Cut the Crap (Social Media) and Enjoy Your Hunt

Show Notes

This week on the Pennsylvania Woodsman, we have a conversation with Jeremy Dismore and Dimitri Sidorick from the Antler Up podcast.  Both Jeremy and Dimitri are PA boys that love the challenges of hunting whitetails.  We catch up on their seasons and how Dimitri was able to fill multiple tags in PA and Ohio, and Jeremy's encounters with shooters throughout archery season and doe harvest during firearm season.  Throughout the conversation we bring to light how easy it is to add pressure on yourself to punch a tag with social media influencing our lives.  

It's nearly impossible to scroll through social media in the fall and not feel as though everyone has filled a tag except you.  Each season we all go in with some level of expectation, but is success truly measured by the kill?  It can be easy to allow doubt to creep in when the cards are not dealt in your favor.  But at the end of the day, embracing the chase along the way is a much better way to enjoy your hunting season.  Dimitri and Jeremy have had differences between their hunting seasons, but rest assured they both had a ton of fun all year long!

Show Transcript