2022 Nebraska Hunt Breakdown

Show Notes

John is back from his early season Nebraka whitetail hunt, and he is ready to break down what he learned this week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast. It was a quick trip over a long weekend full of car trouble, getting stopped by land owners, learning a heck of a lot about whitetails, and having a blast doing it all. Everyone has heard that whitetail deer are "creatures of edge" and over Labor Day weekend John really got to learn what that meant. The mixture of crop fields, CRP, and timbered creeks gave ample opportunity to see how deer use different terrain features and vegetation types to their advantage. John also learned that not all soybeans are created equal, or have the same appeal to deer.

One of the best surprises of the trip though, was how easy it ended up being to gain access to private land. It definitely helped having a local inside man to speak on John's behalf, but over all most of the people John interacted with were happy to help or at least give some knowledge. John left his house with 110 acres to hunt, and driving home he now has access to over 1,300 acres for future trips! So even though he came home with a giant pot of tag soup, the trip was far from a waste, and the knowledge he gained on this out of state trip will absolutely help him bag more bucks back on his home turf. 

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