Donald Trump Jr. at SHOT Show 2024

Show Notes

On today’s show with, we’re at SHOT Show joined by Donald Trump Jr. and Mike Schoby of Field Ethos and Brett Vorhees from Taurus. We open up with Brett Vorhees talking about getting bit by the African Safari hunting bug. Logan asks the group what’s the best advice for someone's first time safari hunt. The group consensus was to not take a checklist with you for what game you want to chase. The reasoning behind this is because when you get there you may be surprised at some of the game you would like to go after! Make sure to listen in to this episode Presented by to hear all about African Safari hunting! Next up, Logan asks Brett what exciting items Taurus has coming to the hunting world. Brett’s first thought was the Taurus Expedition rifle, which is a new Taurus bolt action hunting rifle. He also talks about their Raging Hunter revolver which goes all the way up to a .500 Magnum! Mike Schoby brags about the quality production at Taurus and how their state of the art facility was a surprise for him when he first visited! Trump Jr. tells all about how Brett Vorhees is an actual gun guy. There’s a ton of firearm company CEO’s who aren’t gun enthusiasts, or hunting enthusiasts, so it was a breath of fresh air when Brett gave Field Ethos the green light to give a no holds barred review of Taurus. Logan asks about Field Ethos Magazine and how it got started. Donald Trump Jr. said that Field Ethos was born out of a need to break the mold of outdoor media. With a lack of real conversations being had about hunting, they saw a void that needed to be filled. Mike Schoby says that one of the best things about Field Ethos is their honesty, even some companies that are paying Field Ethos as part of their partnership. Mike believes that it’s one of the most important parts of what makes Field Ethos stand out in today’s world of outdoor media. Closing out, Logan asks a tough question – if you could own one gun, what gun would it be? With an almost impossible question to answer for the crew, he then delves into what firearms everyone learned to shoot. The crew talks about their favorite guns, grail guns, and guns that they would love to get their hands on if they could. Tune in to the full episode to hear all about it! The show launches every Thursday morning. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

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