Caught Between Reflection and Preparation of Bear Season

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch is riding solo discussing what the month of June looks like amidst hunting season.  June is a tough month; it's not that he doesn't want to be immersed with preparation for next year, but at the moment it's difficult to devote the time.  It's a month to be caught between reflecting on a successful season and how to prepare for the next.  Fortunately, 2023 was very successful from the standpoint of filling tags, so how can it get much better?

With life strings pulling in multiple directions, Mitch takes the time to list out some personal hunting goals he has, chooses which ones he plans to attack this year, and how he plans to stay focused on them while also being present at home.  Bear hunting has become a priority in fall, and he discusses the areas he has room for improving his scouting and successful bear hunting.  He reads through some of his notes he took from last season and discusses the changes he plans to make E-Scouting, road-scouting, trail cameras, and pure boot leather covering ground.  This gradual build-up during the summer months will hopefully lay a foundation for a successful fall.  Lastly, he touches on his weapon of choice - flintlock muzzleloader.  He discusses a concept to institute in a summer practice scheme which includes load development and off-hand shooting to bring to the field this fall.  

Show Transcript