Early Season Success with Chris Hammond

Show Notes

We have our first success story of the year this week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast! Returning guest Chris Hammond (episode 74) joins us again on the show to talk about his early season Kentucky velvet buck. Chris was invited out to Kentucky by a fellow professional archer and was blessed to hunt a very lightly hunted and secluded farm. This episode timed out well with John recently returning from his own early season hunt, so the two were able to bounce new experiences off of each other.

Chris is a great story teller, but the story is only half the episode this week. John and Chris also talk about several lessons they learned from hunting new states with different terrain and circumstances. Chris talks about hunting corn early season, which is not something people talk about a lot. The guys also talk about using ozone out in the field, and the things they have learned from using it for several years now. Last but certainly not least, Chris and John talk about Oklahomas CWD rules, and how it makes out of state hunting a little more challenging now that you can no longer bring whole deer from other states back into Oklahoma. They also discuss a few Oklahoma CWD thoughts as well, so listen in and feel free to give your thoughts on the subject on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast social media pages.

Show Transcript