plants to enhance deer interest. Todd discusses taking land out of agriculture production, and the ways to work with farmers to ensure relationships remain intact and tax considerations.

Todd explains using fire to ensure that wet areas become more productive and ideal conditions to burn. Todd details building bedding areas and tree species to consider when heeling in bedrooms. Todd details precisely how to build humps and hammocks in wetland and conifers and deciduous trees to introduce. Todd and Jon discuss developing nurseries on the properties for supporting plant needs and other techniques to promote more plants. Jon discusses beavers and wetland areas and related enhancements.  Todd discusses travel corridors, shaped bedding areas, and extreme work activities that will yield better hunting.

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