Deer Feeders & Hunting Blinds

Show Notes

On this episode of the Hunting Gear Podcast, Dan talks with John Hudspeth about deer feeders and a variety of hunting blinds. John deer hunts in multiple states like Oklahoma and Texas where baiting in legal and the terrain is a bit different than the midwest. Because of this, hunting over feeders in some type of blind is a common strategy. John breaks down several options of deer feeders that are on the market and talks about what style of feeder may be the best for your hunting situation. Then the move the conversation to hunting blinds. Over the years, John has hunted out of may different blinds, this includes hunting blinds that he has built himself. Other topics include hog-proofing you baiting sites and how keep you feeder or box blind standing in windy environments. If you hunt in a state where baiting in legal, this episode has a lot of great information.

Show Transcript