Dos and Don'ts of Summer Food Plot Establishment

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch is joined by Al Tomechko of Vitalize Seed Company.  For much of the PA latitude, we are nearing the end of the desired planting window for vitalize's summer plot Nitroboost.  Whether you're late to the spring planting party or on the fence of adopting the 1-2 planting system, this episode revolves around potential hurdles or mistakes people commonly make this time of year.  After Al and Mitch decompress via soil biology and farming nerd talk, Al breaks down some common challenges people face adopting "soil health principles."  This episode covers things like when to terminate current vegetation for the next planting, how to wean off chemical use, best equipment for food plot planting on a budget, effective seed to soil contact for broadcasting, and more.  Check out to learn more about the 1-2 planting system and order your seed soon!

Show Transcript