Deer Behavior and Preseason Reminders

Show Notes

Have you ever asked yourself if your camo pattern really makes a difference? Or wondered how much hunting pressure is too much? This episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors podcast has been building all off season long. John is constantly learning about whitetails and their behavior, habits, and how they move about the landscape. This week, John teaches a crash course in everything he has been learning over the last several months, and how it can be used in hunting scenarios. He has read, listened, and watched countless hours of information from experts all across the country such as the MSU Deerlab and other biologists. The bulk of this episode is about science and research backed data outlining some of the most important things he has learned about how deer see, travel, and react to hunting pressure. John takes these lessons, and applies them to how it can help you be more successful this deer season.

After the deer behavior 201 course, John also throws out some good reminders for folks to keep in mind heading into the fall. Tips like not wasting your time chasing unkillable bucks or not getting hung up on summer trail camera photos. As fall quickly approaches the time has finally come! This is the last episode before Oklahomas bow season opens up, so what better time to talk deer hunting!

Show Transcript