Catching Up With T-Bone

Show Notes

Many of you know Travis "T-Bone" Turner from his hunting show the Bone Collector. Within the last couple year Travis has had to endure some life altering health issues resulting in the amputation of one of his legs. Dan and Travis walk through those health issues and how they have have undoubtedly affected both his personal life and career. You might think that someone in his position might start feeling sorry for themselves, and he admittedly had some bad days, but as you will hear he has an awesome support group and has kept a positive state of mind.

And what would a conversation with a passionate deer hunter and land manager be without a dive in to the upcoming season and what his plans are now that he will have to think a little harder on how and where he hunts. This is another great episode with a passionate deer hunter who just loves the game he chases, the land they live one, and overall zest for life.

Show Transcript