Draw Hunts & Deer Camp, Season’s in Full Swing

Show Notes

Today’s show opens with Dan diving into his recent camping and hunting trip to Land Between the Lakes. He has been scouting this place all Fall leading up to the opener of rifle season with quite a few really nice bucks on camera. He covers his entire trip including what deer he saw and why he passed on certain ones. He put some Tink’s Bombs out to hopefully attract a nice mature buck and immediately saw a few does, leading him to believe he was definitely in the right spot. Be sure to tune in to this episode Sponsored by GunBroker.com to hear exactly how his hunt came out.

Next up a little excitement, Arica gets a trail cam photo of a very nice buck while we were in the middle of filming this episode! She has quite a few nice bucks that she’s after this season but unfortunately this one cruised by while she wasn’t in the stand. She then dives into her recent hunting story about having a really nice buck come in while she’s on the stand – in bow range! You’ll have to listen in to hear what played out.!

Closing out Brayden dives into going out to deer camp with Tucker. The morning seemed to be full of deer movement with him hearing a good bit of shots on the public land bordering next to them. Tucker ended up having some success with a buck that he and Brayden then had to drag back out before cleaning because they didn’t want to ruin the area for the next day! He ended up going to a different spot the next day and enjoyed all the luxuries of a ladder stand that he hasn’t enjoyed in some while due to mostly bow hunting. He settled in nice and comfortable and before he knew it he could hear deer coming through the woods to him. He had some success very quickly, but you won’t believe how it turned out! The last trip out into the woods he saw a really nice buck that moved through a little too quickly, but thankfully went right over to Tucker and his dad, the buck was shot but the tracking job got a little complicated!

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