Kansas Public Land Whitetail with Tyrell Roy

Show Notes

This week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast, Tyrell Roy is back to talk about his Kansas public land whitetail adventure. Tyrell is a very accomplished whitetail hunter, and consistently kills mature bucks on his family farm and permission properties in northern Oklahoma. Like many of us whitetail nuts though, he was looking for the next challenge. He found all the challenge he could handle a little ways north on Kansas public land.

After not drawing a tag in 2022, Tyrell set his sights on 2023 and was determined to make it happen. After the buck he scouted all summer was taken by another hunter on opening day, it was back to square one with the season already under way. With Kansas's recent trail camera ban, Tyrell had no other way to scout than boots on the ground and dirt on the tires. It took all season, but after a tip from a friend he was able to make a play on a great whitetail buck. If you have ever wanted to chase western whitetails, this is an episode you need to hear!


Show Transcript