Doing Whatever It Takes To Kill The Gobbler

Show Notes

Thanks for choosing to listen to the Southern Ground Hunting Podcast. These days, it seems that hunters can not see eye to eye on just about anything. Turkey hunters may be the worst when it comes to arguing about the method of hunting wild turkeys. One guy shoots his TSS loads at 50, while another guy thinks that if the bird doesn't come in to 20 yards then the bird won. You've got people who think decoys are cheating, and others who wouldn't step foot into the woods without one. The arguments are endless. This week we're chatting with Zach Lucas about some of these methods and discussing our outlook on what method is the "right" method. You'll learn quickly that we don't believe there's a right or wrong answer. Zach goes through some of these methods and recaps hunts where he's used each of them to kill the gobbler he was hunting. We're there to kill the bird!

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