Deer Camp Recap(s)

Show Notes

This week on the show, Andrew and Paul sit down to go over some of the finer details of their trip to Michigan, Paul’s gun hunting in Ohio, and Andrew’s trip to Pennsylvania. The Michigan trip was to Drummond island with some success, some tag soup, and a whole lot of Scary Terry. Scary Terry you ask? Listen to hear more about the 300 lb real life Yogi Bear that decided to visit camp each night!

Andrew took a couple days to go work some deer drives in Pennsylvania with network host Mitchell Shirk of the Pennsylvania Woodsmen Podcast. A great time was had by all, and a few great mountain bucks hit the ground. A true deer camp, with lots of stories, a couple beers, and new friends was the theme of that trip.

Around the state, we have deer gun season harvest numbers, grant money for conservation, and ODNR officers being recognized for heroic actions. Our days for deer season are on the decline, but a few more opportunities exist. If you have the opportunity to get out, good luck and stay safe!

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