DIY Sportsman - Detailed Strategies and Tools with Paul Putera

Show Notes

On this week's episode I have Paul Putera on as a guest. This isn't Paul's first time on the podcast, but he's always fun to listen to and dive deep into the weeds on his very in-depth style of scouting and hunting, which seems to always bring him success in the some of the seemingly vast areas in the northeast. Paul's already taken a couple of great bucks this year by dry ground tracking them back to their bedrooms and setting up close. In the episode, Paul and I talk a bit about some of those hunts, but also his overall process, in how he tackles an area from an e-scouting perspective but also a year-over-year historical perspective. We spend a good bit of time on hills and how deer can shift even throughout the day, and how to pick up that a buck is in an area without necessarily even having photos or sightings and how to systematically figure out where he's spending most of his time.  DIY Sportsman is Powered by Simplecast

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