Client Hunting Property Transformation Part 3

Show Notes

Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Mark Wright (Client) discuss his consulting visit, habitat changes, and advancing a tough to hunt area and finding success. Jon discusses working on apple trees, non-native plant removal, herbicides, and plants that create rashes. Mark explains his background as an attorney, his journey to owning land and how he found his piece of heaven and purchasing more land. Mark discusses owning the property over 10 years prior to the consulting visit and raising a family that enjoys hunting.

Mark explains being somewhat unsure and overwhelmed at first on what changes to make, listening to the Podcast and thoughts on hiring a consultant. Mark and Jon discuss building a relationship and working together to grow a hunting property and experience. Mark dialogues about the onsite visit and working in the timber to improve habitat, weighing each family member's input, improving ecology, and balancing hunting and aesthetics. Mark and Jon discuss the unique cutting techniques and the benefits of seeing more quality deer, having a hitlist of bucks and improving the overall hunting experience.

Mark discusses prioritizing projects, becoming a land steward, and considering himself more than just a hunter. Mark discusses the complexities of the Northeast and seeing immediate changes to a hunting property. Mark explains setting goals and leaving his mark on his property for the future.  

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