Cat and Mouse Whitetails on Long Distance Properties

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch is joined by PA hunter Howie Miller.  Howie works his tail off in and out of the field to make the most of his time in the woods.  Howie reflects on the 2023 grind of a season where he played cat and mouse with a dandy buck throughout the fall.  Howie lives in the southern half of the state, but chooses to hunt as much as possible around his camp in the northern portion of PA.  This creates challenges when hunting deer that are not resident to your living quarters.

Howie wrapped his tag around a stud buck during the first week of the Pennsylvania rifle season.  Thrilled to no end, we reflect on the story, successes, and lessons learned throughout a satisfying fall.  Lastly, we discuss a new journey which began late last summer; managing a newly purchased property.  Howie has as much enjoyment working in his own dirt as he does scouting public land.  We discuss the new challenges and goals he has moving forward into the next season.  Thanks for tuning in!

Show Transcript