Catching Up with Beau Martonik

Show Notes

In the latest episode of the Antler Up Podcast, host Jeremy has East Meets West Podcast host Beau Martonik. We explore the essential qualities that led to a success in hunting season for Beau from a non-traditional way. From the importance of taking time away and finding balance to the impact of maintaining fitness and nutrition, we uncover how these factors not only enhance hunting performance but also contribute to overall well-being, especially postseason.

Beau discusses perseverance, adaptation, and the lessons learned from the hunting season. During the episode you will hear how Beau has reflected on the ups and downs that transpired during the months and how he overcame them.  By analyzing struggles, not dwelling on them, and picking yourself back up. He emphasizes the value of perseverance and learning from experiences to improve in life. 

Beau also highlights the significance of adaptation, prioritization, and being detail-oriented in hunting and business. He shares his goals of building a community and creating meaningful content that brings back the deer camp culture.

So, grab your gear, sit back, and join us on this episode as we Antler Up with Beau Martonik on today's episode of the Antler Up Podcast.

 Stay tuned, stay safe, and Antler Up!

Show Transcript