After The Shot Thoughts with Paul Rhodes

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On this episode of Huntavore, Nick was able to take a healthy sized doe in the early part of October. Now the preparation comes into play. Nick sits down with Paul Phodes, author and creator of Sizzlin Arrow. Together talk about the things you will need for an effective field kit, the skilled art of field dressing, and to embrace this powerful moment with your harvest. No need to skip corners here. The guys also touch on some cut up and preservation ideas that will have you making some notes before getting your harvest. All this and more on the next episode of Huntavore. Paul Rhodes, creator of Sizzlin Arrow, is an advocate for taking more control of your food. Whether it's making choices on where to source quality farm produce or actually heading to the woods to kill for your own meat. Paul also is involved with talking college students afield to hunt for deer and turkey in his home state of North Carolina. Couldn’t think of a better person to chat with about field dressing. Field dressing is a powerful moment. It's the moment where the once living creature is transformed into a carcass for food. For several reasons folks skim over this process; its gross, its bloody, its intimidating, and not a lot of people have been taught the whole process. Paul walks us through his method. True tip here is using your fingers as guides cutting the underbelly from the inside out. Protecting that gut from knicks and tears. Second would be to get the anus out. Nothing to be worried about cutting inside the pelvic cavity. Run your blade along the pelvic bone, on the inside and it will free the colon enough to pull free. Paul and Nick go back and forth on steps of chilling the carcass, breaking it down into whole muscle or into pre-portioned meals, and how both guys appreciate the vac seal style of bagging the cuts. You can find more about what Paul is up to at: or @sizzlinarrow on instagram. Tappecue Meat Probes Instagram: @tappecue Website: Coupon Code 10% off: HUNT10     Huntavore is powered by Simple Cast

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