Deer Biology and Property Layouts

Show Notes

In this podcast Rocky Burrus (SA Farms Management Service) and Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes), discuss the importance of understanding some basic and more complex topics related to deer biology and how this relates to setting up a hunting property. Rocky discusses when deer feed, how to encourage daylight movement and focused feeding times. Rocky keys in on the importance of a deer’s sense of smell and how he sets up properties. Jon discusses sociobiology and the social stress and the impact on a deer’s psychology, physical well-being, and antlers.

Rocky discusses deer health and habitat considerations that are essential to supporting basic and advanced nutritional demands to improve potential. Rocky explains what to do in areas of large agriculture and what he plants on client properties to support deer and provide high value attraction. Jon and Rocky discuss late season food sources for deer and what they are emplacing in their own food plots to increase value to their deer herd.

Jon discusses hinge cutting versus native shrubs and the benefits he sees from not hinge cutting in certain examples. Jon discusses anecdotal information in the northern latitudes that pertain to mature deer and predation issues. Rocky discusses how to work with local farmers around properties to sustain deer and benefit the future crop potential. Rocky and Jon discuss how to regulate deer movement with key strategies. Jon discusses biosocial factors with deer and how to understand where deer want to reside at times on the landscape. Rocky ends with how to make tactful changes to client properties that will lead to better hunting.

Show Transcript